vegas trip this weekend 1/27 - 1/29
Heading to Vegas for sum bi fun bring ur panties too
We both love tits & dicks too lol
Quick last minute getaway for fun & games
9 Hours Ago
making friends in east Tx
Would like to hear from people in east Tx and maybe have some fun
20 Hours Ago
I met up with two older men that took me back to their place and had a three way. As I sucked one off the other topped me felt very good.
23 Hours Ago
glory holes
what the proper way of letting someone no you want to suck there dick through the hole?
1 Day Ago
Pussy Play Time

I'm horny and want to have some chat fun. Only interested in females, please. If interested in chatting with someone, contact me.
1 Day Ago
Looking for a coed masturbation group near Sacramento
2 Days Ago
Bi couple seeking Bi man
Looking for a Bi man to give me my first ass fucking in a threesome. Message me for details SOCAL area.
2 Days Ago
Looking for a woman for a MMF

A friend and I are looking for a woman. I know, who isn't?
But seriously. He is mostly straight (but doesn't care who sucks him), and I am orally bi.
What we're looking to do is find a woman who will allow him to have vaginal sex with her, while I orally stimulate the two of you. So probably doggy style, with me underneath her, or reverse cowgirl, so I can get at the goods with my oral talents.
I would also lick her to orgasm (or 2nd orgasm) after he has cum in her.
He is willing to pay for the room for this.
As for me, I get off on pleasing others. So I don't have to cum. Although I do usually cum bog loads when i do cum. So if you want to blow me or watch me masturbate or whatever, I'm fine with that.
He has about 7", cut. I'm about 6", with a very talented mouth for both of you.
2 Days Ago
Went to the restroom the other day and ended up sucking five cocks in one hour
2 Days Ago
Want to have some fun
We are looking for a bi male bull to have some fun with in the bedroom for a cuck humiliation play. DD free and vas safe. Serious inquires only please.
Flower -Trouble
2 Days Ago
cock service
ill suck you ill fuck you and ill swallow all your cumm :))
2 Days Ago
Family members
How many of you have had experiences with family members?
If so, please share your experience.
2 Days Ago
really need some cock you host I suck to completion yummy
2 Days Ago
Looking for cocks to suck in North Bay
In Northern Santa Rosa. Please let me suck your cock, and get my warm reward. I deep throat and I swallow.
I usually can only do this weekdays, at lunchtime, or maybe just before or just after work.
I am straight, in that I love women, tits, and pussies, but I do love a cock in my mouth, and I love cum! So I guess you might say I'm bi, but not into kissing men, or anything anal.
I just love to please. No need to reciprocate. And if you want to get verbal, even better.
3 Days Ago
jack and jill masturbation gathering
I would love to take part or host a jack and jill party in the ie or oc. I have always been curious about it.

I would love to hear others thoughts on this
3 Days Ago
Looking for MMF , MFF in Sacramento
Bi Curius looking for group, fetish play. Strap on play. You have any ideas?
3 Days Ago
It appears that I have opened up a can of worms over a post response to a man who wanted to have sex with his stepson. For all of you who have concerns about my response. LET IT BE KNOWN AND UNDERSTOOD HERE AND NOW. I DO NOT, AND HAVE NEVER, AND WILL NEVER CONDONE, ACCEPT OR INCORRIGE bINCEST, UNDER AGE SEX OR CHILD PONO. _____When I read this mans post I went to his profile and learned that he is 51 years of age and his wife is 51 years of age. With that age in mind. I've concluded that the stepson would have to be in his mid 20's. Therefor, I wrote my suggestion and I stand by what it says.___Incest is sex between a man and woman who is biologically related meaning, father daughter, mother son, sister brother ect.____Since the stepson is not biologically related to this man, it is not incest.
3 Days Ago
Looking to play
Looking for a bi female to play with me and my boyfriend
3 Days Ago
looking for hot cocks that need to be milked,love to suck,and 69;
I also have a lot of milk to give;
3 Days Ago
Need to suck cock
I`m an orally bi male in S. Fl. and love to suck cock. If you want your cock sucked and load swallowed hit me up. Hard and cut to the front of the line.
3 Days Ago
How does cum taste
3 Days Ago
Are there any other triads on here, any threesomes that are in a committed relationship together?
4 Days Ago
Looking for a beautiful bi female to join us in some 3some fun
We're looking to have a 3some and want a beautiful lady to join in the fun.
4 Days Ago
Looking for a female to play with. Get kinky with. One in one. No bf, no husband. All the way . Strapon fun
4 Days Ago
Looking to Chat
|8B Looking to chat with people of similiar interests
5 Days Ago
Bi male in kop
Looking for bi friends of both genders for FWB and ideally co hosting some bi parties.
5 Days Ago
Florida 06/19-23
I will be ALL over the state . . . from Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach to Naples to Bradenton and then up to Tally. I am a fun, funny good looking bi male that is looking ideally for bicouples but will obviously be open to others who are sane, attractive, fun and who share similar attributes listed in my profile. Feel free to hit me up.
5 Days Ago
Bi for friends and fun
Just what it says. Looking for someone ro be griends and random fun. Married but he knows and encourages bi side. He will never be part. Girls only.
6 Days Ago
bi female wanting to have some fun
bi female from beatrice
i want to have some fun
bifemales, bimales, couples
let me know
6 Days Ago
wanted: my first threesome or foursome.
Very Horney and wet all the time. Need fulfilled. Want to try something new.
6 Days Ago
hot sex
I want to be piss on
6 Days Ago
First encounter
Here's the thing. I'm a happily married man but have always had an urge to have oral sex with a man. I tried it once via gumtree and loved it. But that's as far as it goes. I would love to hook up with someone that had similar urges, ideally for a regular thing. My ideal would be going out for a couple of pints and then satisfying each other afterwards.

I'm OK looking, 55, bald and and a bit overweight, so that's the bad stuff. But very discrete and the a very good friend. I live in the Preston area if anyone if interested. Happy to meet anywhere. Also happy to send a photo prior to a meeting.
6 Days Ago
cupl looking for a bi male to have fun with
still beginners....just lookin to have fun
6 Days Ago
Looking for Males
Looking for males for my wife and I to play with.
6 Days Ago
curious Guy looking for cute shemales
Looking for cute shemale for first time experience so anyone wanna show me the ropes
6 Days Ago
First time bisexual encounter
Im 25 and live in Branson,Mo. Looking to fulfill my fantasy of being with another female, please check out my profile and hit me up 😍😍😍
6 Days Ago
Any younger ladies trying to show a Bicurious girl a good time?
;) hi lady's I'm new to the site and I'm trying to chat. Any biters ?
6 Days Ago
bi guy looking
Are there any ladies near Ashtabula at all that would consider me?
7 Days Ago
Newbie looking for friends
Just what the title says I'm a newbie looking for friends
7 Days Ago
Girls, and sissys that wanna fuck
Young guy in SC looking for cute young sissys or girls that wanna fuck all night long
7 Days Ago

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