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loking for sex
i'm in the Youngstown warren ohio area looking for a couple or two males for sex. couple must be bi. the males must be two tops so they can tag team me.i love being nude and hope you are nudist also. I can not host must be your place only
31 Minutes Ago
Sucked first cock and I love it. I suck dick like I used to wish a woman would
Just hit me up! I need a cock pushed in my throat and maybe shoved in my ass. I want a real dick to fuxk me maybe while I'm deep throating another
3 Hours Ago
North San Diego
Crossdresser here looking for local friends. Im looking for a couple or a gentman to come over and visit on a semi regular basis and explore my femme side further. being close would be nice but if we click then its on. I cannot host and must be discrete when dressing. Thanks for reading. Have a great day.Kiss
7 Hours Ago
New guy
I'm looking for some new things can anyone help
8 Hours Ago
Why is it that when I play with my nipples I get a strong urge to suck a cock and not eat pussy?
11 Hours Ago
BI female seeks bi female or straight male
I am seeking a bi female or straight male to play with online.
11 Hours Ago
Looking for bi males or bi couples
We are a very open minded bi couple looking for bi male or bi couple to have fun with.
15 Hours Ago
Looking for fun
Looking for women or shemale to fuck
15 Hours Ago
New guy needs to be told what to do
available to chat amongst others
18 Hours Ago
Any one interested in REAL TIME bi play in San Diego?
We have answered several posts but never hear back from the person. We understand that many (most?) of the folks posting are expressing fantasies, not a true desire to meet and engage in actual bisexual play with other bisexuals.
We (mostly "he" at this time) want to meet with another person, male, female, or tranny for real time sex.
Please let us know if you're in.
21 Hours Ago
Lady who likes to use a strapon
I'm a guy who would like to experience his lady using her strapon on me..lots of lube..
Go deep...what do you think us your strapon 😈
22 Hours Ago
What is attractive to you
This is something that I have wondered for quite a while. I figured I'd ask here as I'd get a broad set of answers. It's nothing earth shattering....but what does a woman or man find attractive in a woman?
1 Day Ago
Pussy needs to be licked
1 Day Ago
Any Bi-Men wanna meet Dntwn Long Beach, CA?
I just signed up yesterday and am liking this site a lot!

Im a single female looking to put together a group of bisexual men and women to fuck, suck, cum dump, creampie, cleanup and anything else we can think of.
Golden showers maybe as well.
Was hoping to find some bi BBC as well and maybe get a suite at the Westin hitel in downtown Long Beach for a weekend of play.
Any thoughts or interest?
Love to hear from you sexy men and women.
1 Day Ago
Sexy Bisexual Man Loves Mutual Masturbation And More...With Couples And Single Men
I have been bisexually starved for years. I am looking for any couples or single bi men who love to watch each other masturbate, or more together. Please feel free to contact me. It would be a nice start to my sexual freedom!!
Play Hard:)
1 Day Ago
crossdresser needing some attention
hi i am meesha i have been on here a few days now i have talked to some nice people. but i am having a hard time connecting with people who are local to me. i'm not going to lie i want to hook up. i want to get laid. any pointers or invitations would be welcome. thank you.KissHug
1 Day Ago
Confirmed what I already knew.
I had both my first sexual experience and same sex encounter when I was 15 with a guy friend of mine and I totally enjoyed it. For the longest time I continued doing it until disapproval from family started causing me to hide my sexuality and eventually stopped have bisexual experiences all together for over a decade.
Around 4 months ago I once again found myself with the familiar desire of wanting and craving physical sex with another man; it's the reason I joined this and another site.

Last night I went out for a beer and struck up a conversation with an older gentleman at the bar. We had a few drinks and as last call went down he asked if I wanted to go back to his boat and have a few more drinks. I wasn't ready to go home so I followed him there. Upon arriving we continued our conversation. I asked why was he living on a boat and he responded that he was going through a divorce. Turns out he came to the conclusion that he's gay. Fueled up on alcohol I told him I understood that dilemma and told him that I'm bisexual. He asked if I was open about it and I told him people close to me know and that I've made the choice not to hide it anymore. He asked about my past sexual experiences and I told him and he shared stories also. I could immediately feel sexual tension building and I was becoming distracted by thoughts of finally being with another man after almost 10 years. He asked if he could move closer and I allowed it. His hands went from rubbing my leg to rubbing on my cock which by now was fully erect. Together we removed one another's clothing and I found myself younger, tall, thin, shaved, and sexually submissive standing with an older, stocky, masculine, bear of a man. This was exactly the sort of sexual encounter I've been wanting because it's always been the sort of same sex encounter I enjoy best with the type of man I like topping me. My craving felt less as I went down and took his cock into my mouth and sucked it until he lifted me up just enough to turn me around and bend me over so I was on all fours. I was feeling overwhelmed as he moved in behind me and started to rim and finger me. When he figured I was good and ready to continue he slid his fat cock into my tight little ass. I moaned as he put his hands on my narrow hips and I could feel the weight of him behind me as he held me in place. It felt so good my arms started shaking and I fell forward. He slowed just long enough to put several pillows under me and I found myself with my ass propped up high while the rest of my body was flat on the floor and I was brought to sexual ecstasy by doing what I never should've stopped doing in the first place. I'm so glad to finally be completely ok with my sexual desires.
1 Day Ago
2 woman wanted a hard dick
Me and my wife need a room a hard dick and some batteries. You will come just watching.
2 Days Ago
Looking to play
Looking for a bi female to play with me and my boyfriend
2 Days Ago
Single Female looking for some fun in butte montana
I am a 27 year old single female looking for some fun in butte i just moved here and i dont travel if you are up for some fun message me
2 Days Ago
Looking in Kansas
Interested in pussy to eat and dick to suck in Overland Park Kansas
2 Days Ago
Massage time
So yesterday Khela stated trying to find something for us to do today since the kids were going to be in school and the baby we've been sitting doesn't come on Fridays any more. She ended up finding a guy that's working on becoming a massage therapist that needed to log some hours, so she set it up for an hour for each of us. Now, she never and for a picture or anything, so we were going in blind. Turned out to be tall, decent looking with big, strong hands (exactly what you want in a massage therapist... Lol). His name is Steve and he's a really nice, friendly, down to earth guy. He went to work on Khela while I puttered around the house and smoked a little bud to relax. Khela came out after 45 minutes, smiling, looking as loose as a noodle and happy as a clam. I walked in and asked him if nude under the towel was OK with and he replied that nude was just fine if I was comfortable and I answered by dropping my shirts and doing my shirt off. He said he would do all of his massages in the nude if all his clients were comfortable with it. I told him "Get naked, then. I'm good with it", which he did and I couldn't help but gulp when I saw his cock. Easily 6x3 soft. Cut, thick with a big, heavy set of balls. Just beautiful. I apologized for my reaction and he said "No problem. I can see we're going to get along fine. Get up on the bed", which I did excitedly. He started rubbing the oil into the skin on my back, arms and legs then asked if I minded if he straddled me. I said I'd be disappointed if he didn't, to which he laughed and the his leg up over mine and dropped that wonderful cock right on the backs of my legs and I just moaned as he started working the muscles of my shoulders and back. I was fucking dying. I wanted that cock in my ass so fucking bad, but I really what he was doing to my muscles. He was really good. Did I mention he had strong hands? Mmmmm.... Any way, he worked me really good with his hands, forearms and elbows. By this point, his cock was hard and rubbing right up against my asshole. I was going nuts. The whole time we're talking about ourselves and what we like sexually and what not. At this point I tried to tell for Khela a couple to get her to come but she apparently didn't hear me. Steve asked "Do you really want her to come in here?" kind of nervously. I said "Hell yes. She'll want to see this. Have me my phone." I texted Khela and told her "I really think you want to come in here." She walked in about a minute later and just said "Oh my goodness, look at you two! Your obviously getting along splendidly." We agreed that we were and she asked Steve if he thought he might be open to repeat visits and he replied that he hoped it could become a regular thing. Khela said "Awesome! Then I'll leave you two to it." And did exactly that. At that point, he said needed to wrap things up so I asked if he wanted/needed to cum and he said that he would very much like to and asked if I minded if he shot his load on my ass and I said I would love it but I wanted him to rub his cock between my ass cheeks and against my asshole first which he gladly did and when he started breathing hard I knew he was getting there so I reached back with my left hand and started squeezing his big, heavy balls. He pulled up off me a little bit and started stroking his cock as I reached around with my right hand and slid my middle finger in my ass. Watching that sent him over the edge because I just wanted splash after warm splash of cum on my hand and my asshole and both cheeks. I was in fucking heaven. Then all of a sudden he screams out in pain and jumps off the bed grabbing at his thigh. Poor guy had gotten a severe cramp. But I still had a hand full of warm, wonderful, slippery cum and a raging hard-on so I used that juice and jacked my load out all over my belly while he stood there and watched with a look of amazement on his face. He told me "This is the more awesome massage call I've ever been on. Other than the cramp at the absolute worst possible time, this has been the best day of my life. You guys are my total fantasy couple. Do you really like me enough to have me back?" I told that would love to have him back, hopefully repeatedly. It all happened so organically, it was incredible. Can't wait to share his cock orally with Khela and have him fuck me with her there and have him finish on my face while I finish on hers.... Mmmmm
3 Days Ago
First time anal (bottom)
After five decades of being bi-curious, I finally satisfied my long-time fantasy of getting butt-fucked; unfortunately, my 'first top' was so excited with my tight rectum--that he slammed into me with his 6 1/2" cock, about five or six times, then groaned and ejaculated into his condom. Needless to say, I was slightly disappointed; it all happened so quickly, I wondered if I really lost my virginity or not. About six days later, I met with another guy in a motel; he had described the size of his organ to me on the phone, but seeing is believing! He was 7 1/2" in length, but nearly 2 1/2" in circumference; I wasn't sure I could accommodate him, but he spent considerable time loosening me up with generous amounts of lube. It was still rather painful, at first, but quickly turned to pure lust--as he slowly, then furiously pounded into me; he fucked me four times, that afternoon, in a variety of positions! I'm now a die-hard bisexual.
3 Days Ago
Looking for my first male blow job
Looking for a bi-male to help out with a fantasy. Would love to experience a blow job and some rimming from a man while my wife watches and possibly takes him from behind with her strap-on. We are in Edmonton but willing to travel.
4 Days Ago
north jersey
m 60 looking for men whu need oral i want to suck a few nice cock hit me back
4 Days Ago
sucking cock and swallowing cum
i want to pull your pants down. tease your cock until it is hard.
then suckle you until you blow your load deep in my throat
4 Days Ago
FWB discreet and can host
Just looking for a girl or dude or both to have good satisfy sex with hit me up if your in Maryland or going too visit and can host
5 Days Ago
Older couple seeking a male to meet for your pleasure. He is strictly bottom. She wants to observe and possibly be willing to participate.
5 Days Ago
Married bi guys near Harrisburg
Married bi guys near Harrisburg. I'm looking for someone around my age to hook up with every now and then. A big plus if you like playing in panties.
5 Days Ago
needing a fuck buddy
Can be girl, guy, couple, lesbian, gay, bi, or just plain straight. I'm in Springfield, MO.
5 Days Ago
who wants it
who wants to play?If your tired of not to getting to suck cock and really want to suck cock hit me up.
6 Days Ago
cocksucker available
Looking for available dicks for me to lick and suck in Mansfield, OHIO. love the feeling of hot cum gushing down my throat. Man or
women for play
6 Days Ago
In True and Dire need to suck some cock !
I am in a true need to have some cock....been a while, and I am craving some thick cum....could it be you?
6 Days Ago
BJs - Get your BJs here!
I've got some free time this week. So - NSA BJs! Use my mouth for your pleasure. Let me service your cock for all its cum. No reciprocal needed or wanted. Drain your balls and leave me wanting more. If you have recent test results, I'm your cum dump! Message me.. .:-P South Central PA, near Hagerstown, MD or reasonable travel to you.
6 Days Ago
Is anybody really in Missouri and on here?
It seems everyone is in another state that is currently on.
6 Days Ago
Hard Cock In Joplin?
I would love to play tonight! Cannot host
6 Days Ago
Looking for fun near joplin mo
Im a panty slut live near joplin mo looking for someone near joplin mo
6 Days Ago
I am seeking forced feminization enslavement in poplar bluff
I want to be forced to be a girl and a slave and a slut maid by men or women or cpls for real full time slave that you force to become a girl.
6 Days Ago
cupl looking for a bi male to have fun with
still beginners....just lookin to have fun
6 Days Ago
bi couple looking for single female for fun
we are a bi female and straight man looking for a bi female to come play with us. if interested message us please and thank you.
7 Days Ago
Any women out there get turned on watching guys suck ?
7 Days Ago
Anyone from Evansville ?
7 Days Ago

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