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Overweight closet crossdresser. Would like to find someone who doesn't think that this is wrong and would love me the way I am.
Married, closet panty-wearer and very bicurious. Interested in exploring m2m experiences
I am a closet CD for 30 plus years who loves cock and enjoys giving and receiving. to fully dress up and suck and fuck all night.
mature white with vasectomy in the san jua area Puerto Rico married closet enjoys day time fun weekdays no bars no smoke no drugs
Sales professional that recently reemerged from bi closet outgoing freindly , loves hours of giving oral to all She loves role play
5"6' chubby , 6 1/2 in thick cock, personable, out going. Looking for short n long ( better friendship , better sex), I'm not looking for a relationship , repeat not looking for a relationship , looking for open minded, kinky , sex friends, people who enjoy sex as recreation. I live a straight normal life. This my skeleton in the closet, and out let. Please respect that . I'm bi ( but haven't had cock in over 5 yrs) never had a STD, practice safe sex.
1st ) GENETIC WOMEN WHO SEEK MALE TO FEMALE Cross Dressers ESPECIALLY SOUGHT; 2nd ) Single Shemales or s. 3rd) Bi Couples; Are you looking for a student, Who needs to be treated like a Princess?, I have been single for 13 years now, And for the majority of those years I've been abstinent. I am ready to explore my feminine side in a safe, Encouraging environment. I have had these fantasies for far to long!!! PLEASE NOTE ; My ideal First " Encounter would be to JUST experience what it would feel like to just experiment and experience being Princess Vici for the day, IN A NON SEXUAL WAY,& When evening comes, See what, IF ANYTHING, Develops SEXUALLY from there. I have NEVER TRULY CAME " OUT OF THE CLOSET " & I do want to EXPLORE ALL OF THE SEXUAL POSSIBILITIES two or more people can encounter together in this area. If you're interested in being considered for the "Position" Of teacher, I'M willing ready and able to learn more about how to become the Princess I've desired to be most of my life!!!! SORRY I CANNOT HOST.


Hey--anybody remember that teenage party game "5 minutes in heaven"? you'd pick one guy, blindfold him & put him in a closet, then get a girl, blindfold her & put her in, too. At the end of five minutes (or ten if it was really quiet-or noisy--in there) you'd throw the closet door wide open & everyone would see who was inside. Imagine a bisexual version of that!
can u seduce my wife? who is a closet bi-curious women? If the right women can set the mood and atmosphere she will respond well. she wants to explore her sexuality....but needs to be reassured that exploring her sexual fantasies is okay. we need to set up a meeting where she meets you without knowing it was prearranged. there have been times when the mood was right but she found out it was prearranged & it spoiled the moment. she is a pretty women who needs to explore her sexuality and desires discretely. anything further is simply between you guys. me well, i love my wife and would like nothing else but see her emotionally and sexually satisfied... she enjoys bisexual girl girl films however she is too introverted to act out her desires. there is a passionate women awaiting...do you have the key to unlock the closet?
closet case so need someone hosting...take a day off and get together
looking for bi female to help girlfriend come out of the closet
Yes i am a 52 yr.old virgin that is out of the closet and looking for another to break me in.
utah needs a party so some of us will come out of the closet

chatham needs something like this so many closet bi's bout time to get them out
Very new only been with 2 men like to try safe bottom and in closet married she has no idea
I have a Santa suit in my closet all ready for ya! hehehe

s and es,

I'm Bicurouis and looking for females and couples to join the party. new to being bi need another female to help me out of the closet.or we can just stand there for awhile.:P
Been in area 6 years. Have not met anyone outside of work. Not in closet, but not fem. looking for gay/bi friends any age/shape.
Maybe fun if your inshape, and we are mutually attracted to each other.
so much. It's so nice to be what I am again. When I got this job six years ago I went back into the closet. I hate it,it's past time to be me again. &
I am very much in the closet,except to a female friend,people here and a cpl men I have played with. I live in a very redneck neighborhood,and my job would make it uncomfortable.
i had one experince and just recently accepted i'm bi.guess i'm all the way out the closet.at first i did'nt understand y i was aroused by looking at females b/c i like guys and sex with them.but u can talk to me netime
We have a swing here...the eye bolt is always up in the walk-in closet, and when we want to you use, we just hang it up..it is awesome although do not get to use it nearly enough. Anyone cummin to so calif? If so, stop bi and give it a shot

J and A
I'm closet married bi-male who would like to meet you in public and see if I can satisfy your fantasies. Like to feel your private tool very gently and with tenderness.
I'm terrible at giving advice, so take this with a grain of salt.

Mary and I haven't intentionally "come out" to anybody, but we're not in the closet either. We live our lives as we see fit and when we "get busted", we discuss it then. Life is too short to feel you have to be in hiding. How does it change you being a father / brother / uncle / etc whether you like women, men, or both? Since it shouldn't have any bearing, we decided that we wouldn't force the issue but would deal with it once it was discovered. We are neither in the closet nor did we have a coming out party / event / announcement. I realize that us being a couple is far different than a single.

Friends who cannot accept your bisexuality aren't really friends. Trust is the foundation that friendship is built upon and whether you suck dick, eat pussy, or both should have no bearing on your trustworthiness. It sucks when people can't deal with you because of the people you have sex with, but that is their issue and not yours.

Personally I believe that bisexuality is natural because humans have sex for procreation as well as recreation. Most people have both male and female friends, so it makes sense to have both male and female sex partners.


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The Sperminator cums to mind. Or orally challenged. Maybe Forbidden. Open , Pleasures unwrapped, The devils unwrapped? The devils tongue, Taboo'd, The closet, Cumming out, I'm searching for a brain fart here. Desires? What all men want? Simple Freedom. Maybe, umm, Naked Bliss? Hot and ered biscuits? French kiss. Openess. Feel free. Lets get real, open arms, ually inclined.Hidden, Bisexual inuendous,


Thank you for the welcome.  Looking over your website, I've found it to quite possibly be the best I've seen.  You've taken the time to allow those of us who are seeking others with similar interests the right tools to contact them in a safe an secure atmosphere.  For people such as myself, who aren't out of the closet with my bicuriosity, that's important.

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