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When is the next hint night? I am finally @81 StefyCups
You look like fun! Drop me a line Friday is way open!!!!!!!!!!!!
where r from?? avail during the day?? mail me back
Looking to meet up with another couple from RI or nearby state. Want to go for drinks/diner and see what happens. We are hoping to find a couple soon. Let us know if it would be you....
. That is too funny. I it. You have some great jokes Nessa.
I need whoever can help me to put on a show so AI can cum all over.
MMMM Our kinda fun!
Keith, my god and you told me you only wanted a few hours with me! Well I suppose we could snuggle...lol The poem was awsome hun...well done.

I ...but even that makes my back hurt to look at it
A really nice looking cock!! Would love to see more of it!! I live in Dekalb County - Doraville.
Will make sure to drop you an email next time I'm in TX.....sounds like fun!
Looking for bi female to join us in a VERY soon. If interested please view our profile and contact us!! We are ready and rarin to go!
any time i would love to help you out with that
Carol, one of thses day i am going to get an assignment out your way, i will drag max up here with me then we will show these guys a thing or two--thats after we get down with our show for them first. nothing lie a little girl on girl to get them out of control and make them our bitches--lol
Hi, we are good-looking clean disease free couple living near Macon, I am straight but my fiancee is bi. We are looking for another bi-fem to engage in fun sexual activities. Must be discreet and have a very open mind to having sexual fun. She wants to experience pleasing another woman and I'd like to watch and/or possibly get involved as a 3 some.
I actually find this dialogue more intriguing than anything. I probably should add more to my profile and explain a lot more of what i'm into and looking for. Nevertheless, I think true bi-sexuals do exist but is a very small number of like-mind people out there on this site and in my area. You all posted some great stuff, yet live so far away. So i'm not going to be bother too much or in a rush, just be patient and i will will eventually find the right couple to makes this fantasy a reality.
ill sext


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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