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Glad you all liked it! Being able to relate to both sides here I pissed myself laughing as well! And I think generally speaking it is all true if anyone has ever endured a typical Northern winter! And yes there is a Bob...but his lil pills ended up being lil yellow and blue ones And no comment about me being tied to the bed
let me know what you wanna do
Thank You everyone for your loving comments and your prayers.

i will be there with Evan the whole way, He is my and Soul. As i see it this is just one more bump in O/our road. But with all bumps, W/we will get over it.

Please continue to pray for U/us....He for healing and strength to get well, and me for strength and courage to help Him.

Will update this evening when He is settled in for the night.

His, until the stars fall from the sky....
5 days, 18 hours, and 8 minutes

Hummmmmmmmmmmm getting wet and warmer huh... cannot wait to meet you all.. s
If I had a penis I'd wear it outside
In cafes and car lots with pomp and with pride
If I had a penis I'd pamper it proper
I'd stay in the tub and use me as a stopper
If I had a penis I'd take it to parties
Stretch it and stroke it and shove it at smarties
I'd take it to pet shows and teach it to stay
I'd stuff it in turkeys on thanksgiving day
I'd rival my buddies in sportscars and stick-shifts
I'd shower my spire with girlies and gifts
I'd peek around corners
I'd aim at my toilet
I'd poke it at foreigners
And soap it and oil it
If I had a penis I'd run to my mother
Comb out the hair and compare it to brother
I'd lance her, I'd knight her, my hands would indulge
Pants would seem tighter and buckle and bulge

A penis to plunder, a penis to push
Cause one in the hand is worth one in the bush
A penis to love me, a penis to share...
To pick up and play with when nobody's there

I'd sit like a guy, I'd straddle the chair
I'd play with my fly, albeit with care
I'd dip it in chocolate, I'd stick it in sockets
Go to the movies with hands deep in pockets
I'd stick it in vacuums on vacant verandas
Gas-guzzling bottles and poodles and pandas
And puddles and drain pipes and doggies and ditches,
Pool halls and potholes and bottles and bitches...

If I had a penis, I'd climb every mountain
I'd force it on females
I'd pee like a fountain...

If I had a penis I'd still be a girl,
But I'd make much more money and conquer the world.
WOW I finally found that elusive 83rd . My basket is now full and now I am on my way to find the Bunny. Oogie is still safe but i fear if the bunny is not released soon he will be nearing his time to face the snippers. I owe it all to Clickers Anonymous. You too can be saved join Clickers Anonymous soon. s and es Happy clicking.

Brandon Da Devil
i have experienced the same thing. i just want to have my fantasy come true. i have had one experience, but it wasn't the situation i wanted. so i am still hoping for my first really enjoyable experience. you're very cute. someone will come along soon. maybe we could chat a little.
do i have the girl for u
hey im new to dis jus wonderin if u wanna show me a thin r2
Hello, My name is Rob. I live in Phoenix, AZ and am looking for some hung, fit black men to give this white guy his first gangbang. I like it hard, rough, and treated like a whore when i'm being fucked. I want these guys to take not to take no for an answer and maqke me do whatever they want. I'll explain more if i meet you. I hope i do and soon...
jamie and i would deffinatly be interested in something like that
hello, u sound like lot of fun. drop me a line if u r interested. take care josh
carol and danny
I would love to be introduced to bisex...by you two.
I would love to eat some creampies out of Carol too!
I totally agree with everyone here. The only thing better then sucking on a nice hard throbbing cock is when he comes and shoots his load into your mouth and down your throat...
Having a great time before the BBQ with everyone here. I can't wait to see who cums on Saturday. Paul
great cock


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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