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hmmm I am starting to wonder if NA has a new "playing" partner.giggles,snorts

s to you both..
Here we go again!!,,,Dec.17th.....whatya know...its my BIRTHDAY too!!

We will be there again...come join us if you like....send email for info.
18 y/o bi male, willing to learn all that anyone has to teach me. would love to have someone to teach me to suck a dick, get it up my ass, pleasuring a woman properly. any willing teachers??
I found the site through a google search J&C. I scanned my system and all is good now. It found stuff all the millions of others didn't. Thanks so much for the help everyone. See ya soon.
Now that the temperatures are rising and the sun is coming out I can think more favorably about ice. This suggestive ice formation rises up every winter. It provokes all kinds of naughty ways to play with it warming me up every time I think about it. I am trying to think of a good name for this natural naughtiness: Stalagcok, Delickmite, Cooltool, any recommendations?
these are okay,,, but no where near as fun as the chainset
sorry if i wasn't clear....my fault! I'm looking to meet other bi-f only. Thanks though!
im up for it if you are still looking for someone
Not much but well you know no coumplaints yet.
bi curious girl looking for my first girl sex...horny anyone?
Looking for a Bicouple close to our age for possible long term relationship. I am also looking for 1st BiMMF where I am the 3rd. The more comfortable everybody is the better the sex is. Looking for friendship as well as sex.
goodlooking 46yo bi-male looking to meet for some adult fun over the thanksgiving weekend. will be travelling to westminster....
Sweetie!! ya! have lots of and !!!! and then get nakked and crazy hehehe! Hope your bday is a good one and enjoy every minute of it!

Christy and Billy
Okay ,Tania and Di.
Now lets say the tongue and lips move, do you use it ??
LMAO !!!!
I'm near you too....lets talk sometime
boy and girl! giddy up and go! Yeee ha!


Hi Brian, having any luck?


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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