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connecticut couple
Williamsburg, Kty or Virginia? You didn't say.
My husband and I are very happy but looking for some extra fun. If you are interested reply.
otrtex, thanks for the complement, that's always a nice one to hear! This brings on a whole nother subject though. As for deep throating - I guess some enjoy trying it, but for myself, I have found that many that try it, at least with me, end up gagging and that is a bit of a turn off for me. It can also be uncomfortable for me too - it's definitely not the same as being balls deep in a nice wet pussy. More preferable is some nice toungue action around the head (I had one gf that was an expert at it and could make me cum in no time, and that's not easy to do with me). However, being a team player (lol), if ya wanna try, I'll go for it... it's still a bj lolol As far as the ass... 7" and thick is perfect (size of my fav dildo and strapon)!!!
mmm sounds good and easy too ......my fav kind lol
I don't have any more...but I have a new one!

Q: Why did the cross the road?

A: Because it was tied to the !!!

(See...the Queen can even get bondage into a simple Joke!)

Hee Hee!

Rubi (aka Perv Queen)
Here we go again, too many people afraid to say Merry Christmas. Before the liberal ball-less wonders took over everything we used to say Merry Christmas this time of year. Now since we do not want to offend anyone we have changed this. America was founded by Christian peoples on Christian faith and suddenly this is wrong. Perhaps I am old school and stubborn but everything worked just fine doing it that way and if it does not work for you we fortunately have no fences, barriers or anything to hold those offended people here!
Many and and soooo glad you are able to be home to enjoy. Have many s and enjoy!

send ur email address and info
Hi, we're safe & normal. Write back you are interested.
sounds like fun
hello to all you lovely ladies that are bi and real i would love for you to come and join me and my husband and i know this is something you would even want more of because i am really needing another woman to play with me and i know you will enjoy the extra something my husband has so please write me here or even talk to us
Hey guys, anyone wanna safe mutual handjob for lunch in the car?
OR, even if you don't want to reciprocate, that's kewl too!
hi my name is chanti i am 18/f my hubby is 30/m we are looking for a girl just like you to have a threesome with we live in Pittsboro IN if you are interested email us here
A typical response from yet another Internet bully. You say something to him he doesn't like, and instead of a rebuttal or defense on his part, he just blocks you! I really don't understand these people and why they do such childish things.I guess I never will.

I have never felt the need to block anyone, except for one guy who was "cyber-stalking" Carol and sending her 5 to 10 obscene messages a day
A, We're gonna miss ya around here! Please try and ASAP. s n es
Christy n Billy
Hi BillnPattie!
Thank you for improving this section, this is great! I know that everyone who uses this section of the site will be very impressed! I am.
I have another suggestion(s) for you
When I browse, New, Online, Members, etc... and I set the sort by location or last seen , etc...
I've noticed that the sort doesn't always follow the page selection, it seems to work mostly with the Next function and not the others. I haven't tried it with the Named Search (good idea!) yet.
Also maybe you could put the page selection box at the top of the browse results as well, that way us lazy folk only have to scroll 1/2 page to select another one. LOL

Anyway, thanx again for a wonderful environment to play in, this is the best sandbox ever!
Next time I'll bring my Tonkas! LOL

Jose (Biliteral)


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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