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There are three things that will affect the taste:
1. Their Diet
2. Their Hygiene
3. Their Persona
If their diet is rich in fruits and vies, lots of water they will taste much sweeter. If their Hygiene is very clean, this will help aid in wanting to swallow and if their persona emits complete "turn-on" you will have a much easier time. If all this still does not help, go to a store or online and order a product called "Good Head" which comes in flavors. This will numb the back of your throat and you will ultimately taste the flavor of Good Head more so then their cum! Try using "Good Head" first to help ease you into swallowing.
We can definitely help u out!
Danny Great story! Yes, keep writing! looking forward to the next one.
The difference between Kinky and Perverted is..... it is kinky when you use a feather when having sex.... perverted is when you use the whole bird.
Always knew politicians were shit heads ROFLMFAO
to play w/this Friday night, in the Omaha Metro area. We're alot of fun!
Now that brings a whole new meaning to family game night.

d it Mim thanks for sharing.......s Farmy
who likes to exchange nudes? preferably females only
Aren't we all????
I am in need of a lady for friendship and some fun...hubby is out of town and it's lonely here
looks like fun
I know that we are not what you are looking for but, we do wish you the best of luck finding what you are looking for. Take your time. Sometimes it takes awhile

S & S
Girls girls stop fighting lets all get to geather Katie
Lets start it . I am going to Cancun Dec 1st to the 7th. Any one else going???????????
Terri , that is the way I feel. don't put all you have into it save some for me, or I will be very upset


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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