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What a thoughtful person you are. Hope youv'e found some wonderful people lately.
LMAO!! I want to meet that man!
LMFAO Delilah!!!! too funny
Best to ya Larry!
s and es

I it!!!

We both have - small bum plugs. Prob a few hours each max. Fun to feel it when you walk, sit down, etc. Basically feels nice to have a secret naughty thing going on with you no one in the outside world knows about.
Ah but then you have the second most heated topic ... why don't more members fill out their profile. I think socially bi could be described within the profile. The only sexual orientations that ever confused me was when someone just says their a transgender, but they don't explain if they are pre or post op. If anything there should be another drop down option that pops up that asks that. Just something I always wanted to know when reviewing profiles othere than that I think the majority are self explained!

my two cents anyways

Mrs. Cutie
I posted in this thread in '08, but this is me now
Awesome idea!!! I have some great stuff I will post. Food can be soooo sensual. I get tired of the same ole stuff Danny makes for dinner all the time anyways lol. I hear ya Bobbie...between what my girls will eat and what me and Danny will eat.....dinners are interesting sometimes.
Taste the
y female seeking the same for fun time; no serious relationship, just want to hang out and and have some fun. Only serious may reply.
good luck
as the days keep slipping away!! Cant wait to see those we have met before as will as those that will be here for the first time!
I searched for a way to describe my physical appearance for a long long time til I came up with this "an adult anatomically correct cupie doll" That pretty well works for me! hehee

I love to read the profiles because the questions are set up so well you do get an idea of what the person is like..and that is always a good thing....

Thanks BillnPattie!

PS You two need your own unique icon! Just a thought!
very submissive swm 45yrs. 200lbs. looking for dominate female to perform forced anal with strap-on, also face sitting. foot worship and make me eat my own cum. also interested in toilet training.
Ofcorse most people think I'm named after 007 (James Bond) But that is not the case. Actuarially, 007 was the preset combination lock on an attaché case I used for several years. It was easy to remember & at that time I was beginning to be on several sites, it just made since to have the same simple name on all of them. Then I found that 007 was not avable on most sites, I changed it to oo7 & some sites required more than three digits, so I tried to tag a dot on. Ofcorse I couldn't use a dot, so I spelled it out. . . . Thus, oo7dot
Not very romantic or clever, but It Works Well For Me.

Be Happy
D i c k
tanks you guys for all the thoughts...twas a good day...
to you, to you, Vickie and Rubi, to you. Enjoy your day! you both!


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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