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Hombres Guey Teniendo Sexo




Hey Guys,
I know it's been a while but sorry to hear your moving out of FL. It's too bad we were never able to meet while you were in Jax. See you around the site!

We are seeking a bi-sexual female for sexual-friendship and fun(wink) IN Brooklyn New York.
To be honest I'm not sure I am lol I just go with the flow lol
I really think this is a great idea. It doesn't have to be anything fancy....even just a different colored $ sign from the other paid members, or a special icon like the mod and assist ones that just say "Lifer " or "LTM" (Life Time Member)

It would be a great way to let newbies and other "reg" members know there really are some of us out here that are dedicated not just to the lifestyle, but to the site as well


JEEEEEZE!!!!! I'm moving to Canada near Carol and Danny!
Allrighty I'm sitting here sober..lol
Been through all the responces, need somenew ones....lol
s n es Farmy
on the promotion. Iowa is a little boring so fun people like you two will be a great addition
Just thought I would drop a line and see who is in Reno/Tahoe area.
I just wanted to write a quick note to tell y'all that Chuck (Nc_beach_male) and I won't be here very much for the next week.. Of course we will still be popping in on occasion but we won't be here nearly as much as we have been.. My parents are coming to stay with us for a week so we will be doing a lot with them.. Will only be able to get online is when they are sleeping or if one of us goes out with them and leaves the other at home (Which will probably be me going out with them and Chuck staying home since I will be going out when he's working).. But, we will try to be here as much as possible to say hello and let y'all know we haven't forgotten about you.. I haven't been around much in the last few days since I have been trying to get the house in order.. Ugh!! Whatta job!! As for my articles, The "same sex" article will probab;y stay up for another week (Unless Bill and Pattie have another one they would like to post) since I have not had the chance to write another one.. I actually think it's a good idea to leave it up since many of us can benefit from the information in it.. But we will still be here as much as we can and once my parents leave we will be back like always! I'm gonna miss the little home I have here if I stay away too much!! If y'all need/want anything, You can always email!! Luv ya all!!

yes im interested , im kirsty and im looking for my first experiance with a woman , im married and hubby wont get involved but if agrred would like to watch or have the session recorded so he doesnt feel left out , bless him lol. you can reach me at , look forward to hearing from you hunny xx
Im an 18 year old bi curious male from Duluth, whos looking for a good time with a male, a female, or both. I dont want a long term relation ship or anything, but just discreet casual sex. NO AGE LIMITS!
upstate ny, prefer discreet, clean, & in shape.

why is this so hard? - lol
Sounds Like Fun, I would love to be of service to help out! Denl
Here's one of mine hope you like!!!!!!
Understand the thrill of a real store.... but that for me are the video booths an hopefully glory holes.... first time I sucked cock was at one, and have been with a fem too, now that was a hot adventure lol
In Valdosta and Cordele every weekend almost
Most of the motels that have the hot tubs in the rooms are sort of dives but they do the job. You can check out the Tip Top Motor Court. Its 10 minutes from downtown if you use I-95 North to get there. Have fun.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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