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Given that the original message is over a year old, are we having an anniversary gathering, or did this event ever even take place?
Hi how are u today yes I will
May I also add my sincerest wishes to sunshine on her birthday? Hope it is oh so special!


Dorsey s and es
Here's what my wife and I did;
We were living in Florida and we wanted to move someplace up north (MD, DE, NJ, PA, etc...). We got summer jobs at the camp that we worked and met at four years earlier in Pennsylvania. We did some research on the web for the area in around where we were going. So for three months we were earning and saving money (no rent, electric bill, cable bill, food bill, etc...), we searched all around us for jobs and a place to live. Luckily we found what we were looking for. That was all four years ago and we're still here. In the very near future we are planning on buying a house here. I hope this helps you in some small way to find what you are looking for. Best wishes and good luck to you.

I'm interested,
Glad it worked out for you two, Casey . . Congratulations
I'm definately interested in you too. Very sexy pics.
what is the eater hunt why do we not know about it help
I want to play Sara
I enjoy anal and strapon sex with both males and females too, and especially enjoy it when the other partner participates and lets me give them oral while I am recieving a good Ass ....
Will be staying in Conover from Oct.19th to Oct. 26th.
Looking for ladies and gentleman to have a good time with in the privacy of my hotel room...I am bottom only for those men that are interested.
I am a very easy going guy with a very open mind.
email me or reply here...hope to here from some real people!!!
Well Hell Matt & Jay...

You guys aren't here, so nope...didn't get everything. Wait! then there's Teresa, & Tom & Baron & Courtney, and....must I go on? The webbies'll need another server!

You loooove stirring hard feelings, don't you? I have to send you that email. I've been busy!

be serious and let have a great time ...... have a nice one
God YES!! Nothing like being able to scream out a good orgasm! Its also great to try and stay as quiet as possible to not alert people in public!
We both luv your pics & profile and both of you are what we want....when it cums to adult fun.....see ya soon!!!!!!!!!
This looks like a blast whis I could find a hot woman to do this to me.
I will to meet up with you's, if you are in Philly PA, I do love to Suck on your big Hot 's and I do love to Feel very big 's to go Very Deep into my Tight Ass, so if you are interested in meet up with me? do write to me and let me know that you will love to (Cum) 4 me, my name is Dennis, but bye 4 now.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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