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ilovemeat, sure you can mail a money order to cover your membership.Go to help on top of the page, then click on Contact Us.

You will see a mailing address to send your money order to. I also suggest if you do this, you email the webmasters here on the site (go to the chat page and click on meet the mods. last one is webmasters) and let them know you sent it etc

Hope this helps

We as a Cpl are having a hard time in finding someone to join us.
men want to collect photos and act like women..Come on people..

I am not sure what all I can post on this site..
I am Anabella and i am looking for a white female 35-50 to join my partner and I for the afternoon or something to the effect of us getting together..

So, if you are just curious let me know..

I am hoping to cam with another b-female or even if your just curious..I have a trick for you.

Please be real...
thats we can we can post those pics now
Those stories are really good peeps. My most stupid episode was dealing with Prudential life insurance. I have had policies with them for 50 years and for some reason my last bill of like $117, I only paid $87. I then got a bill for the rest and I paid it. I then get a check from them for the $87. I then get another bill for that same $87. I called and ask them what was going on as in the past they would just do an automatic loan which I would catch and pay up. They gave me a song and dance explanation that didn't make any sense. I told them I knew exactly what was going on. The bosses wanted to piss off we who had polices for a long time so we would cash in. I told them it worked because I will not do business with companies who are stupid and lack integrity. AT&T is at the top of my shit list where I have banded them for life. I'm not sure exactly where Prudential will be on that list as of yet.
How about the danger of cooking.
Lesson #1: Never fry chicken while naked
is there any glory holes in NH or VT
all the best get cracking soon
OMG !! now thats funny!
I am also a lady in the area looking for new friends... maybe more. Drop me a line if you'd like to chat, I can't see photos so, if you have one, it will have to be e-mailed to me. I am also looking for female models in the area for art-erotica photos for women, if you're interested drop me a line.

email us where ready
Just hang in there now and give it time. Before you know it you are ready to "rock and roll".
will do . Slave is looking for 2 dicks in 1 ass at same timeas brind throat fucked!
im free this weekend, let me know.
Evidently, there are some people who play without the SO's knowledge, some with 'permission'. There are those who only go with the same sex, and then there are those who go with both. So many diffeerent possibilities that Spitfire and I are only just beginning to touch upon. For someone who was raised to believe that monogamy meant having sex with one person for the rest of my life, I find some of these ideas to be difficult to grasp and am admittedly a little insecure about them. I'm not looking for advice on that; I've no doubt I'll get there in my own time.

My question that I would like to discuss is this: when it came to becoming active in this lifestyle as a permanent couple, what did you find worked best: going all-out, and talking about it later, or discussing limits first and sticking to them?
Why should I be charged more money and why should my money pay for someone else's account? This is not an exclusive couples site only and I'm not just quest here. I pay just as much as everyone else, in fact I pay more than a lot of other people already as some accounts were created when you were able to purchase a lifetime membership at a one time price. I'm not on here to pay someone else's way nor should my relationship status and gender be singled out to do so either! Why the disparity of treatment?

If some are having trouble meeting people, than they should re-evaluate their own profiles, wants and approach. And just because this is a very open site does not mean it's a quarantee that something will happen or that those we choose to talk to are somehow obligated to some kind of hook up.

As far as what you suggest as "voluntary" the site already has an avenue to do just that, it's the gift certificates that can be purchased for other members.

But to single out one particular gender and sexual preference and their money put in a separate fund to pay for the accounts of couples, couples that they may or may never reach out to is insulting.
mmmm baby i want o lick and eat that pussy of ur
A.C., I'm not sure if you think we are judging you. I assure you we are not. Your profile is actually the perfect example of what we're talking about. It says your married but it does not mention the relationship between your marriage & this lifestyle. I'm certainly not suggesting you have to divulge the very private and difficult details you have shared with us here. But perhaps there are people who would like to meet you, then they see you are married and decide not to contact you. Unfortunately, we men have a pretty lousy reputation when it comes to telling our wives about extracurricular sex lives! I think it is very possible that others viewing your profile may think you are "cheating".

I'm no mind reader so I certainly don't know for a fact that people are not contacting you for that reason! I'm speculating based on our personal experiences. Noel is very hesitant to contact women that are "married" or "attached" for two main reasons. One is she worries that the girl is cheating, and we don't want to be a part of that (we were once, and that made us both feel very guilty). The other reason is because many times those girls want their husband/boyfriend involved, they just fail to mention it until we are already chatting (we're not looking for that).

With our suggestion, there would be a field after "Married" where you could answer "My partner knows about my involvement in this lifestyle but does not play with me". This way perhaps people hesitant to contact you due to your marital status would be more willing. Certainly if a married bisexual woman had that down, we'd be much more likely to contact her than if she just had "married".

I hope you understand my suggestion, and please don't think for one moment that we are judging you!

John (& Noel)


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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