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Check our profile and let us know if you're interested. Would love you to join us!
Let me add a flavor or two. Would gladly help!
We just wanted to wish all or friends and BP family a very ! or as we say in Hawaii Mele Kalikimaka! May you be blessed with all you stand in need of and desire today, tomorrow and always...
Ask any teacher or college professor how many essays are turned in using


These kids cant write simple letters without using the same shortcuts
ill be that girl on oovoo video chat i will do wat ever u want
Sorry it is taking me so long to get to your very well posed question..

Bob if anything it makes me feel you are very secure in your manhood in just asking that question and being able to explore your sexuality. A person's sexual preference does not make them more or less of a man or woman..it is a part of who they are..just as being male and female (and in some cases nature needs a push in another direction for some folks..)

its like the game where you trust someone to catch you as you fall. Rest assured Bob, we've got you!

Just as many guys find the idea of two women intimate with each other very erotic, a whole lotta women find two men getting hot and bothered with each other equally erotic...and might even encourage you to show off a bit for them...ain't that right Bobbert? LOL

The most erotic thing about a person to me is their attitude cause when it comes right down to it, friendship and love are the biggest aphrodisiacs of all...therefore oh baby oh baby oh baby Bobbert you are the whole bag of chips, an enchilada with a whole lotta salsa on the side...

"I love man sex" just a short quote from a recent very homo-erotic story I submitted here is an example of my opinion...makes me wet as all get out and my liver quiver baby...

Anyway Tigs has got to go and get dolled up for a big day ahead..

ya lots Bobbert,


PS you sure know how to put a huge smile on a person's face Bobbert!
anyone going to be at the walton fair(delaware county) this week...? be a interesting way to meet.....
Im in the lansing area
when members block couples,there should be a system in place
which automatically block them from viewing other couples pics
lets do it!!
My two cents:

I consider myself to be bi-sexual because not only do I enjoy sex with both sexes but I have real loving emotion towards both sexes.

I have a friend who identifies as "bi-curious" and when we first met and I spoke to her about why she considers herself that she told me that she loves same-sex sexual encounters but wouldn't want to be in a relationship with a woman as she doesn't have "romantic feelings" towards women.

I guess some people are only able to fall in love with the male psyche or the female psyche and some of us are lucky enough to fall in love with both and significantly increase our chances of finding someone that we will love for the rest of our lives.

In short, I don't think bi-sexual can be classed as purely revolving around sex like previous posters have focused on. Emotion has to come into it somewhere.

I would love to watch my husb suck you off.
I was around ten when my bro showed me how to jack off. We nevere did anything but jo. But I went across the street to my little friends house. And we had already found his dads playboys and loved looking at them. I told him what me and my bro did, and we got naked and played. Next thing I knew we were sucking each other off. Dry cum of coarse. We did that for about a year before he moved away. Wonder where hes at now?
hi i am a female looking for female also do you have any pics
Hats off to Charlie. I really liked what you said and completely agree.
Very nice, you improved alot. Something else that you might want to do is put pictures in profile. Doesn't have to be naked pics or anything like that, just something. Maybe we all can hang out .
If anyone blocked any of you guys, they are idiots...you all rock!


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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