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Oh my goodness. It's only a four hour drive from my house, ROAD TRIP. I mean, if I can spend the better part of the day playing with the two of you....I'm game.
looking for female for one on one or possibly joining me and a male friend for a . Not looking for men... sorry
Me blowing my CD lover.
I don't have messy issues... and have never done an enema beforehand, but once I orgasm... it doesn't feel good anymore and I have to use the bathroom. Is that due to not using an enema beforehand??
wow even your responses are amazing
yo 26 ital 8c in ne philly lets hang out and get off email me
All I know is you are what you eat!!!! I also know..beware of medications...my husband was taking amoxicillian and I gave him a blow job and swallowed. I blew up like a balloon. I'm allergic to any Penicillian. I never gave it a thought that it could pass thru like food taste does! Oh...and for the record...if a guy drinks a lot of Orange Juice it tastes gross!!!
I appologize if this gets sent twice - I just found out about the Vegas party and I would love to go since I'm going to be in Laughlin - if anyone wants to sell their room or space in a room email me back! Thanks, Ric
a creampie is when a man ejaculates into a woman or man and the guy sucks it out that is the easiest way to describe it i hope it worked have a great day vito
I'm hoppin down the bunny trail hippity hop
Never mind, He's back
Looks like he's gone again, and I don't know why. I only hope he returns again so we can catch up on our 'guitar' and all the other topic chats.
Great tip Bill... THANX!! I luv takin' pics and hate when i get washed out ones or the light just don't seem quite right to me... s
Without knowing all the details, maybe he has been keeping tabs on you the last 20 years and been behind the scenes keeping an eye on you and your life. Its hard to say what the actual story is, but he might have not wanted to contact you for some reason until you were and adult and could/would understand what happened 20 years ago.

::Shrug:: Just a thought

Kris, so glad you decided to stay. You have been a great friend in chat
Couple looking for a bi-female for a threesome. Willing to travel. Both live in NYC. Please send us a picture and we will do the same. We can meet up and get to know each and see if there is any chemistry between us. Not looking for a one-night thing but if it happens let it be. DD free only. Write to us.
Hello, we are only 60 miles away.
The natives lead me into their village of grass huts in a circle around
what appeared to be an arena of some sort and escorted me to one of the huts
and guided me into it and left. It was a couple of minutes before anyone returned
and it was a young lady that spoke English. She offered me some food and some
beverage and told me to get out of my clothes and she would have them cleaned
for me. These natives wore nothing in the way of clothes and I was surprised
they even had a concept of doing laundry, but I shed the clothes and did see
that the girl took a good long time looking at me naked before leaving. I was
assuming that this was due to my color. I ate and drank the provisions she had
brought not sure of what any of it was, but it was all rather tasty. I felt a
bit tired and lay down on the mats provided and dozed off.
I was awakened sometime later by drum music and chanting coming from what
sounded like just outside my hut. About then 4 girls young in age came in and
took a hold of an arm and a leg each and carried me stark ass naked out to the
arena like area where there were several fires burning and was well lit. I was
then tied spread eagle between 2 posts that were about 8 ft apart and implanted
securely in the ground. I did not like the looks of all this. There were no more
cannibals in this region so they were not going to eat me. The music stopped and
one of the men came up to me from behind and said some thing while patting my ass
cheeks lightly and all thought it was funny cause they burst out in loud laughter.
The guy said something to 2 of the girls and they came over and caressed and
spread my ass cheeks and then the guy with no warning slid his huge black cock
deep into my anus and held me by the hips and began to pump in and out of me as
if my ass were a pussy. The group around the fire found this very amusing and quite
funny and were very loud with their hooting and hollering that drowned out my own
screams of pain as this native continued to deeply penetrate my ass. 2 more girls
untied my hands but held me firmly as they coaxed me to my knees and then forced
my face to the ground leaving my ass sticking up in the air with a huge cock fucking me.
Another guy came out of the crowd and sat down in front of me with my face in his lap
and left no doubt as to what it was that he wanted me to do to his massive hard cock. It
was right in my face and probing my lips as he smiled and said something that made
everyone laugh loudly. He rubbed his cock head back and forth across my lips and probed
at the slit between my lips as I slowly let my lips part out of futile exasperation and knowing
that there was nothing I could do to stop this assault of my manhood.
His cock slid freely into my sucking mouth and went down my throat as the guy began
a fucking motion of my mouth. I was being hammered wildly from both ends and I could
sense that they were both about ready to cum and sensed that it would soon be over and
was I gonna be able to handle all that cum. Right then a group of natives escorted the rest
of my party into the arena. They were all bound at wrists and secured together in a row and
were all naked. They stood and watched as I was fucked and creamed from both ends and
at last it was over, but no, 2 lines were formed in front of me and behind me and the fucking
and sucking and swallowing cum had just begun as the natives, laughed and conversed
amongst themselves.
As I was gulping down the cum load being squirted into my mouth I saw a slight smile from
2 of the women in my party and felt very strange inside. They seemed to be enjoying my rape
and I seemed to get a bit of a thrill from it all myself as I slurped and swallowed mass cum loads
and my own cock stood straight out leaving nothing to question any longer. I was liking this a lot.
The assault continued well into the night and I must have been fucked a dozen times and sucked
that many cocks also but at last I was escorted to my hut with the rest of my party and we were
left there with a torch for light. What were they supposed to say? What was I supposed to say?
I had just had my manhood ripped from me and all present saw that I enjoyed it immensely. I
had just swallowed a dozen loads of black cock cum and took another dozen loads in my sissy
pussy. The women in my party were all giggles and grins and the guys were looking like
they might want to fuck me also and after a few moments that is exactly what happened. All of
them had my ass and or mouth for their pleasure and the delight of the women. My life had
done a 360 in one evening and I could not fathom what might be around the next corner.
As it turned out, I really wished I had never found out. The next morning we were all escorted
to the center of the arena and we were shackled and bound together and were marched away
out of the village with no idea of what was in store for us. After several miles of hiking we were
met by 4 natives of another tribe that wore loin cloths only. I was lead over to one and forced to
my knees as the guy said something and the other one removed his loin cloth putting his huge
uncut cock to my lips.
There was no need for a language here. I understood perfectly what was wanted from me and I
began to deliver a fantastic blow job with all the slurping and sucking sounds I could muster. I
must have done very good because in just a few moments he was filling me with hot gooey cum
juices and driving his long cock deep down my throat. Our guide said something else and another
guy came forward and he was huge. He must have been close to 7 ft. All solid muscle and threw his
loin cloth to one side as he grabbed me from behind and lifted me up and grabbing me behind my
knees with my back against his stomach and chest. He had a cock about 16 " and the size of my
forearm. He was saying something in my ear as he lowered my well stretched ass pussy down onto
his massive cock meat and I slid onto it with the greatest of ease as he lowered me until all 16" were
buried deep inside of my sissy boy cum hole.
Then he began bouncing me up and down over and over increasingly faster and faster as he
deeply fucked me for what seemed like a half hour or better then he blew his load and I felt it hot
and deep in me as my own load shot across the ground to the giggles of my goup. There was an
exchange of money between the 2 groups of natives and we were lead away and I could only try
to figure out what was going on but I think it was obvious that we, or at least I, had just been sold.
When we got to the next village there huts were mud and had window openings and doorways
much like Mexico of ages ago. I was placed in a hut by myself and the others were lead away to
another location. Quite some time transpired and a native returned and blind folded me and lead
me out of the hut and a short distance further. I was spread and fucked repeatedly and had several
cocks shoved down my throat and as I was licking away at the last drops of a huge cum load some
one was removing my blind fold and there before me was the face of my wife, all smiles and she said,
"Happy Birthday Honey. You are so hard to shop for Baby cakes." and there were all the members
of my group fully clothed and beginning to sing happy birthday to me if they could just quit laughing.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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