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Pinoy Men2men Sex




Looking for a woman in the NY or NJ area to help fill our sexual fantasy
Single women only, no games just good fun
Just wanted to say hi to all the indiana people. we are decidign if we want to join the site or not. Just say hi or whatever.
What about two, side bi side?
Hey this one sounds about the same as mine.. I like it!!!!!!!
Yes I do. I am bisexual and I would luv to party with you.
Anyone in the west valley(goodyear, avondale, lithfield park, buckeye, verado) looking for some fun? 27y/o w/m he looking to meet like indiduals/couples to have alot of fun if interested hit me up.
Just as I am starting to be able to hang out more in the chat room like I used too, something comes along and takes me away from my computer again. I just received an ALERT ORDER from my unit and I am being deployed again. This time it is in response to Katrina. Last word that I was given was that we were headed to New Orleans, which is always subject to change. So if I'm gone for awhile...............
See ya'll when I get back..
i like good jack off talk. count me in too
e Orgy, Grosse Pointe, michigan, june 3rd BBQ Outdoor hot tub, tents, open house fuck anywhere and anyone. Gotta love it!! email for info.

Steph & Scott
The house was filling up with guests. Thee couples & four singles were sent special invites for this special weekend . People were mingling, some in the family room, the kitchen & also out in the back yard. An appetizer buffet was set up & everyone could help themselves & come back as long as the food lasted. There were also plenty of non-alcholic beverages. After everyone had a chance to eat a little & get acquainted with one another, we all gathered into the family room to begin the adult fun. Leigh & I began to have people start counting off, Leigh & I started with 1,2. An odd & an even group was made. Leigh took the odd numbered group into the living room to begin their games of fun.
The 6 remaining stayed in the family room. We all sat in a circle on the floor. Beside me, I had 3 basket, each filled with small pieces of paper. I started with the 1st basket & took the 1st piece of paper. The paper read as follows, "give the person to your left a passionate kiss lasting 3 minutes". And so I did & I held Gail's face & slowly began to kiss her very seductively. To my right sat Matt & he drew a paper. It said for him to give the person sitting across of him a fun lap dance. Connie was sitting there as Matt sheepishly began to dance for her. He was not very coordinated & rally could not dance. He laughed as he straddled her legs & tried to shake his body. We all laughed along with Matt & Connie =)). Next was Peter & he was told to sexily remove his shirt. That last more than 3 minutes & we all cheered him on :D>. This went on until it was again my turn. I took the next basket. The tasks began even more involved. The paper I next chose, said to remove the pants/skirt of the person to my right. That happened to be Matt & the paper also said to kiss & fondle the person over their underwear/panties. Oh my, /, his spell was so intoxicating & I needed to be told a few times that my 3 minutes were up. The basket went around & most everyone was naked. The 3rd basket had even hotter directions in it. My turn came again & the paper said for me to lie in the middle of the circle & masturbate myself to orgasm. That took about six minutes . Next Matt was directed to give oral sex to the person on his right. That was Peter & they both had done this to each other before. Wow =P~ everyone seemed to become even more aroused watching Matt. Craig sat across from me & his paper said for him to rim the person across from him. I lie down on my stomach as he slowly gave my anus 1 of the best rimmings that I have ever had. Gail took the last paper from the 3rd basket. She then proceeded to go around the circle, starting with me, & began to kiss, lick, suck & fondle everyone's chest. We were all very hot & horny at this time. We all had some water to drink, in order to rehydrate ourselves & then all had a group hug. Our naked bodies touching the other's. es were also exchanged along with a lot of groping. The other group joined in on the group hug. Again people began kissing, touching & groping one another . We then paired groups into 3 somes for the rest of the night. A fun, erotic time was had by all .
Thanks for the good advice. I like that. If everyone looked as hot as you do flirtyinfishnets.. I would have no problem getting off. which reminds me ..isn't it all in our heads anyway? I mean, the only reason I haven't used condoms is because I was afraid I couldn't have a "good" experience. Hell I could jack off just looking at your photo! I need to be totally a condom user.
Well, I know one woman who's up for it, but not if she's the only girl there. Ideally, 6-8 players, roughly equal number of men & women would be ideal. Girls? Guys?
Happy Birthday Tim Hope you have a wonderful birthday & may all your wishes come true. Many, many, many s & es & s for you on your special day. Enjoy!!
s & es pat
My first time, I was lucky to be introduced to it by someone who was very sensual. He rimmed me until I thought I was going to climb the wall..... then, he used plenty of lube, and fingered me....

He had me on my knees, and he started playing with my cock. Then, gently, he entered me.... he let me get used to the feel of him, and then started to slowly fuck my ass... He talked to me, telling me how good it felt, and I was really into it. He was wearing a condom, but I could still feel his cock grow and twitch when he came.

Since then, I have been done with a strapon, and have a few toys, like an Aneros> It isn't a requirement, but if someone is into it, and knows what they are doing? Oh. My. Damn. Fun.... sexy, kind of erotic because you are sort of submitting...

If the person is clueless? It sucks.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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