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forum posts also have to be reviewed before showing, much the same as pics do. They are checked to make sure links arent included, that its not a personal attack against an individual or group, etc. Even if there were an alert later..... alot could happen before it gets noticed, and damage may well be done that cant be reversed. Especially if it is inflammatory against another member etc.

By having the photo browse feature you dont have to take up room in your photo space for a pic that you may not want to keep there. If you attach one from your profile... and say delete it from your photo manager tomorrow..... the pic in the post also goes *poof*..... if you use the photo browse it remains seperate from your profile pics.
Hi everyone. I am new to this site as well as the lifestyle. I am looking to try my hand and other things at same sex activities. I have never been with men before and find myself thinking about it quite often. So here goes nothin.
We just wanted to wish all of our BP family (friends we have made here throughout the years, as well as, those we have yet too) a very blessed and safe Holiday Season no matter what you celebrate... Happy Yule, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and

Billy & Sue
Laura has the same problem. She will usually wait until she notices the woman checking her out then say soemthing if she is attracted to her. Women are more civil then men most of the time and say sorry I am not into that or I am not interested I was just looking at your outfit. They let down more easy then men most of the time. You will never know unless you try.

Been checking out the site for awhile and trying to meet some local females that want to take on a novice here.
here is my best one
When Baron & I became members here we thought we had gone through all the questions & answered them. I was trying to get the ribbon for a complete profile but what I didn't know is, there was still more questions to answer. A moderator told me there was still more questions to answer. If she didn't tell me I would of never known.

s, Courtney
lol ok del u can keep the guys the flowers might tickle more lmao ty so much oxoxoxoxox
Sounds good count me in
to you too!! s
I like that thought.
Yes they are a challenge this year. But still fun and addicting!!!
Wife and I are looking for a big thick in central florida to play with.We are also nudist john & NETTE 48 DDDD's
Would love to be ur Cali flavor
Oregan has nude beaches hmm email details
AWW Sweets Farmy is a yankee, But a good ole yankee and proud to be ....lmao By the way who is Robert E Lee ? lol


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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