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Sexso Gay




Seems that way to me too. Profiles usually say Straight in the MFM cases.
Merry xmas and Happyy New Year DeDe and Mark.

May the new year bring more pervin and naughty fun to you both.

Marie, I knew you was the mastermind behind all this!
Gotta love ya for it
kdance....if you build it......they will cum did I just say that??
Interested. Drop me a line lets chat
Tricia...there are more people out there that just dont wanna be real. In net meetings it has to be a two way street first and foremost and if that doesnt happen then what is the point on continuing trying to develop anything when you are the only one trying. I had a similiar situation with someone from BP although the age indicated in profile was off by 7 years (older) and that i overlooked. But it was all about one person and no consideration for anyone other than themselves. There are many out there who are so skeptical about single males for what ever reason but there are as many couples out there that play the same silly games and show no courtesy to others. I look beyond looks and age as for me it is all about personalities. For some reason Tricia I cant even get to the phone chats with some of the people that I had a great rapport with as there just doesnt seem to be an interest to take it to that level. So guess best to say hang in there. My 2 month membership is up soon. The bi male whether single or within a couple is just not getting his fair share. Oh well me thinks you and me need to say to ourselves it is their loss. Good people in this day and age are not easy to find let alone meet. Just my take on your post. L
I saw your improvised machine. Looks like it might work. Would love to see some pics of it in action.

Now for the more expensive models...look online for SYBIAN.

They have various models. I bought one for ex wife and a friend. She was a rather conservative appearing woman. In her private life she LOVED to ride it for as long as she could. She had already become multi-orgasmic over the years of marriage. When she learned to ride this love machine she would cum so many times that she was totally relaxed.

Later I bought another to keep at a friend's house. His conservative appearing librarian girlfriend liked to bring over other women to try it out. The ride always ended in girl play and lots of kissing.

He liked for me to ride it while I sucked him. While I haven't been into anal that much with guys, the speed and intensity is adjustable. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Im soooooooooooooooooooooo wanna eat some pussy.....we should hook up
Sounds like fun, i get to central Illinois on a regular basis.
lets chat soon
I like that -- sexedone
In the Columbia/Jeff City area. We are a bi-woman/straight man looking for another bi woman for some fun in the bedroom. Let's talk!
looking for funn times
Glad everyone had a great time and thanks again for those of you that left my mom something and those of you that helped clean up the rooms before leaving all of it is greatly appreciated. First off I want to congradulate everyone that noone got arrested over the weekend, I hope everyone that joined up had an excellent time and hope that if we do this again, we will have more planning and I wont have to work over because of a flood and Interstate 40 collapsing and they have to reroute traffic thru my town, which causes me to miss the party and get stuck directing traffic. It was great meeting everyone and i think i have some pretty good friends now, even though I was only there for an afternoon. Talk to everyone soon.

i wish you were in texas
I am a bi female looking for another female to play with, husband can watch maybe join in depends on what i want message me:}
Hey all,
Just a note... scharee is automatically blocking everyone younger then 21 and everyone older then 45 years old. These are numbers (ages) that a member manually enters when they go to their blocking page. Therefore anyone that is older then 45 years old is going to be automatically blocked from sending her email... we already wrote to scharee about this and if she wants to change her settings, she can.
So if you are appear blocked, don't think it's a glitch and try not to be personally offended, because sometimes a person can block 100's and 100's of members but adjusting their personal blocking settings like in this case.
Good Luck.
The Webmasters
I call her breasts ( ) and she would call my cock (My toy ) Guess we are from the old school,,,ha ha It's all works no matter what you call them. Vern / Atlanta Ga USA


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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