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lets meet love sucking
LOL Yes, We had just moved in our new house. The older nabor would see us out side and come over. We could never could never get any time to play in the yard. So we put 18 sections of privacy fence, Cindy was leaning over the picnic table, I was fucking her from behind, And here comes around the fance, Talking all the way. We kept on fucking, He got with in 10 feet.Then realize what we where doing, Stoped and just watched,. When we finished he turned around and went home We got the bigest laugh. Put up 13 more sections of fance.
I love the smell an taste of cock an balls, the cum is the topping from having a great time
Forest Gump here, hell my bi wife i've know for lotsa hears, childhood sweetie, left me for her lesbian gf, hope they make a go of it, damn it does happen!!! (see my Funnys album pic of knotted tung girl...... !!!! (@@_) lmfao!!! Yes it does!!!
Thank you nicole i will do that . curious2121
sounds interesting. I am free normally during the weekend, if interested, contact me to chat.
Wow!!! I am absolutely amazed at how much passion has been displayed here. We should all apply such overwhelming passion to our "play."

Just another side to this multifaceted coin. I am an alcoholic, in recovery for the third time, with 1 year and 2 months under my belt this time. Every time I go out with someone who drinks or go to someone's house that has alcohol, especially if it is displayed, I am at risk for relapse; however, I cannot make anyone responsible for my sobriety -- that's up to me. By the same token (pardon the pun) I would not expect anybody to bring alcohol to my home unless I invited them to do so -- as I would expect someone who smokes pot/hash would not bring that either unless invited to do so. So all this talk about putting children, etc. at risk is nonsense.

Consider the fact that I have read many an article and medical journal (I am in the medical profession) stating that pot would already be legal if the government had its way (so it could be taxed), but the powers that be do not want it legal because they are making too much off it while it's still illegal.

Anyway, it's all about respect -- and personally, most of my friends smoke pot and I have yet to see any of them walk into my house and put 1/4 pound down on the dining room table, so lighten up!

P.S. A friend of mine would give their right arm (well, maybe their left, they use their right to smoke) to find out where to get some good hash.
Those are unbelievable pics. I could slurp those all day long. MMMMMMMM
Thanks Polly and Phil.
PS your profile pics are nice too.
Hi bi-curious female and straightt male here looking for a bi female for A 3sum
We Kyl13, take a drive!
Hmm, well I feel silly saying I'm attractive... but my gf says I am so I figured I'd atleast say hello there. I've had just barely what would count as some experience, not enough to help me really form an opinion as to how much I like it but it did help break the ice. Nervous but very curious. Figure it'd at least be fun saying hi...
will be in houston area the week of 4/4 and looken for a couple for some hot erotic fun... love long hot extended sessions with all 3 of us having a good time.. open to other fun combinations too...
any1 know where & how to sell a home made ping video?
I am big at buying grocerys at Giant Eagle in Columbus, Ohio. For every $50 in grocerys I get 20 cents off in gas and that is to a max of 30 gallons.
I have 3 5 gal. gas cans if needed to make sure I get my 30 gal.
Count me in
Sounds fun, can't make this weekend though
very nice pic here is our sensual kiss


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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