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i.m intrested would like to take some pics of you.
South orange co to San diego
Very open here
Can provide a high quality massage to her or both.
Open to anything but no scat.
Just found out that tomorrow is Tim (Theicemancumeth)'s birthday so have a great day Timmers!

Happy cha cha cha Happy cha cha cha Happy cha cha cha doing the Birthday cha cha...

ya Tim!

We are a white male/female couple in northern California. We are 29 and 28 years old respectively, and are seeking other couples or select singles who can join us as friends both in and out of the bedroom. We are kind of new to the whol scene and are unsure of where exactly our limits might be, but we are certainly willing to explore and see where that exploration takes us. We are BOTH bisexual and would prefer couples who fel the same, although that is NOT necessarily a requirement...
[...limp cocks? disgusting, if you can't even get it up for a photo, why post it?]

That is how you feel. Please keep in mind that other people may indeed have different feelings on the subject. Your words can be quite hurtful to some; that's not so good.

I see in your profile that you define yourself as bi-curious. That's wonderful! You are who you are, period! People can take it or leave it. On this site, we love it, and we're thrilled to have you with us.

But please keep in mind that in some circles, people will categorize you, and us, as disgusting freaks. We're always someone's target, unfortunately. But that's their problem, even if they sure would like to make it ours. Personally I refuse to become a willing container for someone else's self-loating and intolerance. I let them face their own issues; I don't participate in their displacement or their projections.

I believe this is what is expected of each of us on this site. As long as it is legal, we let people freely express who they are, and who they can only be, without projecting our own issues onto others and force them to contain them for us; we face ourselves in all honesty and sincerity, we share ourselves with respect and care, we show gratitude for other people's acceptance of who we are, and graciously accept who they are.

On a purely practical level, you are free pass on the photos you don't particularly enjoy

So, limps cocks? You don't like them. I like them. Nothing more.
Take care buddy.
S S S S so close but so far away lol
Hi Tee! Welcome to the BP website! Hope to talk to you soon in chat, I'm mostly there on the weekends. I think you'll like it here... Again, Welcome Sweetie! Warmest regards, Ken(kookookachoo)
Sounds awsome, where and when, I will show up naked and ready.
work n nashville to much work need to play contact me on bisexualplayground
hey there, Jack here very interested
Hello..I'm an attractive very bi-curious white professional male looking for another guy for safe clean experimentation. I'd like to hang out naked...gentle caressing, rubbing...like to try anal sex both ways with a condom. I want to develop a serious long-term relationship with another guy who's discovering his bisexuality. To share this adventure together. I'd also like to participate in a three some (two guys & a woman). I'm gentle, kind, sensitive...write poetry...like taking long solitary walks...doing meditation...cry at Italian opera.
Me i am just SKEERT
My Girlfriend lives in Garden City, she is currently straight and I am very bi. She really gets off thinking about seeing me with another man. I am hoping to get her into the bi scene as well. But Would be really grateful if we could find a true bi guy that we can party with. I will be up there visiting between
April 17th to May 1st. Any time that we can get together while I am up there would be great. I would like to meet you first before bringing her in (I want to keep her safe). If this is agreeable with anyone please send me an email. We would also like to find a truly bi couple. If we need to travel a bit that would not be a problem as long as you are serious. We would also like to find any adult swing clubs, adult bookstores. or anything or anyplace where we can have fun with each other and anyone else who would like to like to have a lot of BI fun.
i know of a few up here in vancouver ,bc--but texas--not to sure
s are everywhere
Id love to j/o with you. let me know when. Anyone open to weekday mornings? in garden grove or anaheim area?
That's great guys, but I posted in the Georgia forum looking for someone in the Atlanta area to jack with. Wish you luck though.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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