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42 year old bi male . Just looking for fun and friends to talk with. You are always welcome to message me here for any reason. I keep the bi thing to myself and only reveal it to friends and people I meet or on the site. Its not acceptable to family or work. Not that either are or should be involved. I like having a good time ,and adding more fun to the people I get to meet, whether its men, women or couples. I am very open minded and am open to discuss what people are interested in doing. Though I am not into bondage, pain, or treating people like they are less or nothing. Not into Dominating or being Sub. Really not into crossdressing personally but again, it can be discussed. Because wearing something is not the same as acting as another sex. I mention safe sex most of the time. It is safe sex til we are for sure both clean and open about others we meet then we can determine if we want to not use condoms. I get tested, even thought I don't have to, every 6 months. I think and worry too much, and have a family in medicine. STD free as of July 2015. message me here . But be patient and say where you saw me and a way to contact back. I get on here weekly.- ish
********NOT ACTIVELY LOOKING RIGHT NOW,DUE TO THE RECENT PASSING OF MY WIFE, BUT OPEN TO PLAY IF YOU ARE AN INTERESTED COUPLE OR SELECT SINGLE MALE OR FEMALE(PARTICULARLY A SF WHO LIKES BI MEN) WHO CAN HOST CLOSE TO MY LOCATION (WITHIN 60 MILES OR SO), MOSTLY INTERESTED IN FWB FRIENDS FOR NOW, BUT OPEN TO LTR WITH THE RIGHT WOMAN IF THAT DEVELOPS. I WILL BE CHECKING IN TO THIS SITE TO STAY IN TOUCH AND MEET OTHERS WHO SHARE MY INTERESTS AND MIGHT LIKE TO USE ME AS THEIR LIVE SEX TOY SOMETIME, ALTHOUGH I AM NOT ACTIVELY LOOKING, , IF YOU CONTACT ME I WILL RESPOND TO SEE IF WE CAN GET TOGETHER FOR ME TO SERVE YOU. HOPE TO BE BACK PLAYING MORE WIDELY SOON. Leaving pics for you to enjoy ****************************** ********* **** Passively Bi male sub/switch senior nudist boytoy*** **** I have been a home nudist for years, but am looking for ways to practice clothes free living more widely with friends and acquaintance. ***Seeking couples interested in SAFELY using a senior boytoy/live sex toy for their pleasure: - open to m/m bi play str8 play, I'll follow your lead, or Domme female interested in oral, spanking, and strapon dominance. While primarily intereted in couples, I have and will from time to time play with singles of both sexes*** Shaved or closely trimmed, uncut, loves giving oral to both sexes and is good at it. My free time is very limited, and I'll need some lead time to set up any meeting, but that doesn't mean I'm not for real and very interested in being used as a sexual toy and submitting to your desires, as you'll find out when we are able to get together.
BI sixties couple We are open to most type of sex.both like both oral. Prefer people over 40 y/o Able to meet most days or night, can host He is 6' 210# grey hair and beard, blue eyes She s 5'4" 160# 40c light brown hair grey eyes. We are nudist, love the nude beach. Wish there where more places around to go nude
I'm a single, very open minded, bbw girl. I enjoy reading, travel, and spending time with my family. I prefer to be with people I've gotten to know and like. I'm still new to this and want to learn and enjoy with people I've gotten to know and trust.
21 year old nudist. Absolutely love being naked around/with other people whether it is sexual or not.
Outgoing nudist couple out for a good time. We are discrete, but we don't really play safe anymore
I'm looking for a good hearted woman to make a new family with. I have a business, home, cars and a beautiful 4.5 year old daughter. Have my stuff together. I've not been dating the past year. I'm waiting to meet someone with potential. I'm mostly interested in meeting a Bi woman that's interested in seeking a triad relationship with another woman. I'm Bi, experienced and keep myself open to other things also. I'm certainly not in this lifestyle for the sex. I'm not interested in hookups. I've been in this lifestyle since I was a teenager. It all seems perfectly natural to me. I like people that can see past the typical stereotype that American society tries to mold us all into. I tend to like people that are not typical mindless followers of what society suggest we should be. It's great if you are different, not so much if you're psychotic. I may move in the coming months as part of starting a new life. I hope to meet my new partner before making any decisions on a choosing a new home. I tend to hang on to things I like. I've had a 10 year relationship, then I was with my ex wife for 10 years. My last relationship was five years. In the first two relationships we parted as friends. My last girl passed away. I've had the same bank account since I was 14 years old. I had my first job and bought my first car when I was 14. I've had the same cell phone account since 1997. That was my first cell phone. I want a stable family. I'm not one to roam around in life. Travel and vacation yes. I don't smoke. I might have one to three drinks when I'm out for dinner three or four times a year. I've not even done that in 2 years. I'm very affectionate. I like to spend my time with my girl and family. I tell the truth and don't hide things from my partner. If you have to lie and hide things something is very wrong. The girl I've been with for the past five years passed away from a totally unexpected heart attack July 2013. We had a great relationship and a now 4.5yo daughter together. I certainly don't want anyone that's angry and volatile. My daughter is very sweet, well mannered and friendly. I would like to keep her that way. She's in a dance class now. I plan to get her involved in many activities to see what she likes and what she's good at. We're both healthy. I'm easy going, very grounded and sensible. I have a lot of hobbies and interest. I've been into camping, white water rafting, music, martial arts and other things in the past. My daughter and my business keeps me pretty busy these days. I have employees that run my retail electronics store. I started the business from scratch in 1995. I employee two ministers that run the store. One was a friend before he started working for me and has worked for me over 13 years. I'm non-religious. I mostly work from home. I can work from anywhere with internet access and do what I want from day to day. I take my daughter to parks, playgrounds and drive-in movies a lot. I like to travel to a warm beach during the winter. This is what I'm looking for: Lucky to be in lo-ve with my best friend. There is nobody that I'd rather spend time with than you. There is nobody I trust more than you. There is nobody who makes me laugh as easily and as often as you do. I've heard it said that the best kind of love happens when friendship catches fire. I think that's what happened to me. I fell "in like" with you right away. and then one day I realized an, easy comfortable "like" had grown into a deep dazzling "lo-ve". Now I go to bed with my amazing lover and wake up with my wonderful friend.
63 yr old married bi male nudist .I luv to be nude on my 40 acres in arizona. I enjoy sex outdoors I enjoy men women or couples
I am an open-minded male from the Baltimore area. I spent some time in the military after college, then went to grad school. I do have a couple of vacations to Iraq under my belt, and enjoying life here in the Maryland area! I am 5'11" 190 pounds. I consider myself adventurous: play in an ice hockey league, hike, fish, etc. I first got in the lifestyle years ago when I was dating a rather open bisexual woman who decided I needed to expand my experiences and horizons. I will love her to this day for teachings!
MWC, nudist, enjoy fun times, no means no, no pressure. Would like to find a bi female or bi or sub male or bi couple to join us in fun. Age is just a number, seeking mature fun people. NO means NO. Non smokers or at least smoke outside. Prefer people who will be nude all the time with us.
I am a open minded person , fun to be with, clean safe D/D free, injoy life ,people that are not pushy ect. can travel weekends and some times weekdays.very discrete here,
am a very open minded male, love to have fun with others. am very honest will always tell you it straight. love to try new things. am very descreet in my life so will be with yours. i am a construction worker married but wife is a none player anything else please ask
Attractive fu couple, together for three years with a very active sex life looking to broden our horizon and try some new things. Her: 5'8", 150, 36D, Completely shaved tight pussy, loves to have sex a lot, gives great blow jobs, toys, has tried anal, some light bi action, and open to try more. He: 6'3", 240, shaved 7.5" long cock, loves to have sex, when turned on have little or no "down time" between orgasms, good stamina, likes to please as well as be pleased, some light bi action but wanting to try more, and open to anything once.
Easy going, fun guy looking for others that can cum to this with an open mind. Life is short so let's get started NOW!!!!!!!! All I ask is that you too are grounded and not into head games, body games are encouraged. I have had MFM and MMF experiences and enjoyed them immensly and completely. I am not a flake, if we agree to meet, I'll be there.
open minded single exploring a new side of life, looking for like minded people somewhat homebody who work hard at businesses and so spend a lot of time at home(when I get a chance for a break) duke is shy looking for friends to share some time with
Open minded with no hang ups. We love to have fun and find people with like interests. We are dedicated to each other and are enjoying life, just looking for some people to share in the joy. riding our bikes every chance we get traveling around to rallies through out Texas. He is a truck driver and she's a nurse.
I am a 26 year old fun outgoing country girl who doesn't mind gettin my hands dirty. I love to hang out with family and friends. He is a 31 year old country boy who is quiet till he gets to know you. Anything else just ask
Couple looking for other bi nudist. Enjoy the nudist life style and would love to have other nudist join us. I am bi active and wife is only bi curious. Would love to make friends as nudist and then look to adding more pleasures. Sorry not into one night stands.

Nude is always better
I am a fair weather nudist and once I get a family I will certainly steer them that way. I think nudist children learn a very healthy attitude towards body image.
Michael, I just saw your Forum Post about nudists. I am a nudist and live in LA, but fly my plane around So. Cal in search of good nudist places. Avilla Beach comes to mind in your area, I believe... Would love an excuse to fly to SLO again to get naked and whatever....
Are you looking for a stable family life with an open loving couple? If so, we might be just what you're looking for! Here is what we have to offer!
Stable Family life: We own our own home, and vehicles. We have two kids, a dog, 2 cats, and some fish. We're not looking for drama, lies, or drama.
A loving home: Family comes first. We're looking for someone to become part of our family, not just a quick fling.
Stable Income: Our family owned and operated business is run from home. We work for our money and we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor. As part of the family we would expect you to work with us, and enjoy the benefits. Not looking for a gold digger, please.

If you're in a situation, and you're looking to better that situation with a whole lot of stability, love, and some fun on top of it, then please email us.
I Am And Always will be very much And Totally In Full Favor Of Entire Family Nudity,Most Especially Having Been Very Lucky And Very Extremely Blessed Enough To Have Been Born Into An Bisexual Nudist Family Of Bisexual Nudists Who At That Time Had Already Been Very Fully Practicing Bisexual Nudists For Nine Generations Our Family Are Now Entering The (15th) Fifteenth Generation Of Our Families Being Very Fully Practicing Bisexual Nudists, And Has Only Ever Been Very Positive For Our Entire Family To Very Openly Share Our Near Constent Total Nudity As Much as we can,Of Course Even for us There are those rare occasions where even we do have to ware clothes just like anybody else
but once we are in our own nudist home enviroment all generations of our family are actually very much more comfortable with total nudity and have never had any problem with it as much as we all do ever having to ware clothing of any kind.
There Are Indeed actually very,very many multie generational nudist families who have very openly and happally raised thire childern and several more generations as practicing nudists, And The very grate as well as very positive benifit from this is that nudist families childern actually do far better accademically from pre school all the way through to University and even post graduate studies; I Am one of those actually not as rare nudists who was indeed very much lucky to have been born in to a very happy,healthy, and very super well adjusted multie generational bisexual nudist family, Just as both of our parents had chousen to raise both my younger sister and my selif,Both Mothers And Dads Families had actually Raised Them in very much the same way as they them selives were raised, As were very,very many of our little friends who's families were also likewise nudists; However only A very small number of these newer nudist families were very uncertain as to weather family nudism was really a good thing for entire families,Well those who actually stuck it out and remaind in the nudist world did very much far better then those who took thire childern and families back to the textiled/clothed world were the one's who's childern did drugs and alchol and very many of these families had most unfortunetly also lost thire childern to suiside which could have been very fully prevented if
only they had,had a more positive selif image, Compared To Those Of Us who's Families made A Very Salient And Sensable Desision To Continue To have families like ours continue to remaine very,very fully and completly practicing Bisexual Nudists; Nor were we never told, asked, and/or forced let alone ordered to do anything at all that we did not want to do already, and/or anything which we felt at all uncomfortable with. We were always allowed to do any and everything we ever wanted no matter what that might be,of course we did have some friends who's families were not yet or already nudists, And who had very stupidly thought that nudity and nudism were very totally for adults only, Which once they had meet our family and extended family they very,very quickly realized was not at all the case and very many of them then decided that actually becomming an nudist
family was going to be a very positive inprovement in thire familes lives,Of course there were those very stuborn and stupidly very foolish people who reffused to have anything at all to do with nudists of any kind period,Which had cost about between 34 to 86 family brake ups,However, The parents who had gotten to keep thire childern Almost always came back with them and then became an nudist family, There were even A Few cases where the families had actually gotten back together because of the very sensable Having had Thire Family Become Actual Fully,or as fully practicing Nudists as they were then comfortable with. As I have said our own family Mom,Dad, his younger sister, and Mom's oldest brother his wife thire three childern my sister's and my cousens,as well as Mom's older sister and her family as well as extended family in the form of Mom and Dad's step siblings who had all been born into our very truely beautiful and wounderous bisexual nudist world. And Yes our entire family with only a very few exceptions truely have and continue to remain very fully practicing Nudists to this very current time and our children and grand childern,as well as an number of grate grand childern and even a few of them are also raiseing thire childern as nudists. Of Course you really can not if you take the time to very clearly think about it expect someone to turn 18 and very sudenly decied that he or she wants to be come an nudist for the rest of thire lives, So Yes thire are those adult only clothing optional resorts which very falsely labale themselives as being nudist resorts, of course there are even some family focused nudist resorts that have as it were have been hijacked from the actual owners families by money hungery little good for nothing thives who actually really have absalouteally no right at all in being there,These are actually the place which people are now bing to see closeing down because they can no longer atteract any new members, let alone keeping thire old ones,
So Yes I Really Do know about Nudist Families Right from within side of it's very foundation; The Actual World Wide Nudist Movement Life Style and way of life are just about to make a very grate comeback very soon with there once again actually being Nudist Towns,Villages, And even Very Large Cities where Public Nudity will not only be the normal thing for absalouteally everyone,It will then be Illegal for anyone anywher in A Public Area to ever again ware colthes of any kind, There will also be some other very healthy and long over due changes
As a nudist and a member of a family nudist camp, i see nothing wrong with it. It gives the children the appreciation of what the human body. As they get older then can choose to continue to go or not, the parents i know who have brought their children have expressed this as their policy.
Bare Biker Blow Out is open to everyone couples and singles. The dates are Aug 14,15,16. The place is Indian Hills Family Nudist Park in Shidell La. Please contact me for other information if you would like. I attended last year and had a great time.
I Was Both Very Lucky enough and Blessed To Have been born into An Multie Generational Bisexual Nudist Family Who had Also very openly;Or as openly as our family could practiced Bisexual,Lesbian,And Gay incest,This was the case for both Mom and Dads Sides Of The Family, For whatever the reason was I Was Absalouteally Always Turned Not only By My Fathers Big Beautiful 11'1/4 Inch And Very large gourgouse Pair Of Balls,Well one Day I Had Been outside playing with some other little Bisexual Nudist kids who were friends of mine and my Sister who was born Two years after me,anyway I had walked into the house and there were my mom,dad,and my dads sister, as well as my moms oldest brother his wife ;my other aunt and some other bisexual nudist families,And One of dad's very special boyfriends.I Was Looking At my Dad's big beautiful
cock and gorouse balls, I Then asked my dad if i could at lest touch it if not lick,kiss and suck on it, just like he and all the other men and boys were doing to and for each other.He said that yes of course i could suck on his if i really wanted to,And I Really did, I got my mouth at frist only over the head without to very much trouble doing it,and then within just a couple of minutes he had managed to get his full 11'1/4 inch cock not only all of the way my mouth, but he actually let me have not only his pre cum but his cum,I Then asked him his boyfriend and my uncle if as well as thire pre cum and cum could i also drink thire pee right from thire cokcs, and they all agred and let me finsh drinking every last drop they had,had stored in thire cocks and thire balls, They then all took turns sucking my litlle boy dinky and balls,well each one took turns letting me suck on them again,and again several times over,It was also the day that I asked them if i could also louse my ass charry and the entire family said that yes it would a very good and healthy idea for me to also actually louse my ass charry well i was becomming much more fermillier with cock sucking,so in order for it to be even better i might as well have my little asshole opend up to well i was both sucking cocks and other little boys dinkies,And I really did'nt feel any real pain in my little ass cunt even the very frist time that i had ever had a cock in my ass,of course the very delishous taste of thire grown man cum and the cum from the other little boys being so very good tasting in my mouth and going down my throt had helped an awfull lot,That very same day i had also gotten to eat cunt and actually fuck women and girls,not to suprisingly inclueding lesbians and bisexual women and girls,And I have been very totally and completly happy and very proud of my own bisexuality,They never once forced my becomming an openly bisexual nudist nor my younger sister's also becomming an out and very open bisexual nudist,the very complet choice was very totally ours and ours alone to make;and we have always been very happy and proud of the chouices that we have made with both our sexuality and sexual orientations,my sister and by the way were able to without anybodies help make our very own desisions on this very beautiful and special aspect of our lives as people who were indeed born in to an already very well established bisexual nudist family,Where our parents families and extended bisexual nudist families had let them Indulge and very fully Take part in This very beautiful way of bisexual nudist life,Both my sister who like i said is Two years younger and my selif were actually eighteen months old when we each very,very fully and completly understood our own bisexuality,And she and i both also have some very equally strong lesbian and gay feelings which had become very obvious to our family who were very thrilled for very many reason,But for me i have always loved sucking cocks and i always will, of course i also very much enjoy sex with women and trans genderd and trans sexuals Which why i am always wanting to meet other bisexual nudists.and would also like to talk with other bisexual nudists who were born into such families and raised in very much the same way, I Am now Nearly 66 years old,My Sister is 64 and our entire family continue to remain bisexual nudists. Like I Say we were really not ever once pushed into or not into embraceing this very beautiful and wounderous way of life, though i do not very offten accknoledge the fact that i do have a very special ladie and six very wounderfull adult bisexual nudist childern and grand childern who are also likewise going to be the families next generation of very happy and well adjusted bisexual nudists when ever thire ready to do so.
As open minded as I am. I have to say as a younger couple, we would not want to be meeting at a nudist camp. That's not very "easy going" for a get together of IL folks. Not everyone is that open to being nude when first meeting somebody. Just my two cents. But as for in GENERAL, we'd want IL meet rather than people traveling for a few hour get together. But if people want to travel. More props to them =).

But I think a nudist camp is too extreme for my liking. No offense to anyone else. =) I just don't do nudity infront of strangers.
Dearest Del, This could be more than annoying, it could be dangerous. I don't know if I am going to say anymore in an open forum, because you need to protect yourself, and you don't want to let the whole world know about it in
an open forum. I amgoing to send you an email instead. and smoochies, Ken(kookoo)
I'm in search of a bisexual female to be my partner in the nudist/swinger lifestyle who is located in or around the San Francisco Bay Area. Partners in the lifestyle and maybe in life as well. Open to any lady because I find the beauty in all women so don't be bashful!
Shangi la is the resort - family nudists
There are 2 nudist clubs, both family...don't think any swinger clubs exists.
Hi ,I like your foto.
Although I was not raised as a nudist, I have been one since I moved out of my very conservative family. I have been to many social nudist gatherings where children are present and have met many adults who were raised as children. They all seem to be well adjusted to me. I kind of worry about a society that seems to be perfectly fine with children playing violent video games or watching movies showing human bodies getting blown apart, but freak out about how much their child will be forever traumatized if he walks in while mommy and daddy are making whoopee.
no prob guy glad for that foto time just let me know
Hi it's me again mrbisexualnudist;Well it was The day that I Had turned 18 months old, and descovered that I really loved my Dads 11"1/4 Inch COCK,I had asked him if I could at the very least touch hold and play with it,if I Could not lick,kiss,and suck on it,and his very special boyfriends as well as one my uncles,who happend to be my mothers oldest brother,
well dad said that if I really wanted to I could really suck on his cock if I was ready and he explaned his very beautiful dripping pre cum to me, and again asked me if, I Was really very shure that I really,really wanted to suck on his cock, And said that I really did,He then let lick,kiss,and at frist suck just the head, and after he put his frist load of pre cum and then cum in my mouth, he asked me if I wanted to continue, And again I said yes he then prociede to put his big very beautiful cock in my mouth at frist a little bit slowly and then very hard and fast so that he had gotten it all not only in my mouth but all of the way down my throught which had made my already very super hard little dinky even harder then it already was, most especially when I actually had gotten his second and Thired loads of very delishous cum, and even Two and half loads of piss which was very equally delishous, He then asked if I still wanted his boyfriend's and my uncles cocks and again I said An Absaloute and very deffinet yes,my uncle had an 18"1/4 Inch Uncut , Dad's Very Special Boyfrind Had,had an even very,very much Larger Uncut ;though some people really might not want to belive it, He actually had a 48"2/3 Inch ,Yes I say 48"2/3 Inch ; In otherwords A Four Foot 2/3 Inch Which was also n Uncut , And Yes Even Then I Was Still Very Able to lick,kiss,and suck a Very good deal of his cock,of course it was being helpped along by my having my little dinky,balls being sucked on well i was sucking dads boyfriend,I was also getting my little ass cunt very,very well fucked,Which I Really loved because it was also adding to thire already delishous cock flavores , this too was very totally by my very ow choice,so yes having been born into A very wide open,openly and very fully practicing Bisexual Nudist Family It really did come very,very,very naturally, I can only wish that very many other people had been as very lucky to have been born into a family like ours. I Know that some people who
have had some only very bad and negitive family experiance would have a very hard time trying to accept and process this, BUT,Yes there have really been some of us who have very truely been very much super blessed to have actually been born into bisexual nudist families who never once seen nor felt that there was any need in hidding this very super special and wounderous way of life from us.There are indeed certain things in life that we all very much miss once there gone, well for me it's being able to lick,kiss,and suck my Father's ,his balls,his asshole,having him lick,kiss,and suck mine, BUT,Most of All,What I Really,Really Miss The Very Most Is Being Able To Swallow His Very,Very,Very Super,Super Delishous Cum, Or For that matter My Uncles And Dads Very Special Boyfriend Who Died At 115 Years Young Or Old Which ever way you want to look at it.


Masculine Men
Is it me or does that it seems to others here that most really fit guys don't have the John Holmes package? Yes, there is execeptions, but the really hung guys seem to skinny or really big in height. This might be 1 for the forum?
Anal Dildos
I have a pretty large real life like dildo I've been playing with for several years now. And I love that it's cock shaped! I've stretched myself pretty wide using it, starting from so tight I was having problems, to now I'm very accomodating! It's erotic to hit my prostate and cum this way. the feeling of being spread wide open! I feel a bit submissive doing so... and that's what I love most about it!
Performing Oral On Men & Women
I'm open to performing oral on both men and women. I'm VERY open to both. Looking for right guy though, as many are freaked or homophobic. I'm not, just looking for normal cool dude to explore with.

Nudist Resorts
We are looking for set up summer plans to visit nudist resorts, swing, bi friendly events etc. Any recommendations Thanks Also looking to meet up with couples and single women while traveling.
Washington D.C. Looking for fun open minded couples who love taking loads. Very open sexually...love anything taboo
ting when I was 13 I would spy on my mother while she was taking a bath, I always wanted to have sex with her never did, love chating about Mother/Son or any family sex
Naked Women
Being a nudist myself, I've never quite understood why a woman would want to festoon her body with 'sexy' undergarments - the naked form (in all its different shapes and sizes) is more erotic than anything else . Besides, if those 'sexy' clothes attain their desired effect, they'll be off soon anyway! Seems like a lot of money to spend for not too much wearing time. Victoria's Secret doesn't make much money off of me, I'll tell ya!
Couple Looking For Couples
We love to play as a couple.Nothing better than an open couple sharing sex with another.Playtime for both!!! We've been in the full swap scene for awhile and we always get off with couples.Of course we are somewhat newbees to the bisexuall sharing couples,we still are working toward that.I am very open to that and my gal lets me enjoy.So is there a couple here that is ready to share like we are?
Ass To Mouth (ATM)
Curious how many others are here who are open to Ass To Mouth (ATM) play? You know, cock or dildo goes into ass to pleasure and then into a mouth immediately after? I've only done this with dildo in my own asshole, and really turned on by tasting it right after. Open to others so long as we establish really close friendship first and play safe as possible. Anyone else turned on by this?
Anyone know of any free porn sites with family porn?
Porn Videos
The Sperminator cums to mind. Or orally challenged. Maybe Forbidden. Open , Pleasures unwrapped, The devils unwrapped? The devils tongue, Taboo'd, The closet, Cumming out, I'm searching for a brain fart here. Desires? What all men want? Simple Freedom. Maybe, umm, Naked Bliss? Hot and ered biscuits? French kiss. Openess. Feel free. Lets get real, open arms, ually inclined.Hidden, Bisexual inuendous,
There's nothing more erotic than your life partner breeding with another!

Fingering Women In Public Places
never had been fingered in public but would love someone in my life to do so
We have but, my (Rob) family doesn;t think that it is healthy ... I love my wife but after being married seveal years it may be time to help her find a new cuck ... I can not afford not to ...... any way llets jut say that I believe that my wife (Val) will soon be looking for a new playmate .... I just hope that he knows that if he doesn't treat her well .... just because we will no longer be WITH each other does not mean that I will allow any to hurt my childs mother ... or my WIFE .. This may be MY last post.

Good-bye all

F-M-F Threesome
Hey Girl's i have not been with 2 female's as of yet in my life, so if you's are in philly - pa, and need a guy like me to play with do say hi and let's meet up some time soon and the pic's are of me -- so do enjoy them o.k.? they are 4 you's all out there,
hmm,humilation is when you,experience the only soul mate in your life fucking up.where you could suck her clit while she rubs your head.She likes to rub your nose right up in there.hmm,maybe a bit hmilaiating.
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
relatively new at this but open to being taught!

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Right on, definately a full profile, that's the main reason why I joined here, I think that feature is wonderful and if someone is serious about their desires than it pays to be open and honest up front, in fact I wouldn't even consider contacting or responding to a person whose profile is full of n/a's, why bother, they obviously don't want to be honest with anyone in the first place. I want you to know how I think so you will have a good idea if you want to pursue a conversation, life is too short to bother having to take the long way around determining if you have something in common with someone.

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