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Whores in Huntsville, Al


WE are a couple that are incharge of a small group of swingers. We play & party all over Alabama. From Mobile to Huntsville, Auburn to Selma. We alos play in GA. & TN. We love to meet new fun people



Any room for his wifey- Damn two whores in the bed-
Whores do it for money, tramps do it for attention, sluts do it 'cause its fun.
hello from huntsville
I am bi curious and i am open to just about anything fun , I am in Huntsville,
so i'm from huntsville and looking for guy/girl for one on one for three some...won't travel too far
Hi, if your still willing, I'll be in the Huntsville area for two weeks. you can contact me
hey i live in huntsville and am looking form some one to meet...mail me
hi. im gonna be in huntsville end of july for work. when is the party?

im bi...gonna be in huntsville end of july for work...maybe we could hook up...
hi,i'm in decatur and i will travel to huntsville for eating and drinking,lol.
Hello , we are looking for a bi girl or a couple willing to meet us in huntsville for some fun. No single guys, already know a few.
Hi all,

Im gonna be in huntsville for work then end of july...lookin for some fun on the road!
very discreet wanna have fun in huntsville/athens/decatur area
Hey this is tasteelips and I am a bisexual living in Huntsville AL. I am 18 and has very little experience. Im up to tryign new things and look forward to hearing from you
Hi how are u? I am tasteelipz. I am also in Huntsville. The only thing is i am a single female who is also bisexual. I am new to the whole experience but i know what i want. I hope to hear from you soon.
hey ready live only 40 miles from huntsville, If U would like to chat b-4 or meet just leave message and we will travel some if needed and connect.
Well I'm new to BP so I better get busy and do some posting so you all can get to know me. 2 and a half weeks ago I saw the movie Kinsey starring Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, John Lithgow, Peter Saarsgard, Tim Hutton and Chris O'Donnel. Oh and a very emotional moment near the end protrayed superbly by Lynn Redgrave. I liked the film greatly. It was serious with just the right amount of comic reflection. I know that Alfred Kinsey has proven to be a controversial person n the methods he used yet that's not what I want to focus on. If you saw the film please comment and give your honest reaction to it. I'll start.

There are two distinct memories I have. First a comical memory.. Well two actually. An elderly female is being interviewed for the research study and is asked "so when did you learn about masturbation? She replies..."Honey, I invented it!" Another research subject this time an immigrant male's comment...."Whores! Not Horse!! WHORES"

Now a surprising pan from a member of the audience sitting behind me to his companion. Peter Saarsgard displays full frontal nudity in a very memorable scene during which the audience member was heard to utter "Hell he aint got much at all. You mean you brought me to see THAT?" .

OK group those who saw it give your comments.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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