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We should all just meet up then
Folks, please remember that fantasy and reality are two very different things. On-line chat, even phone calls are no personal and while amny have true intentions, moving from chat/fantasy to th e real thing is very hard to do - for what ever reason. Perhaps call it the "Oh Shit Syndrom" ... all the talk, now they h ave to "walk the talk"! Inquire, be understanding .... work through it it might be somebody that had great intentions but got cold feet If it is a sincere person, could end up being a great time in the end, if not, it worked for the best. Those that can recall thier initial experiences should be able to relate. Also consider the last minute family/friend crisis.... but I don't think that is the case here. Just don't hold it against them if they are new and a bit tenacious about reality!!! It's a natural thing.
great pics nom I need to cum.....

I would love to get dirty with you in and out of the tent, oh hell we don't even need to go camping and I would love to get dirty with you
I think you're talking to yourself.
Are there any bi females in Virginia that are looking for the same? I am new here and I am just wondering if there are any others out there looking for the friend that I hope to find and that friend becomes more
This past Saturday, we had planned our 6 guy and me Gang-Bang. It was supposed to be me and Danny, with 5 other guys. 3 of the guys were people we had played with in the past, and 2 of the guys were men we met here on BP. It ended up being me with just 4 guys, as 2 didn't make it.

We were all to meet at a local bar at 8:00PM, and head over to our little party place from there. Danny and I went a bit early just so we could greet everyone. At right around 8:00 the 2 guys we already knew showed up. I gave them both deep, long kisses, much to the curiosity of the other people in the bar. A few minutes later, another guy came in, saw me and asked if I was Carol. It was one of the guys from right here on BP. I kissed him hello, and then we all had a drink and a chat. We waited for the other 2 guys, and finally at 8:30 we decided to give them another 15 minutes, and no longer. Well, they never showed so we left.

We all went over to our secret party place (just a very comfortable play area we set up in a room at our offices), and the guys wasted no time in getting things started. Danny grabbed a beer and sat on the couch to watch. He likes sitting back and watching the stuff start. They slowly undressed me and played with me. The premise of this evening was that they could do anything they wanted to me and with me, and I had to do whatever I was told to do! It was amazing! For 3 straight hours I fucked and sucked, and each guy came twice! My new friend from BP mentioned he had never tried anal sex and asked me if it was alright. I told him "Remember, you don't have to ask, you just do it!". So he got my butt ready with his tongue and finger, and then slid his dick in. Each guy ended up doing me anally, and I did 2 different double penetrations. Whenever the guys were about ready to CUM, I brought them off with my mouth and had them CUM in my mouth and all over my face. I would then go and kiss Danny and he would lick up all the CUM.

At the end, our 2 friends took off, leaving just me, Danny and our new BP Friend. Since the other 2 friends were straight, nothing happened between the guys (other than Danny's CUM licking ) We grabbed a drink and sat back on the couch. I started playing with Danny's dick, and he quickly got hard again. I gave him head, and our BP friend came over to help. Together we licked and sucked his dick and balls, and I could tell that Danny was really enjoying it. Danny was about to CUM, and I asked our BP friend who was going to get it. His answer was just to grab hold of Danny's dick and suck him deep. Danny grabbed him by the head and started moaning and bucking, I knew he was cumming! He had only cum once, a couple of hours before, so I also knew he was going to have a fairly big load. Our new friend swallowed it all.

After a few minutes rest, Danny returned the favour. I just sat back, played with myself, and watched. Our new BP friend had already CUM twice this evening, so it took a bit of work. Danny got some lube, and slid a finger up our friends butt. That did the trick! In less than a minute, our BP friend was moaning, "I'm going to CUM, I'm going to CUM" and he let go. Danny took it all in his mouth, and held it. He came over and kissed me, so we could share the CUM. That act alone made me have a huge orgasm!

All in all, it was a fantastic evening, and we all plan to get together again very soon. It was really too bad that the other guy from BP never showed up, he doesn't know the fun he missed. We are trying to set up something similar for the future, but with all Bi guys, so if you're interested, just let me know.

I'll have some pictures up in the next few days from the Saturday fun.

Carol xoxoxo
Congratulations to Keith and Laura, Brandon, and Delilah!! Thank you all for playing in the Easter Hunt and doing your best to keep it a secret when you found the s! By the end of the week, we had hundreds and hundreds of people playing in the contest! This year with the easter hunt we wanted to make it difficult so it wouldn't be over in the first few hours of putting it up! We were successful! Who would of thought that this Easter Hunt would of given people nightmares, caused them to go into institutions for going nutty, and have normal people hold our cute little hostage!
As for where all the s were, we will never tell because we will have Easter Hunt '05 next year! For those that are here next year, and know all our hiding places, well we will have to hide them extra good for you :P Though there will always newcomers like Delilah who will be persistant enough to find all the s no matter what!

Thank you everyone for playing in the Easter Hunt '04!

I'm a bit confused here. You have a single profile but yet you're talking as if it's a couple. M/F? M/M? Please help me (and others on the site) understand this so maybe other members and I can help you.

Dan, you have outdone yourself!!! ROFLMFAO I like the first one, but the Shrek getting blown is one of the best I have seen yet!!!

farmm ty ty ty s love to help people laff
Hmmmm, I'm in the mood for.........nipples. Any on today's menu?
Hi. We're a happily married couple who has had a variety of experiences with couples, females and males. We like it all but enjoy another male joining us more often than other types of contact. We don't agree meeting anyone until there have been several e-mails and some phone contact.

We've chatted with several guys who wanted to join a couple and always try to put them at ease with us. Guy/guy contact isn't an absolute, but it sure adds to the experience when everyone is equally relaxed.

My first contact with another guy during sex with my wife was when she offered me his dick while in a 69 with him. He was a good friend who had joined us many times. I took him in my hand and very easily began to lick and suck him. It was much easier to do than I had imagined and I was turned on like crazy!!!

His only comment was that he "didn't know I was bi". Well, I'm not sure whether I qualify or not because I don't suck every guy I meet. After a while, our friend became "bi" also -- stroking and sucking me like a pro! We had many more sessions with my wife and a few one-on-one stroking and sucking each other. It became very relaxed for both of us. Unfortunately, we moved due to a job relocation and haven't seen him in years.

If you'd like to discuss moving into some bi action, please feel free to contact us. We'd love to talk with you about how much enjoyment it can bring.

just me
How did this work out for you all?


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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