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hi!, im new, im bi-curious, looking for friends to help me expand my experiences with guys, im up for everything, write me a line if your interested. In the san diego area....so lets get together
We would like to have some fun this coming Saturday and I want to give my guy his first FMF. I'm 24, 5'9, about 160 (Good thing I'm tall huh?) he is 25 5'10 about 195. Email us at if interested. Your photo gets ours, and we will reply to everyone even if we arent interested. Its only polite.
Where is my shot gun? stew anyone?
Never been with one b4in tampa area would like to get curious and have bf join
AWWW Kris,
Hey Hun, I know we will all miss you here! Lots of s es for a speedy return as a cure for the shakes!!!
Take Care
Nicole and Nathan
PS.. pasties!!
How about a bi female and her husband, who both love sex.
looking to hook up with cool people who like to party hot and wet lesbian trapped in a males body here, can travel and lick and suck alot. look me up if anyone is interested in one who comes to town, next thing you know they will be calling me santa claus
Hey, I'm in Spokane, too! Wouldn't mind hooking up with one or more people for some mutual j/o or more.
hehehe Kasey said eh?.... she is damn near Canadian LOL Cant wait to see you all........IS IT AUGUST 4TH YET?????????
single male in ahwatukee here.. would love to get to know you two.. write to me
We just started to experiment with anal and I was wondering if a burning sensation is normal when you first penetrate with what ever item you are using.It lasts til it gets a little stretched but if we try to add like 2 fingers or something larger it burns again.Is that normal or are we doing something wrong?Once I get used to the size of it it feels better but starts over again with the next larger toy.

We are a happily married, polyamorous couple in the Phila area that sucessfully dates others together.

Over the last six years we have had long term, intimate, relationships with both women & men. We have found each of us has the capacity to be bisexual to some degree or another, mostly based on the relationships we have, as versus the plumbing.

When we connect, it is a true three way circular energy and it is amazing. If you have ever experienced this you will know what we mean. If not, we can only hope you have the experience one day as it is incredible.

Currently, we would like to meet a really nice woman to share and both be shared with. We are not looking for one night stands but, rather, an ongoing relationship with a select female who can connect with both of us mentally, emotionally & physically.

What is in it for you??? The person we choose to connect with will get to step into a 12 year relationship. We are stable, happy & interesting people with lots of diverse hobbies & talants, and we have great energy. Although in our early 40s, we are very young at heart and appear in our 30s.

When we take someone into our lives, it is for real. Kinda like stepping into "married intimacy."

Does any of this make sense to you? Is any of this appealing??? If so, please write back.


L & A
Similar experiences seem to be the theme.
i would like to take this opportunity to thank marie & allen (need2bcuriouse) & clark (Superman542) for putting together such a wonderful weekend. also i would like to thank bill & pattie (the Webmasters) for having the great idea of creating such a wonderful site. i had such a great time in TN & i met so many wonderful people. everything was fabulous & the scenery was breathtaking. i have never met so many beautiful & great people in one place at the same time. keith (shycountrybi) your pics do not so you justice...you are a great looking man & you have a great personality to go with it...btw...i loved sucking on your toes in the hot tub lol!!...jack...you look just as good as what you did in NC when we met (btw....jimmy buffett in my CD player the whole way home from TN...i kept my car on the road...well...for the most part & i didn't lose my glasses in VA lol!!) pete (mrkinky) you are such a warm loving man, i am so happy i finally got to meet you....delilah....need i say more lol!! you were a hoot hon!! mike (nudbiker) you are devastatingly handsome in person & you have such a sweet personality, i'm glad i finally met you...oh & the chocolate chip cookies were great...next party i'll bring my M&M cookie recipe & we can bake those together lol! lionessa, brandon, sunshine & babe...it was so good to finally meet you all....babe i hope i didn't shock you too much when you saw my rings in person lol!! by the smile on your face i don't think it was from shock lol!! marie & allen....you are sooo much fun & kim & chris (two_n_tn4u) what can i say...you two are drop dead gorgeous!! stacie (bbdoll) LOVED the jello shots!! nolan..you are a cutie...i am glad i finally met you. elliot thank you so much for the Michigan sweatshirt...i owe you a Penn State sweatshirt lol! monte...it was so nice meeting you...you are a very sweet man. gabby...thank you so much for the present....i didn't know you knew i loved M&M's lol!! imagine that lol!! you are just too cute gabby & you smelled so nice scott (starferret) you are a very sweet man...i really enjoyed talking with you & kidding around...you are too funny. bobbie & bob (halfpint) you all were just too cute. tira & les you 2 are such a nice couple...i enjoyed talking to you. jd...you are even cuter in person than on your web cam & you are so sweet...i'm glad i finally met you...tip...you are just too cute....i'm glad i finally met you too. csacowboy...it was a pleasure meeting you...you are a very sweet man also....loved the cowboy hat & boots as you well know. traci..i will make sure the door is closed the next time lol!! you know i love ya hon. and bill & pattie...you all are just the sweetest people. i am so glad i finally got to meet you....it is an honor & a priviledge to "work" for such a wonderful couple....you 2 are so perfect for each other....btw...i have my suitcase ready so i can bring pattie home with me the next time i see you....pattie is soooooooooooooo teeny tiny i kept telling her i can put her in my suitcase without even folding her in half lol!! btw...if you would like for me to verify you...just say the word lol!! you are 2 remarkable people who had such insight to create such a wonderful site so others can fulfill their dreams....thank you for that. all in all i would say the whole weekend was a smashing success even with Ivan coming through that area. saturday it was beautiful as well as the rest of the weekend. on the drive home i could not help but smile & think of all the fond memories i was bringing back with me.(especially the memory of me playing "musical laps" in the hot tub...now THAT was fun . lol!!) i met some truly amazing people that i will remember for the rest of my life. thank you all for those memories. also for those of you who see the pics that were taken at the party i would like you to know i don't look quite like myself....on august 18th the day before i left south carolina i was stricken with Bell's Palsy & the right side of my face is temporarily paralyzed so i don't look like my "normal" self so to speak. i have had significant improvement in the last week. i was not sure whether i was even going to attend the party because of that but now i am so glad i did. it did not matter to anyone there what i looked like....that's what makes everyone who attended & that i met so special to me now. i am posting a pic of the view from my balcony....it is breathtaking....beautiful country there. now...we have to start planning for the next party...marie? allen? clark? you up for it? lol
s & es pat
p.s. i didn't get any speeding tickets on the way home. YAY!!! i get a lol!
Any and all of the ones in the picture... :P
But my absolute favorite toy is...well ummm...Ed lol

Carol was 19 when we started playing with a female neighbour. That got her hooked on women.

When I was 13 a friend of mine was staying over. We used to masturbate in front of each other, but never touched one another. One day, out of the blue, he asked if he could suck my cock! I said sure, so he did. He sucked for a while then asked me to cum in his mouth! To me, that was a really weird request, but I obliged him....and made him gag! The next day, he wanted to try again, so we did, and this time he was ready and swallowed. For the next 6 months or so, he sucked my cock a few times a week. But I never touched him once, I would just let him suck me until I came, and that was it.

I was 26 the first time I sucked a guy's cock. We were in a threesome with a friend, and Carol said it would be hot to see me suck him. She asked him if I could, and he said okay, so I did! He didn't cum that time, but we did it again a week later, and this time Carol said she wanted to see me swallow. I already knew what his cum tasted like as I had licked it out of Carol's pussy on many occasions

When he was ready, he stood while I kneeled in front of him, right in front of Carol who was sitting on the couch playing with herself and watching. I sucked him for a while, then he grunted and just let go. It was a huge load but I managed to swallow it all. I loved it! That was it, I was hooked on cock and cum. That was over 20 years ago.

-- Danny


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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