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Open-minded fun couple, discreet,with respect and want also respect back in return. Like to have fun with others that are the same, either couples or single. And when not a couple playing together, Like to play bi male 1 on 1 together. And it's alright by wife. Also we enjoy with other bi couples males and females together. And MMF, MFF, MFM , MMFF and MM, MMM
We're a married couple, totally in love with each other. We are nice, attractive, discreet, self-confident, open-minded... and love sex! We want to expand our sexual horizons, adding more excitement for both of us. Everything that we do, we do together, including reading and responding to messages. We're mostly interested in exploring our bi-side in relaxed MMFF encounters with the "right" bi-people. We're not interested in bed-hopping... Ideally, we would meet an attractive, clean, nice, discreet bi (or bi-curious) single/couple who are also interested in developing a long-lasting friendship. We would enjoy ourselves in and out of the bedroom, meeting occasionally for dinner, attend a concert, a wine festival, movie, etc., then going home for intense fun... We're NOT interested in hard-core swingers. We would like to develop an exclusive friends-with-benefits relationship with a like-minded bi-person(s), even if they're not local to our area (we are willing to travel occasionally).


I prefer the MMF or MMFF because everybody get to do everything and is not limited to just "straight" sex. The MMFF's and MMF's I have been in were sexual erfection because we all wanted to have fun and did it all. The MFM's or MFMF's were ok, but I left feeling like I missed out on something. is too god to limit yourself so much.

I would like to meet someone near me mm mfm or mmf or ffm or mmff
I am looking to participate in my first threesome or foursome (MMF, MFF, MMFF, MMMF, MFFF) Looking for very laid back people to break me in. Let me know...
We've been on the hunt for a good bi movie (MMF, MMFF, etc) but can't seem to find any. In everything we've seen so far, the women tend to be after thoughts and it's mostly MM action. We'd like to see everyone enjoying the fun. Any suggestions out there?
Sass babe, good explanation..... best is when it goes from MMF to MFM in the same engagement... done that a few times, now if you were just here to make it MMFF, MFMF, MFFM, FMMF lololol
Hey thanks eager and open! Wer'e hoping to take a few MMfF pics during our next "encounter" . I have to agree with Delilah, we want to find the guy on the mail icon as well!
US (mostly gay movies) have done some really great bi porn we highly recommend Biual Birthday Party. A true Bi orgy with FF MM MFM FFM MMFF about the best bi porn we have ever seen.
Hey all...

Very active bi male here looking for friends in MM, MMF, MMFF, and more. Get creative...let's get kinky and have some fun. Take pics and shooting vids is cool with me. I love sucking cock, getting fucked, and will top the right guys too. And, I luuuuuv the ladies too...trust me...I'm fun.

Get in touch. Let's talk. I travel a bit with work and will be in and out of town through November...but there's plenty of time for play.

Hope to hear from ya!!

We are a couple that is so messed up.... LOL.... what do you call a couple that is attracted to another "couple?" mmff, mfmf only is attracted when its a couple. Beside that, we are both totally attracted of the opposite sex. A man does not turn his head, and a woman does not turn hers, but let us be together and see a hot couple...... We are totally attracted to both. Whats up with this? Is this bi, bi-curious, gay, straight or what? We label it tri-sexual.
We are a BiMWC. We have had a few experiences involving MM contact (MMF, MMFF, MM) and I loved it. I love to perform oral sex on both men and women and swallow hot steamy loads. We had one experience involving FF contact (MFF) but it left my better half unsatisfied. We would like to fix that. We are looking for another M or F or couple to join us for some fun together. But if that isn't your thing, one of us will join a couple for some great bi fun. At this time we are not looking for MM, or FF experiences not involving a third or fourth person.

You can start by sending a pic or just send us a friendly email. It's your call. Please be respectful. We would like to start with chat and emails and then move on if things seem to click.
Hi Ladies, My Name is Marco, I live in South Philadelphia and I am Currently Playing with a Married BI Couple on a Weekly Basis , sometimes Bi Weekly basis depending on our Schedules.
The 3 of Us are ALL Discreet, Bi ual, Friendly, Clean, D&D free, CAN HOST and REALLY Have a Blast when we are Together....YUM !!!!
We are in search of a Bi female or Join us For a MMFF Or a Bi Couple for a MMMFF (Group) !
HONESTLY, We are Looking Seriously to Make this Happen Not Because we are Bored with each Other, (NO WAY , WE LOVE EACH OTHER AND SHOW IT) But to expand our Horizons and Really Get it on with An Additional Bi , Bi Curious , Bi Couple or Bi Curious Couple in the area.
So Come on and Join the Fun

You can IM me or Email me . Please, Serious Inquiries Only
Thank you !!!! And Hope to Hear from you !!!! Marco (VERYREADY)
I started fantasizing about guys 8-10 years ago, enjoying pictures of naked guys, really loving the look of cocks, and finally visited a gay bathhouse in a large city near me. I have visited bathhouses often since then, always starting out with a feeling of great excitement and anticipation, dreaming about cocks and sucking. The reality never lived up to that expectation. I did suck a lot of cocks, but sort of felt turned off by it all while I was doing it and afterwards, especially because I was in such close proximity to a naked guy when I was sucking a cock. It was always anonymous and casual. I never connected with a guy as a person. He was just cock. And yet I continued to have massive gay fantasies all the time when masturbating at home. They eventually included anal fantasies as well, and even romantic ones. A few fantasies involve MMF or MMFF or MFF, though mostly I am either feeling in an opposite-sex mood (MF), or a same-sex mood (MM). But I rarely felt attracted to a real guy on the street or in a bar.

I'm still suffering from the same problem. I have just had, though, an incredibly erotic oral experience with a guy in a sex club recently, with us sucking each other for a couple of hours. For the first time I let a guy cum on my face, and I couldn't get enough of it. It was such a turn on. I rubbed his cock and cum into my face like crazy, just loving it. I think I could have fucked him (the vagina is the only place I've been so far), I was that turned on.

My continuing fantasies, plus that experience, still leads me to believe I have potential as a bisexual. I think I need to make it personal, though--to meet a guy that I am actually really attracted to, get to know him as a friend, as a person, and feel intimate with him. Perhaps that will help my confusion. I'm sure a big part of it is the anti-gay conditioning that our society has given us throughout out childhood and adulthood, leading to my having guilt feelings in the bathhouses or something. I'm not sure. Things would be so much easier if I could just decide: straight, bi or gay? Then again, maybe the entire principle of bisexuality and its wide spectrum suggests that I don't need to decide. I should just have fun with whoever, whenever I want, as long as it is done safely and without harming anyone (e.g. no cheating). Now, that would be sexy.

Has anyone else had such confusion?

Many thanks,



You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!

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