2 Girls 1 Guy Bisexual Playground


2 Girls 1 Guy

2 Girls 1 Guy Bisexual Playground2 Girls 1 Guy Bisexual Playground2 Girls 1 Guy Bisexual Playground
This Has To Be Every Man's "Wet Dream" At One Time or Another ! IT Is Sure As Hell A Big One Of Mine !

Be Happy & Play Play Play
D i c k
This is my man and mines major fantasy. Hes got me wanting it so bad I can taste it.
and girls lookin to get down
my mans fantasy is to be with two girls we,ve tried it a few times i didnt like the females... if your sexy, clean, fun, and kinky and would luv to help me surprise my man he'd love it and a female with toys
Hot 18year old couple looking for a dirty girl in the Massachusetts area
Super y European Couple she 5'8 Blonde Browneyed y Girl, he 5'10 Dark Hair Blue Eyed guy. We are looking for an attractive girl to have a that wants to be part of a super sexy European threesome. We like to take our time and make everyone enjoy it to the highest pleasure. It will be hot hot hot. Good food, good wine, good laughs and good .... fill in the line

If you are interested please email us with at least one close up head shot and one full body picture.

Hope to hear from all you girls soon.
Too busy. Too much work and someone always ends up feeling left out of with their feelings hurt. You have two different girls with two completely different way of coming to orgasm and while you are expected to egt your job done, one or both must break through the usual and NORMAL female self-consciousness barrier of not only being naked in front of the other, but also having her vagina exposed and being licked, fingered or fucked in front of the other and still hope to have an orgasm. Then they have to agree who straddles your face and who mounts your erect cock and then if they switch will the other want to kiss the moutth of the other who just had her wet face in the crotch of the other. If they pair off and tell you to just wait you have to either get over your self-consciousness and masturbate while both can see you or deal with your once proud erection slipping away. After you have successfully brought them both to orgasm and they are satissfied you then have to fuck both equally so the other doesn't wonder why she was left out, or be able to fuck one and cum and then relatively quickly fuck the other and cum again. Then if they want to continue you get to decide how to handle the creampie aspect and the whole going down afgter your own cum thing. Good luck with that buddy. Never do it with someone you are in a relationship with that is not expendable. Spend the money for two hot escorts who arer experienced and know the game. Fraternities never change guys. Only the lies do.
Later gators,
This is my dream fantasy, giving oral to two ladies and doing what ever they want.
We are so there for it. Found someone and soon to meet, in person. Will it be a long night? Hell YEAH!
we are a couple(MF) in norfolk NE looking for a mature clean and dnd free woman to have some fantasies with...anyone interested? let us kno

single ladies.. looking for a sexy, sunkissed, naturally tan chick (asian, hispanic, mixed asian or mixed hispanic) bi-curious/bi-sexual girl in the Northern NJ area... (21-28) who's down to join me & my boyfriend for our very first time in a hot menage-a-trois .. we're pretty freaky, so even though we've never done it before..we're open to a lot of things... I'd prefer a girl who's more into fooling around with me, and "doesn't mind" my boyfriend getting in on the fun. i dont know if I'm comfortable with him penetrating another girl yet.. but i guess, we'll have to see when we get there.. I also wanted to see if I'm as good at giving oral to a girl as I am(as Ive been told) to a guy .. bring toys & sex furniture.. in the shower.. with mirrors... whatever.. email me so i can give him a birthday present he wont forget, and i can fulfill my FFM... A sexy waist, round ass, sweet thighs, and cute B's/C's are a plus... trimmed or waxed (icing on cake)... If you're a lesbian, preferably femme... I love the idea of being with a hot girl, he loves that idea, too. Health & Safety are a major concern tho.. email me!! so we can make this happen..
Humminingnecter:We're a single couple looking for an exclusive relationship first and formost,yet open to friendship/short term as well.We are both new at all this. We're looking for a bi women,who could help me out of the closet. We're picky,clean,selective,and free of addictions. We care enough to become friends first. My man is willing to support my bi curious nature by being there for support,if I wish.We would love to fullfill our fantasy for our Anniversery coming up. His, as most single straight men,is to watch two ladies together and itf invited,to join in.My dream fantasy is for a long term relationship,for my lady to be age 19-20,Barbie type,who gets into being a servant,companion. French maid type,into bubble baths,pleated mini skirts,handkerchief tops,ankle socks,red high heels,waxed/shaved a must- plus,chocolate covered strawberries,and champane. Profiles are to cut and dry,we're compromising,short term relationships,age,looks,and build. So please check us out.
Hey sexy ladies me and my man r looking for a legit girl to be our friend and also have a lil fun, dont be scared ladies we dont bite muazzzz
i wanna black guy and a gurl to fukk me good plzz

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