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Bisexual Seniors

Bisexual Seniors on Bisexual Playground
Bisexual Seniors on Bisexual Playground
Bisexual Seniors on Bisexual Playground
Bisexual Seniors on Bisexual Playground
I wish people WOULD write some in here! I love bi men and I love older men, so to me this is the best of both worlds! Pictures would be great, too!
Love to get with bi seniors couples men women all is good and fucking hot;;;
I'm one and get plenty of young cock!! I also like to share my wife and she loves cock, young and old!!
For neverenough1 : I'm an older bi married man, whose wife doesn't play anymore. I do enjoy more experienced couples, ladies, and men. I especially enjoy my mouth between a couple, licking clit and dick at the same time. Or maybe under the woman getting it from behind. A stroke in her, and then in my mouth.....and if the Levitra doesn't work, I've still got a good tongue and 2 good hands and agile fingers. Ambidexterous even. See my pics in the profile and/or album. Cheers RandyFlowerKiss
looking for some fun in the dallas area.
I adore fucking with senior men as Dave looks on, then have Dave lick my seniors cum from my pussy as the senior fucks Dave. xxxKiss
I am a senior bisexual from central Mi and stay hot and horny all the time.
I have never been with a senior bi-married couple and would love to try it out. Let me know if anyone would be interested in breaking in a young buck.:-P
Seniors are most certainly interested and VERY active sexually. There seems to be a shortage of women over 40 who are interested in sex with anyone over 50. We are looking for a special woman who wants to join us for amazing sex. Yes, experience does count!!!!! Ask me.
Ever since I was a teenager, I've been attracted to seniors...of BOTH sexes. Just yesterday I got to suck a big cock belonging to a nice old fella in an adult theater. It was great!
Any seniors out there near Tobyhanna, pa, write me:-D
When I was younger I always enjoyed have sex with a more mature man:) they always new what they wanted done and where they want your tongue :-P to be and where to put it. I have rimmed many a seniors ass and they enjoyed it very much sucked many hard cocks and not so hard cocks as long as the end turned out to be cumming in my mouth or up my ass or me getting off and making love to there fine hot ass
anyone from so cal?
Why do all of of old guys turn gay? And love it.Kiss
Looking for a senior bi WFF or bi WMF couple within about 200 miles of DC. I've been bi from about age 9 and looking for other lifelong bisexuals for friendship and fun
I am a bi-c married senior. Had one past partner (my boss). Lasted 3 years- great sex while on business travel. Would like to establish a similar discreet bi-c friendship with a married man living in Northern Virginia.
I'm Sr.but never had Bi. Would like to . Wife doesn't do sex anymore, I loved to eat her when she was about 10 yrs ago. would like to find out how to suck a man and see what cum is all about in mouth.
when I was 15 a senior man of 70 ask me if I wanted to make some I said yes doing what he said he wanted me to suck his cock I said no I left and thought about it that night and got a hard on thinking about it wondering what it be like so I seen him a few days later on told him yes he played around with me for awhile rubbing his cock around my ass he put some lube on his cock and my ass and put it in me it hurt a first then started to feel good them he cum in my ass it really felt good he fuck me at least once a week for a couple of months them told me he wanted me to suck his cock I said ok he put that big boy in my mouth and started pumping in and out them shot a load of cum down my throat I love it.
I too enjoy the pleasure of seniors both male and female, however I'm unable to find any here in Phoenix AZ if you are a M F or couple in the area please get in touch l know we have loads of fun together :-P
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