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Women Who Like Bi Men

Women Who Like Bi Men on Bisexual Playground
Women Who Like Bi Men on Bisexual Playground
Women Who Like Bi Men on Bisexual Playground
Women Who Like Bi Men on Bisexual Playground
I used to do phone sex with this one woman who would hear how I would do a man with her or her watching. It got as close as us setting up a meeting with one of her male friends but things fell apart, unfortunately.
I Love bi men and to see them enjoy each other. Totally rocks my world!Kiss
I am a bi male that love's to be with both of the sex's and say to all you fem's out there that love us bi male's do tell to me what you think about my pick's ok? can you do that 4 me?
I am bisexual woman who loves bi men!!! Being married to a bi man is wonderful!!
Interested in finding girl who likes bi curious guys
Interested in finding girl who likes bi curious guys
Hi from So. Cal. Hope to meet a woman who enjoys a guy who enjoys safe, discreet fun. I might be able to find another to play with us. Flower

Let's explore!
I Love my Bi man,I want another to come play with us!! :-P:-P:-P
Love watching 2 men suck and fuck. Love sexual relations with 2 men. bi men are just as sexy to watch as women. Looking for threesomes with men and women. Any takers.
Me to and your pretty hot!!!
Looking for female in the OC who like a bi black male
i am looking for a women who likes to fuck men with strap ons? Kiss
I am looking for women who want me suck there husbands cocks.

I'd love to be the one to give it to you up the ass while Tigerlily watches. ;-)

Bi guy in Massachusetts looking for bi accepting female for fun and honesty
I would love to meet a woman in Michigan who enjoys watching me suck her hubbys cock and join in.
are there any real women out here in this world who really is into this? Let my be the game and let the hunt being, can wait to get caught. i travel for it Hug
I want to watch 2 men together and join in only if they are interested in me as well. HOT! SoCal area, friends first, safer sex and respect always!
Looking for women in Atlanta area that want to be with or use a bi male for their pleasure.:-PLaughing
I would love to find a bi-guy..that is so hot..I use a strap-on on my lover. he loves it.Kiss
I think that the sexiest creature in the world is a woman who finds bi guys hot!!!! :)
I would love to find a woman who wants to play with me and some of my friends. Someone who likes to explore and really have fun with sex. Haven't found her yet but I'm hopeful.
I love women who find bi guys hot. They are in limited quantity and it's not just something you bring up at the club or the office. I've wasted a lot of time in finding someone you care about to be repulsed by them being with another man, even if they are bisexual themselves. Then if feelings are already involved you are stuck living a life where you cannot be youself. :(
i married to a bi man anyone wanna fuck him or me or maybe both. this goes for woman too.Kiss
I live in the Atlanta area I'm a bi intersexed person. I would like to find a bi female for a long term friendship or more. I would also like to find a bi couple is is honest for lonf term friendship.
Hi, I am looking for a female who is bi and Likes bi men, hopefully together we may be able to play as a couple, I am located in Southern New Jersey
I am Bi-Curious, but I would feel relaxed if a female was present.
My gf arranged my first bi experience and we've been having fun ever since... She loves to watch me sucking cock and getting my ass pounded hard...I try to ablige her as often as I can.
horny 36 bi male looking to suck hubby in front of wife. LOS ANGELES CA.
fuck yes
punta gorda fl
my wife loves to watch me and another man go at each other,,just the other night we were having a 3sum with a male friend of mine,,he had been fucking her,so we took a smoke break,,i had no idea my friend was bi,,my wife goes to the bathroom,and out of the clear blue he bends over me and proceeds to give a me a head-job,,my wife walked in and seen what was goin on,,,she almost got off standing there watching us suck each other to completion,,,,what a night,,we are looking for men in our area
Looking for female in Chicago who lics a bi black male
I Need me one of them!!!
I would like to meet bi men,couples,and women that like bi men in south central VA.
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
Still looking for my lucky lady
Im ready in Florida
Are there any women or couples in Ontario (Canada) that feel this way? Pick me... pick me!!!
boy toy here. retired senior male.single living in prescott valley arizona would love to hook up with a bisexual female. around my age, size and weight. i,m 5ft. 7in. 156lbs. caucacion race. i have a hard time getting it up but love to try every day. i,m 76 years old. possible room mate for bisexual male, women, couple.
I am seeking a woman who can appreciate a bisexual man. Please be in the Central Texas area.
Well, here goes nothing: I too am VERY bicurious and have always been turned on by oral sex with another male. Would be wild to share a cock with a woman... would be like two kids sharing a piece of candy!!!
As far as swallowing cum goes... I have snowballed with a woman before and have swallowed my own. Difficult to do because the "urge" will leave upon orgasm. Would be Hot to feel a cock squirt in my mouth and then pass it to the lady via a french kiss!
Bi-male mid Ohio!
I love the idea of having a woman direct me in action with her husband. I am near Daytona , FL
Any ladies out there in the UK wanna help me have some fun with others guys.... London Based
I'm very interested in finding a female who is turned on by gay/bi men.Have only done MMF once & the chemistry,unfortunately wasn't the best. I'm really wanting to eat some shaved pussy & have a woman enjoy my shaved cock...In Florida here
i'd love to find another woman that is into having a bi man as her bf. I used to date this woman and we had tons of fun. Unfortunately she came to a decision that the lifestyle wasn't for her anymore. I really want to have a woman in my life that is into playing and having a great time
hello, i really enjoyed reading those above me and, yes, i'm a 46 yr. old bi male. i live in vero beach, fl. and would enjoy finding someone who prefers the likes of me. just write down my email address and we can start getting to know each other. male or female.
horney 46 yr. old man in vero beach, fl. looking for either sex, just write it down!! i'll get in touch with you...
LaughingLaughingLaughing Kiss Hug
I do LOVE getting fucked while women watch and get off on it! Want to play with me?
Trying to find a bi sexual Caucasian close to where I stay is hard. Of u out there, lets fuck
i'm one of the lucky ones...i have a lady that enjoys being with bi males...its absolutely fantastic
Looking for a bi or straight girl that likes a bi guy in Chicago land or northwest In.
looking for cute younger bi or gay male .also would like to meet a hot younger couple ..if ur in Missouri or Illinois around St Louis. feel free to text me or E-mail. me
Wish I could find a women that loves to be with bi men, and a bi man.
Are there anyone out there who likes the feel of nylons and silky dresses?
Fantasy..... being in a fuck session with bi men. Being double penatrated, one eating me while being fucked by the other. Me sucking one while beinggfucked by the other. In the 69 position while the other is fucking me in the ass. Sounds fun and exciting. #Fantasy
hello curious here
I am so turned on by watching two women make love what turns me on even more is watching woman then like to watch men make love I love the idea of a bi sexual relationship with a man as long as there's a woman and bug I don't know why but there has to be a woman about. It just turns me on so much to know that she's getting turned on but what you know each other off I love oral sex and I loved it hung men and women. X If I ever get married again it'll be to a woman that likes to watch me with another man it just turns me on so much to know if she's open minded enough to let us go and do what we can do and at the same time I would love to just share everything with your memories were sharing everything is for his car and we will go looking for men and women looking for women x what a wonderful relationship is over to be in love with someone that you can share anything with ultimate fantasies you can both share all your choice together
Wow, this the elusive Unicorn all right. lol Ive been lucky to meet a couple where the woman loved watching her man with another man. Got me horny as hell watching her finger and massage her pussy away!! Ive often wonder why people kept chairs in the bedroom. Now I know why!! haha
I hope and dream of one day meeting a woman like this, but Im sure I have a better chance of winning the Lotto!!
waiting in Burnaby
Wanting and have been wishing to find in the New Orleans area!!! Are ya'll out there??? HugKiss
I want a woman who can appreciate the fact that while I'm a shameless cocksucking whore, that my appetite for eating her clit is just as prolific. Most women don't want to open the gay door for the bi guy, so the trick just might be to get her addicted to receiving my daily oral BEFORE telling a straight girl I'm bi.
Just saying hello to all the likeminded people out there :) Feel free to message me, always looking to make friends!
I love having sex with bi men.Its so cool and they have some big ass cocks :):):)
I'm thinking I will never find a woman who is into male bisexuality.
Orange county ny here anyone else
I'm a bi male I like sucking cock and getting topped 7 I LOVE eating pussy would love to find a woman that let me lick her clit while her husband are boyfriend fuck her and broth cum in my at the same time that happen to me a long time ago we where like in 69 position she on her knees sitting on my face and he came up behind her dogging style and started fucking her I could feel his balls on my fore head while I was licking her clit she started moaning more and so did he when he cummed in her pussy it ran right down in my mouth he pull out and stuck his cock in my mouth I got her cum and his too and never find anyone to do that with again I love it so if any women out would to do this drop a line.HugKiss
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