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I have visited one particular gay site and found a particular "controversy" brewing. Apparently, there are relationships occurring, not merely between two of the same sex but three. Some Conservative gays (you know, like Roy Cohen or Nazi homosexual Earnst Roehm). It seems some gays feel these people are an abomination against the "natural order" of a one on one relationship. Its bad enough when bigotry runs rampant, its pathetic when it is practiced by its victims (kind of like a child of an abusive parent or a victim of an abusive spouse, I guess).
I know that even bisexual couples don't always enter into this type of "tri-amourous" or "polyamorous" relationship, but if you are part of one, or have been, I would really like your input.
Hello my fellow gays
Librablue and Delilah, Unfortunately bigotry has no limits. I am a straight girl living in a gay world, by choice, but I still endure it from all sides. The straights and gays give we flack because I am married to a bisexual man, and consider me a "pathetic fool" for letting him have sex with others besides me. I am called a "fag hag" or "breeder" from the gays, and there is a hostilaty from some if I should go with my husband to a gay bar. A str8 girl intruding on THEIR TURF! Shocked Even though it doesn't matter to me that gay porn may be on the overheads and guys are kissing and doing other things.... I have gone to dinner parties with a room full of gay men and me the only genetic female. Some have a problem with it. I just make the best of it, and I am very grateful for those who except me and the way things are. I have no intentions of changing my life to make THEM more comfortable. Unfortunately, even in GAY KEY WEST, the oppressed become the oppressor.
The stupid and unfair thing out there is that a lot of people (gays, too) think that men HAVE to be one or the other, while women can be truly bi.
Bisexual w/m 42 looking for fun with other bi males, gays, bi couples and single females
I'm a big bear guy. Love giving and receiving oral but willing to try anything at least once
lots of times if i like it. please feel free to drop me a line.
I am bi. Have been bi before we met. My wife has know this all the time. She recently made the comment lesbians and gays are Ok as long as they don't solicite her. Wow! We haven't had sex in so long I can't remember what it really is. I love her but don't now what to do at this point.
I have a load of cring towels for all of you who voted for ----what was his name?? I am BI but I do not believe in gays getting married, you want to live togeather,fine. Lets all get back to having some fun. Love you all no matter who you voted for.John
Hi suzi, its been a fantasy of mines to be with a tg combo, am very limited when it comes to sexual experiences, but at this time i'm willing to try anything, would you be willing to allow me to suck you? And would you be willing to fuck me in the ass? If not its ok, I'd like to try and develope friendships with people in our type of lifestyle(bi's, gays, and ts's, tg's). Hope to hear from you soon, Gerald
I would have to say that 3% is very low. Most BIs are married, and their wifes and friends are unawear that they are BI. Gays were in the closet, so are BIs. I enjoy being BI, but my wife is unawear that I suck another mans cock,which I do enjoy.
being a bi guy, I can tell you, that for the most part we are shunned. seems once you meet people, turns out the guy is bi or at least curious, but they never show it on their profiles etc.
we seem to be a very marginalized part of an already marginalized segment of society. I think gays and lesbians have it easier than bi guys!
"A Gaggle of Gays, A Lair of Lesbians, A Flock of Fags, A Bunch of Bi's, A Den of Dykes, A Flight of Fairies, A Host of Homos, A School of Straights, A Quarry of Queers, A PRIDE OF PEOPLE!" Rainbow

K Female
You do have to shave your balls if you want them sucked. I do not like hairy balls in my mouth. I only shave my balls,beause at the gym I do not want to raise eye brows. Most BI are still in the closet,we are not like gays. Our wifes,familey and friends do not know that we are BI.
Washington Post, Sunday 12/19/2010:

The U.S. military will for the first time in history allow gays to serve openly after the Senate voted Saturday to repeal "don't ask, don't tell," the policy that has required such troops to hide their sexual identity or risk being expelled from the services.
This is very dangerous from a friendship point of view. It could very well mean the end of your friendship if he takes it the wrong way or has problems dealing with your sexuality. If he has ever made any crude comments in reguards to fags or gays I would'nt say anything to him. I've been bi for almost 20 yrs and recently lost whom i thought was a close friend becuase I was Bi, and I did'nt even want him "to do" anything. You have to decide if its worth your friendship.
Hi we are couple he is stright :( am a bi woman am looking for a nice bi man or two with a nice body to have fun with in the summer(my fantasy is to see two men togather) i love also going to gays places. Am 26 years old fit sexy body and i except the same so plz send me an email about u are you gay or bi (both r welcome,ofcourse bi woman's r more than welcome ) your age are u circumcised or not your body type Were r u originally From and some pic and i'll get back to u if u the right person. Thanks Pamela
I disagree socurious. If Max gave a blowjob to excite and arouse crushed, I don't see how that is bi-anything. Straight, Bi, or Gay is a personal sexual orientation / preference.

Mary has been frustrated in the past by women who are "bi for hubby's pleasure". Bisexual men and women have an enthusiasm for both genders that straights (or gays) don't. If Max doesn't like sucking cock for his own pleasure, then he isn't bi at all.
I think by deff bisexual means that u have some sexual interest in a same sex experience. For some it is always a threeway mfm mmf ffm fmf for each of us the level of participation with the same sex varries. for others it can lead to same sex encounters while they have a perfectly healthy relationship with an opposite sex relationship. I do believe there are bi curious gays and straights they may just want to fantasize or try an encounter to see if there fantasy becomes validated. You can never truly know what some wants based on the label they give themselves, we have to own who we are and respect others choices. So bottom line if a gay man falls in love with a woman he must at least be bisexual.


Chubby Men
I to like big gay and in joy having sex with big gays. I find that they are more caring do more and go for it all for and them self. I would like meet any big men in mid Missouri.

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What they like best about the site:  it seems like an open meeting place for singles bi's and gays.