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Alaska Heterosexuals

I'm a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. :) I'm outgoing, and enthusiastic about anything i put my mind into. I love lesbians although I consider myself only to be experimental/curious with women. Watching lesbians tends to get me hotter than heterosexuals does.
I'm a man who has been a Bisexual from the very early child hood. I'm now 74 and still looking for some new excitment. I have been Married twice both times to Bisexials. The first wife and I were married for twenty five years and have 4 children, 2 Boys, and 2 Girls. ( Well what did you expect from a Bi couple,,) she passed away with cancer.. I was wroking in Alaska then.. My other wife and I met in Alaska at a Bi-Sexual dinner party. both of us Biseual, hit it off very well, she was tewenty years younger then I, but we were able to satify each other very well with the help of other men and women there, (all either Gay, Bisexual, or Lisbenon, both married and single were there.) I have been told I am very easy to get to know, and know how to please both sexas in the bedroom., have a even temperment, and seem very relaxed in any company.. I do try to keep that kind of a reputation with others, all the time. very interlectuial, well read and easy being a laybacked person... Please find out more about me, and invite me to one of your get together's, I will attent... was,
im looking for two girls in alaska
i am a 27 male who is looking in alaska
well built alaska pilot
Horny as hell in Alaska
we r in alaska where r u:)
When are you going to be in ALaska?
we travel to alaska now and then,would be nice to meet others there
hello from petersburg alaska am interested in meeting or talking bob
Thanks Summer, it is nice to hear from the bifemale perspective.
This post has been very enlightening for me....THANKS TO EVERYONE

I am now wondering if heterosexuals are in degrees, or is that crossing the line into bisexuality or possibly celebacy?

Sometimes I think I think too much....:)
Hello I know the pikins in alaska are bad but I still got hope. Please drop me a note if you agree or dissagree


Bisexual Swing Clubs
Any swingers clubs in Alaska?
im a fishing guide in alaska summers
So I'm sure you've all heard of the best Alaska has to offer right. It's called Matanuska Valley Thunderfuck.
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
Am new to being very, very bi-curious. live in Alaska. Somebody wanna teach me? I am 57, 6' 1", 180-185 lbs. I am a fast learner.
Bibrazilmail i also am looking for lesbian and bi men and women friends.i am surrounded by heterosexuals! Ok except im a lesbian and would love to meet another woman and find love again...but rt now. Goddamm im horny as hell and past year have been wanting to just get fucked..yes would sound as tho i am bi but uhh god no man gives me the rush women to chat no i wont attack ya lol and believe i have a bigger heart than most and have alot of good qualities. You all will only know what you read and as far as horny men who just want a naughty slut than get at me..others. Ask about me..i do have a brain lol and can make a dam gd friend. Kiss
i got my pussy licked the first time when i was 18, and i have to confess, it was anything but orgasmic. my partner at the time was terrible and he never wanted to eat me so i didn't know what mindblowing orgasms you could get from having your pussy eaten.

But then i moved to alaska and i met my current partner...from the moment we met we we were all over each other...he literallly ripped my panties off me to get to my pussy..laid me down on a wolf rug and broke me in....and i've been addicted ever since. now the norm is multiple orgasm till i scream...and i c an't wait for me to try out all the new techniques i felt being used on me. i've heard pussy juice is is my time to get addicted

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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!