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Bi Men in Wichita

I enjoy sex plain and simple, fast and slow, hard or soft. men or women. love groups! love to play and very open . i love to get naked with strangers :) a real turn on. Wichita Ks. I don't have a place to play, but would gladly go somewhere in or near wichita to play.
I'm Rick 5.6 184 6.5hard shaved her name is ruth 5.3 118 36d bi and shaved been married 24 years hope there is another 24 we aren't pushy we treat all people with respect she 420 friendly I don't we don't drink she might do shot that's about it.we are looking for long term we have had a few guys and few women and a couple couples she says she would like a female now just so you know it's not a one way thing she let's me know and I try my best to keep her happy we don't have drama we aren't loud we are layed back camping fishing and just about any thing fun any thing you want to know ask.we live in emporia Kansas I was born in Sumter s.c raised in Dallas Texas She born Wichita Kansas and raised in Wichita
Just looking for fun in wichita.
Looking for friends in and around wichita for adult fun.
looking for couples to play with, i'm cute, 30/m/wichita
Just moved back to Wichita... Looking for some new friends and hot times.
we are a fun loving couple from wichita falls looking for like minded people
We are looking for some one in the Wichita area that is into meting new people and willing to have a little fun, me and my hubby are looking for a girl that will do a threesome with this is our first time so if you are into this hit us up!!!!
We are a couple in Wichita looking for a single female for friendship and some fun. We are both very easy going and just like to have a good time both in and out of the bedroom.
Down to earth easygoing white male in wichita area seeking couples for clean adult fun! Willing to try anything!
New to Wichita KS, young 65, good looking. 6 ft tall 160 lbs. condsidered to be endowered looking for romantic dinners, a friend and what ever leads after that
42yrs divorced male looking for a women with a open mine that likes to have fun.I live in wichita ks and looking to try new things.
Hello, 33yo bisexual male. I will be in Wichita from Friday, 7th to Wednesday, 12th. Would like to know people to have sexual adventures. I am fromBrazil.
Nice looking 185 pnds tatoos clean shaven cut 9 inches tiggt shavf ass reside in wichita falls love it ak
Straight,SWM,in wichita.Surgical safe & clean.Very open minded with wide range of interests.Also very discreet.If interested just let me know.
I'm an educated redheaded italian that just moved to wichita kansas and am looking for a good looking, intelligent, down to earth independent, bisexual female that is willing to be open to 3somes and just her and me
anyone from Wichita?
hi are u from wichita
In wichita looking for fun
Wichita here if interested
In the wichita area for some no-strings fun.!
In Wichita and wanna play.
bi male bottom in wichita looking for males!
looking for men or women to have fun with no strings. any one in the wichita area.
Anyone in Wichita willing to show me what its like to be fucked hard
Am in Wichita and lookin to be a toy to whoever and lose my anal virginity.
New In Wichita and wanting to meet new people and .make them cum
Wichita and new to cock but want to learn by being told and sgowb
Am in Wichita and lots of free time to make you cum over and over.Flower
Am in Wichita and lots of free time to make you cum over and over.Flower
wichita area. looking for a couple for MMF or MFM fun. also interested in 1 one 1 action with females.
In Wichita and wanna be shown how to please a cock and being fucked fpr the first time
In Wichita wanna fuck and play. walkin on sw side.


2 Guys One Woman
I'm in Wichita Kansas bi firm top male and I want to meet up with someone for sex badly. Preferably a bi couple or a transsexual that's willing to drain me and keep me drained. I need it today or tonight. Is there anyone from Wichita Kansas in here that's willing to hook up soon.
Transexual Personals
Are there any tgirls from Wichita Kansas in here????
18-21 Female
Hey im looking for a sexy horny women located in my area wichita ks im hot in hornyKiss
Are there any t-girls in Wichita? And this is all the guys on here. When you call a transsexual a shemale it really pisses them off it's Considered disrespectful!!!!!
69 With Another Man While Getting Fucked
I am in wichita ks, and would love to share a sexual experience with an open friendly couple, I am open to anything, as long as I get to dress up xxx
Being Owned
Well I'm bitchboy420 and I am looking for a strong Dom controlling black man one who know what he enjoys secular and ain't afraid to make me do everything he wants done the exact way he likes it and if I screwed up he wouldn't hesitate to disaplinin whatever way he chooses as one time in Denver a black man pick me up my first black man I thought it was just a ride but he asked if partied I yea he said good u looked like what he was looking for he pulled over behind this building and fix me a hit and didn't aq+sk if I even did that he just got my arm and slap me when I try ed to pull away he told me to accept it and soon I would be a good little bit cheaper well he ordered me into his back seat and told to get the cloths I had on and to change into cloths more fitting for the role that he was going to make me protea the next week I got changed and used hair removal spray as I was told the when I was dressed and fixed up He ordered me back up front at Wichita time he ask me why in the isn't your face inn my lap with a mouth of his black cocktail he backhanded me and said he would deal with me when we got to the hotel that his family owned so he had special room my first Dougan filled full of bond age toy whips chains but he knew that I had never been seen in public dressed as a bitchboy420 for my punishment he made me take off my dress leaving on only high heel boots fish net stocking panties pink and a half pink thin straps under top told me that I was to stand on the side walk and the first man who came by I had to convince him to come to the room and to allow me to suckered his cocktail. Well surprise he was with his wife they were out looking for there own fix she ask is there anything to party on I said that my Daddy has whatever they would want so I handed the man the end of my leash but his wife grabbed it said I'll walk this nasty bitch.Well back inside I presented the first man to approach me he knew and like the bounds with the real white bitch to watch me suck her man's big black while I was giving him head my Daddy got this brother to stay and pound my assignment. In front of his wife who then got mad but was put in check by my daddy and he made her suck his cocktail her man didn't say shot as he was busy pounding my assignment hard and deep well my daddy made a phone call to his boy to have something delivered and for the guy coming out of his way they let him have time wit both of us white b itches at the same times my first experience with a Sweet black cocktail taught me that I love being controlled by a black man having a strong black MA my have his way with me making me do whatever he wants giving me not even a small chance or any hope to get away I really like the feeling of being powerless to a black man so that is how I found out who and what I am and what type of sex I really appreciate and enjoy the man's pleasure is All that counts as that was how I was. Taught sex was made to please the man not us b itches the man. Chooses a bitch to deal with his manly needs we don't choose the man

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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!