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I love to watch women masterbate while I masterbate
I'm laid back and easy going. I believe if it brings you pleasure and isn't hurting anyone, enjoy. I'm 48, GL, 5'8" 220#. I enjoy all kinds of porn. I'm horny all the time and I masterbate several times a day. I'm very oral and enjoy giving orgasms. I love exploring bodies, kissing and feeling my way for pleasure. Ive never had the opportunity to enjoy a circle jerk, but would love to. I enjoy talking about all things sexual and love hearing the sexual fantasies of others. If this interests you, hit me up
I am straight but i fantasize about being with a man ! But I'm not gay I have never do it ! But I am facinated with tenants or chicks with U know what I'd really love to not be straight with a fine granny with a nice set of boobs also WOW!
Tall slim athletic straight forward and straight to the point
I am an easy going, clean, nice looking, average build type of guy. I am very straight looking, and disease free. I am honest and pretty much straight forward. No BS. I am strictly a very good cock sucker.
Bi couple looking for a bi/bi-curious female who is willing to play with both of us. We are willing to travel. Please, no straight or single men! All interested should be hwp. We would like to meet for drinks or dinner to see if there is mutual interest, and take it from there... :-) We are an attractive, open couple looking to have some uninhibited fun . Outwardly, we are laid back and mellow, but once we're�s time to let go and make some noise�. :-) We are interested in threesomes and foursomes, but only with those females who are bisexual or bicurious. We are not interested in any bisexual men, straight men or straight women at this point in time.
I have dirty blonde hair. I am mostly straight but have a newfound interest in guys (only really straight guys). I am 20 and mostly like people younger than my age.
She is straight not ready for anything. I am straight but bi- curios.
i am a single guy i love reading and i love having sex with straight gay men and straight women and like to keep myselfs fit
A straight married male who is Oraly-bi ,wife straight. She has had a few threesomes but is not oral, and I crave to have a bj to completion.,and so does my 'buddy",soon as couple different occasions, I secretly suck his dick,but he won't cum for me,,so I guess I immediately looking for a big dick to suck,I am craving a load.
We consider ourselves still a newbies although we've had a few experiences with bi and straight couples. I've had a few bifemale friends to swing and have mmf and mff 3somes. I've had a couple experiences with one on one bi males and of course several ladies both bi but more straight.We enjoy all the sexual pleasures with both sexes but I'll have to say we enjoy couples moreso. If you have more questions then feel free to ask as I'm extremely open minded.
I'm bi Asian female 41, my husband is straight male 44, we are out going couple, love to meet new people. We have been in lifestyle for few years now. We are both fixed, STD free, 420 friendly, we can host at our place or your place. We are very very clean couple, well educated. We both play together with bi female and couple as well as long the male is straight. Not into black guys, sorry. We both love pussy. No pillow princess, seeking FW bi female/ couple too.
I have to agree with the ladies even though my G/F is straight she just loves to watch me give blow jobs as well as watching us masterbate.
Just watching you all masterbate would definitely be nice...would love to masterbate in front of you all as well. It is looking like Sundays are going to be best for me now. I would say we could do an all day Sunday party. I would definitely want to do it near a pay day and we all could bring drinks and games..hehehe. we can do whatever. Let's start trying to figure out when. So far, looks like it would be 3 of us and possibly more. Maybe eventually someone can entertain at home with a swimming pool or a hot tub. We can start figuring out when and then where. I probably won't be able to go until another couple of weeks. Any suggestions anyone..also, if any other females want to come, more the welcome. I am officially wet and need to go masterbate..bye!
what is the best way for a i man to masterbate if he dos not have any way to get toys
would love to masterbate with u
Any one wanna masterbate
I always dress to masterbate
You wanna masterbate
I just joined and what do you know? I love to masterbate!
Looking for a m/f to masterbate with at nude beach.:
Looking for some one in the dallas metroplex to masterbate with
would love to watch and masterbate
Besides toys anf fingers what else have u used to masterbate!
Why masterbate, when you can have your cock and balls sucked,and your cum swallowed??: -P
Would like to masterbate with both sexes. amateur home videos.
i love sexy guys. they turn me on while they masterbate.
I'm looking for a man or woman to masterbate,touch,hold and rub our naked bodies together.


Are there any trannys in Daytona Beach that would want to play with a straight guy?
Full Day Sex Session
I would like to fuck a guy for 24 hours straight. Any takers email or call me
Hours Of Fucking
I want to try to break a record and fuck a man for 24 hours straight. Anybody got the stamina. Please call or email me.
I am Sweet Yes, A 100 % All Bare Backing Bottom Boy For Both Of The "s And I Do LOVE To Top For The Very Straight s To as Well ---> So Interested ---> Do Say Any Time OK
Women Who Like Bi Men
I want a woman who can appreciate the fact that while I'm a shameless cocksucking whore, that my appetite for eating her clit is just as prolific. Most women don't want to open the gay door for the bi guy, so the trick just might be to get her addicted to receiving my daily oral BEFORE telling a straight girl I'm bi.
Full Day Sex Session
I don't know about fucking 24 hours straight, but, fuck a while, lounge around nude a while, maybe tease a little, fuck a little more... Mainly a situation where the primary purpose was pleasure with the other person or people, and no need whatsoever to get dressed at any point during the proceedings...
This is so much fun!We have been swapping with couples forawhile now+ enjoy seeing each other having fun.We've been with straight couples + bi couples,we enjoyed them both.We actually prefer couples over singles,we believe that they are safer.
Bisexual Men For Woman
I have no idea why this isn't a hot topic.I like to perform for my lady,she's is why I'm bi.I love suck + fucking a man because alot of ladies get turned on by that.I always believe in pleasing the lady in all her desires.Always been straight until the lady thought it would be nice to see me sucking acock+ getting taught the ways of the anally inclined.that is what started me on this bisexual adventure,seeing her thrilled in my explorations.
Bisexual Bottoms
Sweet FUCKING - Yes, And I am a Very Happy Bisexual Bare Backing Bottom Boy ---> 4 Both of the SEX"s and I Will Top 4 You "s Who are VERY Straight ---> But I am Very Much a 100 % Bisexual Bottom --->And Sweet Yes, I Do LOVE For My VERY Hot and True Bisexual "s Who Do Get Off as Much Me With A VERY Thick and Big Strap-On - as I Do Get When I am FUCKING Them With My VERY Rock Hard COCK ---> So If You Are Interested ? ---> Do Say
Wow. As a present for me and wifey, I bought a cyber-skin dong. At 8" length and 1.5" girth, it is a handful out of the box. But the feel of it is what really got me going. It was as if I was holding a larger version of myself!

Anyway, even though wifey is out of town for a couple of days I went straight into the bed room to road test this bad boy. We have been experimenting with anal play recently, mostly fingers and some penetration. But her tiny fingers just didn't cut the mustard.

Let me say I am sold. This was the greatest NEW sexual feeling I have had in a long time. We've used hard plastic and jellies before, but this is the bomb.

Now, if I can just find a "friend" who will give me the real thing . . . .
All Male Orgy
I love pussy more, But right now I would be up for a big or a fat cock in my mouth to suck that big cock of your's and I would love to take every inch of his ( YOUR ) cock in my tight little brown eye, stretching my brown eye all out of shape, feeling my tight little brown eye gripping onto that big cock of your's in my ass pounding me.. I am not just a talker" I am a do'er" I am a bisexual male that is very clean and discreet & I am totally disease free.. I am very much about giving oral and anal sex, I am all about action's.. In my world talking means very little, I was always told put your mouth where your ass is.. All About action's.. Don't say what you want to do to me, unless you really plan on doing it to me.." I am not bitching, Just a person is supposed to be as good as their word.. We as people should always back our words up with actions of our words... I won't lead anyone on, what you see is what you get.." I 💘 & I 💘 " Wanna Hook Up With Me Aleast Be Honest... I live in Adams County, Ohio & I am looking to please & to be pleased.." I am very oral and anal sex oriented.. Talk to those of you who are bisexual seriously minded" I Want To Suck & Be Sucked" I Want To Fuck & To Be Fucked" STRAIGHT TO THE POINT" NO BEATING AROUND THE BUSH..."

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Thanks. I always have good conversations in here! I don't even log on to my other chats anymore, just come straight here.