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First Lesbian Sex Experience What to Know

I am a very active bi-lesbian looking for friends with benefits, emjoy couples who are clean, well groomed, smell and look beautiful. I love being with a woman for her first lesbian experience and all that comes with that. A single woman wanting to be fucked like only a bi lesbian can would be fun
i'm very outgoing, openminded, outspoken, affectionate, funny, happy, adventurous, and straight as an arrow, but i am curious about the lesbian thing. I'm at a point in life where i want to experience things. Not saying that if i like that i'll change my sexual pref., no, I'll still be straight, lol. But i do one day have a first time lesbian experience, that's the reason why i'm on this site.
To make my long story short, I'm very, VERY bi-curious and would love to have a lesbian experience with another beautiful woman. Sorry if this sounds shallow, but because I've never had a lesbian experience, the only way that I would is if the other woman is sexy as hell!! No boyish looking females please! Other than that, I am a very easy-going individual who likes to laugh and just have a good time!
I (the female) is bi-curious and really wanting a lesbian/bisexual experience with the boyfriend present and to join in with a threesome. Will only go for similar aged women and will have to get to know them first.. Who wants to break my lesbian virginity?
I live in long Beach and would love to have a lesbian experience. Any girls in long Beach willing to give me a lesbian experience?
looking for experienced lesbian for cyber sex, into role play fantasies and just looking for someone to connect with for that. Trying to figure out how much I'm really into other women. I've been having fantasies and dreams. 35, never had a lesbian experience.
I am 18 years old. looking for an expierenced bi or lesbian girl in the tacoma/pierce county area to have a lesbian experience with. looking for ages 18-21.
i would be interested im looking 4 my first lesbian experience
looking for either a lesbian experience with just me or someone who wants to have a threesome with my boyfriend and myself
Hi I'm new to all this but I'm bi curious and looking for my first lesbian experience. Anyone live in Greensboro?
Hey me and my boyfriend are looking for a bi woman to have our first gruesome and my first lesbian experience
Hey Sassy and everyone else! :)
I've had this experience myself. I find myself being judged for being Bi a lot to be honest. Even by one of my 'so called' friends. She got verbally abusive with me one night for hooking up with a guy she was interested in. She obviously thinks I should be lesbian and stay on that side so she can have the men lol. I think she feels threatened by me.
I have been in a commited relationship with a lesbian!
I didnt know it was a rare thing...
She did have an issue with me being Bi though... and that bothered me.
When I'm committed, Im committed. I'm a very loyal person.
I guess people get the impression that because you are Bi that you flick back and forth between men and women, out of one mans bed one night, into a womans bed the next. LOL its so NOT the case..
I wish they would just understand that.. and get over it.


Black Bi Women
Hey, 29 yr old black female looking to meet women for first lesbian experience.
Women Kissing
My first bi- experience was kissing a girl who was a lesbian. I wanted to do it because I thought somehow it would be different from kissing a man. It was different - it was sensual and it ws hot. She swore I had a secret just from my kiss. She allowed me to touch her pussy while we kissed. I would have loved to have gone further, but we had to get back to the party. She was my first experience... I thought I would be weird out about it, but no not in the least. I can't wait to slide my tongue into the mouth of another female.
It's true...a woman knows how to please another woman.
Lesbian Orgies
Im looking for a lesbian or lesbian couple to come play with my fiance and I. Please let me know if your interested :)
Lesbian Need To Try Men For 1st Time
I was with a lesbian once. She never really got into it. She was punishing her partner by sleeping with a male. I felt it was an unique moment, but probably wouldnt do it agian, unless the lesbian really got into it. But if you are not attracted to the opposite sex, you aren't probably going to get into it....I was hoping she would, she was fun to be with otherwise,,,,
69 With Another Woman While Getting Fucked
Why is it hard finding a bi-woman or lesbian couple looking to fuck a single endowed guy? How would I get a lesbian couple to work me out in Maryland? lol.
Lesbian Need To Try Men For 1st Time
This is something I have often wondered and fantasized about.Is there a lesbian couple out there who have considered bring a man in to their love making? These ladies would have no previous experience with males.For the male's part,he would submit in every way to the ladies wishes.Sounds extremely exciting.

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Thank you for the welcome. So far, this looks like a great site. I do so want to experience my long time dream of a same sex experience. I just may have the chance here.