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Hi. I've rejoined the site after a long absence and will update photos soon. I am a grounded professional, enjoy my work and take it seriously. That's when I'm working. When I am not working there are still a few things I take seriously, but mostly face life with an open heart and mind, and a decidedly quirky sense of humor. I'm outgoing, have a wide range of interests and like to learn new things, and most people find me easy to talk to. I am divorced without any lingering issues, not involved with anyone...completely free and single. Also completely drama-free and STD-free and aim to keep it that way. I love oral sex... I think for the details you must click "view full profile".
Just a normal male that's been married for long time. Interested in see the world from different. View
I wear very short daisy duke shorts everyday I drive my truck. I like to walk around at rest areas and senic view areas also. 3/4 of my ass shows plus my balls and cock hang out. I like to suck dick, swollow cum and have my ass fucked hard.
Iam a pre op transgender female seeking a ltr with a man who is diase free and drug free as well he has to Love me and respect me as a female i want to be a wife to a wonderful man who love me and treat me right iam diase free and drug free as well interested in me and to know more then you have to write me
We have been thinking about trying a threesome with another woman for a while, just want fun, with no strings attached, looking for someone disease free and drug free
Fun natured nice person clean and disease free drug free
We are a fun, drama free, drug and disease free cpl. We are new to the swinging scene. Like to have fun and have great sex. Due to work schedule we are not available every weekend.
Care free, discreet, disease free, freaky couple that wants to enjoy and be themselves, also its a fantasy of ours , a threesome or more , however lets be friends ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ˜Ž What's your fantasy?
new to this but willing to try pleasing a man's cock ,will suck a clean cut one as directed from one who is clean disease free drug free and discreet, that is a must not driving anymore due to vision loss, can host
Hello my name is Kay, My husband's is Chris..aka..Daddy that's his name for me.. disease free..drug free.. we have been together 19 years..and still in love with each other...he is my best friend๐Ÿ’ž We have a fabulous sex life.. We would love to find a single woman that we could get to know.and maybe have some fun...
This would be our first threesome! We have been married for 6 years and are looking for a single female looking to have fun! Im kinda a shy person but know i could lossen up! My husband is 6 '4 and athletic im 5'3 and big and beautiful! Looking for a thick woman willing to please me while my husband watches and possibly joins in! We are both std free and drama free! Also looking for a more of a one time thing but you never know if we hit it off maybe more than once!
Vgl, clean-cut, sane, d/d free, drama free, intelligent black male with good hygiene. 5-8, 160, athletic/toned body, 31 waist, firm tight body, shaved bald head, trimmed mustache goatee. Looking for a play pal.
were looking to meet men and woman to explore more. .I'm 5.4"a curvy tipe,my breast size is 36DD I'm also looking for some fun and excitement with the right people I am HIV-and Disease free UB2. and he's Bi looking for fun in meeting men and woman also and is Disease free also ..
He is 6'5, I am 5'4. We are looking for a female to join us in the bedroom, must be clean with hygiene, std free, drug free but marijuana is the exception we do smoke weed and cigarettes so would like someone that does the same or has no problem with it. We love tattoos, he is sleeved out and chest done with many more on him, I have a few myself and plan many more as does he. He is open and a people person, I tend to be quiet at first but once I am comfortable I am open.
I don't like crowds. I love the outdoors. I love to fish, ride my motorcycle. Some guys love to hunt, I cann't stand the thought of me killing any thing.I love to view wild life as ofton as I can. I love to ride the "back roads" and see the country side. I am not a flashy person, not a smooth talker. I am average height, average built. I think I am average looking.I am just a simple person doing the best he can with what he has been dealt. I have a college degree. I love to watch exciting movies.My music tastes are alot of the older rock-n-roll, older hard core country, some of the new country.
I'm seeking Best Friend All ages plus; matured, retiree. Why?--They are free during daytime. I work doubles all nite---7 days a week full time. No nites please. Only those "Free" daytime. Your hands for handjobs or massage my glutes. I need longer handjobs, and repeated over again.
We are well educated, well spoke that is gentle and giving. We are also drug free, disease free and drink socially. We ear not looking to break anybody up just make friends enjoy fine wine and dining out while building a solid friendship or one time event. We enjoy the pleasure of being in groups while also being able to focus on 1 person if necessary. It's fun when everybody gets involved! Play safe or don't play.
26/BiF & 30/M from NYC/NJ seeking an attractive bi female to become friends and maybe more. Femmes only, no couples please. Disease free. Must have pics... We can vibe each other out via online chat rooms and see where it goes from there. We're in no rush.

Feel free to view our profile for more info. LQQKING forward to hearing from you.

Take care.

We posted our profile on 4/4 and were unable to view others by 4/13! Is that a month free trial?
hello, i am a sexy bi femme in the downtown nashville area. I am looking for femmes to be friends with and sexual partners, if you would like to know more please feel free to contact me and view my profile.
first I must say hello to both of you. and secondly I would like to add that I to was a little bothered to find I had lost the ability to view photos, even my own, but soon realized that I was already capable of doing more than most sites alowed for free. I couldnt wait to become a paid member. I did what I recommend most do...
pay the 9.99 for a one month full trial. if you are not happy with the results the you are out the price of two good latte's. if you, as I found, are extremely in love with the site then you sign up in full. so I guess it really makes perfect sense to me. show me a sample of whats available to me, then remove a little of what I had (for free) and finally give it all to me for a small price.
again this is just one persons opinion.
thank you guys
After reading the posts above, I just felt that I had to reply. I couldn't believe how ungrateful techiegolfer was! I mean I am free trial member just like you who was lucky enough to find this site in the first place. I signed up and read on the front page when I logged in that I would only be "granted access to pictures" for a few days. Ok so its a bummer that I can't see pictures during my whole trial period. But I am dealing with that, I mean hellllllllo? The rest of the site is free and I never never have to pay a cent. Techie I don't understand how you can be bitching about not being able to see pictures the whole time. I mean did it ever occur to you how much you ARE GETTING, and don't forget this is FREE. Oh yes fribble since you mentioned it I am mentioning it too. Patty and Bill do not know I am writing this nor are paying me to say this. I am just one of those people that believes that you should say what you are thinking, and if you don't then you are not honest with yourself or others around you. I just think this is an awesome site and the fact that some of you can be nit picking about it is so ungrateful. I have been to so many other sites like friendfinders and a whole shit load of others where they don't even let you send e-mails EVER unless you upgrade some usually rediculous amount. Or then there are other places like alt where you are only allowed to view a certain number of profiles and still can't write to them. I am sure if I sit here long enough I can think of a few more where they let you post a free ad and everything stops there. I have been a member of these places so when I came here I was totally thankful that I could write as many e-mails as I wanted and view as many profiles as I wanted. As for pictures, ok well of course I want to see who I am writing to and I agree it might make a difference if I write to them or not. Though if I want to see a picture of someone that bad, I can just write to them and ask them for it. From the looks of things it looks like they worked hard on this site, I really don't know any others that are out there that are like this especially targeted at bisexuals. As for people that upgraded, I am smart enough to realize that someone has to be supporting the finacial need of this site to even offer it as much as they do to free members. Last I noticed there were no pop up advertisments either which is one of my pet peeves about "free sites". Though I usually just shut my mouth in that case because I know that its got to be paid for somehow. So unless Patty and Bill are forking up all the money themselves it must be supported from those of you who pay, so THANK YOU for that. Just some reference what some other people said, Fribble you are a smart person to say the least. Rachael, its good advice.... 9 dollars is nothing compared to some other sites that I have paid for and have been disappointed with. I was going to upgrade for a month here but I decided to wait and just go for the year or if I can afford it the unlimited. When I see something I like I go after it. I just joined this site but I see it has potential.. at least I hope so. As for you techie, if you don't like this site go to gay11 where you can view pictures but can't write to anyone. I THOUGHT thats why we are all here to MEET people! Patty and Bill I hope I didn't say anything in this letter to piss you off or by giving competitors names. Though I guess everyone is welcome to try our sites out like I did, and for those of you who are for REAL and know a good place when they find one, they will come back or stay here for good. As for those who leave just because they can't get everything for free or get pissy cause their pictures are gone, well I think you don't want those kind of people here in the first place. Thats just my opinion.
I think the view contact is only for people who buy lifetime membership. I know I pay and I cant view contact info but I only pay for a few months at a time. I know silly huh. By the time i pay for another few months I could have gotten lifetime. Im not positive but I believe I did read that somewhere. We can view alot more than people who dont pay by being paid members.
Actually at the bottom of page one of the profiles, there is an area marked "Click Here To View Details And Contact Info." It is there you can view the rest of the profile.
i would suggest watching either a bi or all male porn film. there are plenty for free to view online, and watch as men and ladies suck cock. Look at the different techniques. Porn films helped me out a lot when i was younger and learning different sexual techniques. Go for it. If it moves, kiss it.
this is the issue im talking about bekden,why should they be able to view
you, or couples that have blocked other couples,shouldnt be able to
view other couples pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for your comments
People y'all reading this wrong, it about general blocking not about blocking an individual, some block age and some block single males and then go and view that age group and single males. They should not be able to view that age group or single males and if there aloud to than that person should be aloud to view them.
fribble, I can understand why some folks would prefer not to have their picture on the Internet. Wanting to maintain some anonymity is certainly a valid concern. I certainly respect their right not to post a photo, regardless of their reason. On the other hand, I also don't think they have much of a complaint if they can't view pictures, particularly if their only goal is to view other people's pictures. I have always had a hard time with folks who act like there should be one set of rules for them, but another set for everyone else.
I feel if they can block you, they should not be able to view you, If they don't want single males to view or communicate with them, than they should not be able to view, communicate or comment on photo's.
I have had a couple of photo comments from people that block single males with no way to respond to them or there comments, I feel if they can comment on my photos then the block should not be in effect for that person.
I have had a few members that have blocked 'my type', but they still like to swing by to view my profile. It seems as if their should be a rule added to the website coding to allow for a blocked member to view the members that have viewed their profile.

Does this happen to others out there? What are your thoughts?
on the menu bar at top of the site page is a tab "View" - among the items you may view is "who viewed you".
As a veteran myself I never forget just what our guys and gals of the military are doing for us. I have an employee in Iraq right now, been there for little over a year. I got an upclose and personal view how other countries live years ago and I may not agree with evey president or his decision, I honor and respect him for defending our freedoms and pray he brings our soldiers home as soon as possible.
And dont forget there are soldiers right here in the states that even though they arent in harms way at this time, they are working just damn hard to keep us free.
I would like to see a View First Unread button at the top of each topic page. Still being kind of new to the BP site, and looking at many topics, I sometimes forget what the last post in a topic I have read. With a view first unread button, one would merely have to click that and be directed to the new posts in that topic.

Thanks for considering,
I'm looking to meet new people who live near (or on) the South Shore, make friends, and play. I don't have much bi experience so I'm looking to take things slow and see what I like. I'm interested in girls, guys, and couples. I'm discreet, professional, drug-free, disease-free, and drama-free. Looking for the same.


When I owned a 22 footer we always sailed....started out each trip with women taking off their tops ( only two at a time), but would get them naked after a short time. Ferries to St. John and Tortola got a great view.....
A Cups
Petite ladies with A cups are my ideal. I love to see them in public sans bra (because they don't need them). I used to work with a little cutie who would come in my office and lean over my desk while we reviewed worksheets and I could get an excellent view down her top and see those perky tits and beautiful nipples. Come to think of it, that was likely the only benefit of working for that company!
A Cups
Petite ladies with A cups are my ideal. I love to see them in public sans bra (because they don't need them). I used to work with a little cutie who would come in my office and lean over my desk while we reviewed worksheets and I could get an excellent view down her top and see those perky tits and beautiful nipples. Come to think of it, that was likely the only benefit of working for that company!
Black Women For White Men
This is 1 subject that totally interests me!! I view all women as women, there is no color barrier for me what so ever. There is a lovely lady at work that is so hot that she can get me hard just by flirting. I really can't explain it fully besides the fact she is highly attractive to me. I don't get excited much but she really can get me going. So yes I'm very open to "black ladies for white guys"
Free thought is the only way for me
Bisexual Black Men
Anyone near or in New Jersey that wants to play please feel free to reach out to me
Interracial Cocksucking
If you're in or near New Jersey and want to play please feel free to reach out to me
Anyone near or in New Jersey and want to play please feel free to reach out to me
Bisexual Black Men With Big Dicks
Anyone in or near New Jersey that wants to play please feel free to reach out to me
Does anyone know of a free porn site that shows scat vids?
Eating Cum From Pussy
I love doing this if you're in or near New Jersey and want to play please feel free to contact me
Fill My Ass With Cum
Anybody in or near New Jersey that want to play please feel free to reach out to me I'm a giver and a receiver
Creampie Eating Couples
Feel free to contact me if you are also like making and/or eating creampies. Would love to chat with ya!

nudism is awesome and wholesome. I always feel free after a day at a nude beach, resort or camping.

Looking for compatible matches.

Sissy Slut
I'm a slut if you want a slut in mid missouri! Need to be clean, dd free. I am!! I will fuck, suck ainight long
Women Watching Men Suck Dick
My wife would like to see me suck mans cock. If you would like to have your cuck suck in mid Missouri and are clear, dd free email me!! I am!!
Anyone in New Jersey or near New Jersey that love fucking bareback please feel free to reach out to me to play. Hopefully we can have a regular thing going.

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Greetings Bill & Pattie, I want to take a minute to thank you for you message. I have popped into chat and got a nice reception there by those chatting. Although it was a lengthy process to get in, at least you can find out whatever you want to know about someone when you pull up their profile. A very nice format indeed, I like how you can choose under what criteria you can view profiles of others. I will be sure to let friends know about the site as I was told by one of your members (groundup58). I look forward to chatting with the two of you and perhaps meeting sometime... Until then, I hope you have a great day... Mstrish & (raevyn)