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I Want to Talk Hot Gay

Hi everyone. I’m a single guy and yes I consider myself bi. I’ve had girlfriends and I’ve had some experiences with guys. I’m just not sure where to find someone like myself so I wanted to give this site a try. I’d like to have like minded people to talk to. I want to be sure I make it clear I’m not here for some kind of hookup. I can only imagine most single guys are viewed with some skepticism about their intentions. I’d like to make some friends to talk with here.
Shy but will talk
I just want to talk to some new people and see where it goes from there.
open to talk about anything
I just want some dirty talk
Wants dirty talk and sexing
Looking to talk to girls and trannies.
Ask i talk bark i bite
Talk darn and handsome.
i am easy going and i get along with just about anyone so lets talk
I'm looking to talk and meet people.
Talk average built but more than meets the eye
Easy going person looking to make friends and talk with others like me.
Older but sexy bicurious female who wants to talk and maybe do something about it.
Young nice talk smart good looking guy
Young master looking for someone to chat and talk to maybe get to know and get intimate with.
You just get ahold of me change numbers will text or talk to each other I'm willing to go anywhere just come get me
As far as being nervous, talk talk talk! Talk to your fiance about feeling nervous, about what boundries you may hold, etc. Talk to any new people you meet and make sure they are on the same page as you.

You are bound to feel nervous and excited, thats part of the fun of doing something new. Just know you can always back out of anything that doesnt feel right. Enjoy exploring!
hi everyone,

as it says im a lonely guy, long just looking for someone whos willing to talk to me, im a music major at cal state monterey bay, so please talk respond back to this if u wanna talk to me, cause i know i sound really stupid and desperate, but hey its always fun to meet new people. so good to meet anyone who wants to talk to me!
Really need some nasty phone sex today. All alone and horny as hell. Would love to talk with another woman or a couple, but will also talk to men.:-P
Hit me up and let's talk.
Gotta agree with the group here. There's so much that should go into bringing another person into your bedroom least of which is making sure she likes the guy beforehand. I figured the making sure she wants to at all subject was covered so I thought id throw another reason in.

the three main things to do to set youself up for positive experiences is : Talk, talk and talk to your SO. Now if you talk about it beforehand and she says she'd luv that and says which guy/guys she waould be interested in doing that with..well, then the exact timing could be the surprise part.
I think we should talk... your fantasy, or rather your wife's is very similar to my own. Maybe we can chat about things and see if we can set something up? Whaddya think? Talk to me buddy... I'm just a little bit north of you but we can talk about meeting locations... hope to hear from you soon...
Seriously Big Red Flags..... that's why we talk and talk and talk... if we find any inconsistencies we stop all communication. Most are very easy to spot.... only asking about the wife or to see female pictures or only wanting to talk with the female. It gets easier and easier everyday to spot them.
Hi guy. I know perceively where your coming from. I'm in the same boat you are. I love my wife dearly. We have a good sex live, but she would never understand this side of me. I would love to talk about it with you if you would like. Thats one thing I don't have right now is someone close around me to talk to. I see we are in the same neighborhood maybe we can get together to talk.
I'm a bi man. And can understand what your going thru. I was there once. I'm fine with being a friend. So lets talk and find out if your ready to try things out or just want to talk about it until you have made up your mind. I am pretty open too Rican. I know your not looking for me, but if you want to talk about things, I am bi and maybe could help you and Mein get started.Hug
We try to talk to people as though we are with them in a normal setting, Ok I've had guys and only guys who want trade cock shots and talk dirty, but so far we've had a good time - try taking the conversation to an ordinary level. The Kalove's aren't here just to go threesome, foursome, moresome with every person we encounter. Certainly as a 'closeted' bi-guy for most of my life, I love the site. We talk dirty to a friend, but also about films, television, our life problems and glories.
So don't loose heart, keep going. Talk to us! Use the CHAT room, fun, inuendo. I've even talked about chimley sweeping!
Wanna talk dirty - use the CYBER room.
TY for all the replies on this subject. All are valued. I'm not really interested in "new" guys unless they are sincere about their desires. Things could happen it was true. I'm not very inexperienced in what I want either. My problem seems to be that most men here within my proximaty only wish to talk. And they talk a good story too. They talk about meeting, but never show up. Maybe its just me. Now what about the gals? Is my profile so shallow that I can't include ladies?
i agree with u 100%. i never wanted to dump him in the first place. i'm not like that. i also did talk to him and told him if he didn't like my idea to come up with a better solution. his response was "i will talk to her". i'm sorry but the word "talk" is so... nonchalant and uncaring. that's like a slap on the wrist. either way. nothing has been done about it yet. he wants me to drop the whole thing.
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Be Happy
D i c k
The one thing that you said that caught my eye is "how can I over come this?" The simple answer is... you can't. This is something that she has to decide on her own. You may be able to help orchestrate a one on one get together with the female friend that would like to be with her, and just get them together so they can talk woman to woman and maybe she'll open up a little to her and express what she wants to try or why she is afraid to try. But there is nothing that you can do other than support her decision whatever her decision is. Talk, talk, talk....communication is the best thing when you are interested in trying something new, and not just you telling her what you want but also listening to her responses, both physically and verbally. If you see her getting uptight back down and say something like we don't have to discuss this now, or, we can continue this when you feel more comfortable. Anyway...I have rambled too long...I hope she either comes around and can do the things that you want, or can express to you why she is opposed. Allot of a woman's actions are determined by her selfconciousness.
me im 5'6 new to this looking to hook-up todayor in acouple of days .so if theres any body that wants to talk email &lets talk
Let’s talk about it. I’m a fem looking for another fem and I want to undress her, touch her and suck her tits. At least. Want to talk about those things
hey,yeah we can definitely talk more. I do not remember talking to you,but don't be offended,i have a horrible memory. Hope to talk to you soon. Take care
looking forward to attending my first bi party. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun & U guys are a pleasure to talk to over the phone & I can't wait to get my invite. Talk to U all soon


Men Fucking Men
I am a bi trucker and openly so and if you see me some where say play to me and we will talk!
Men Sucking Dick While Woman Watch
Looking for a man that I can suck so my wife can watch me do it any man in Missouri would to do it let me know so we talk.
Women Talking Dirty During Sex
nothing like a little dirty talk to liven things up a bit...shocking what can cum out of a pretty girls mouth sometimes, lol.
Anal Bottom
As u's all can see of (Me) i do let my Body do all the taking 4 me, so if u's do like my Body ? do let me know that ok? i will talk back 2 u's all, my name is Dennis, but bye 4 now, bye Sweet's...
Women Watching Men Masturbate
I like watching men and women masturbate. I love being watched while I masturbate. Seeing someone masturbate and talk dirty and nasty is a total turn on.
Bisexual Swing Clubs
Why is everyone interested in being bi and not experienced it yet?Does this cat got your tongue?Seems to me that most aren't real about anything involving sex.Just like to talk and put up scenerious.
I am glad for meeting the folks that are real and enjoy that.Have fun and be real!
Women Talking Dirty During Sex
It is such a turn on when woman talk dirty. To hear a woman tell you to fuck her harder, eat my pussy and suck his dick is a total turn on.
Being Naked
I talk to you nude now.I'm sry about being so Tom!I'm just wishing that eve never ate that apple.There is nothing better in this life than to be nude.Nude beaches,nudists camps,lets all get nude + be happy about that.Makes me want streak.I'll do that
Being Naked
I talk to you nude now.I'm sry about being so Tom!I'm just wishing that eve never ate that apple.There is nothing better in this life than to be nude.Nude beaches,nudists camps,lets all get nude + be happy about that.Makes me want streak.I'll do that
Human Sex Toy
I will Love to be your Toy to play with - 1 on 1 or in a Group of 2 or more that will want to play with me in Philly pa o.k.? to say Hello at Any time you like to, and if any body online will like to talk online with you to can Say Hello as well -- so to you's all -- do say Hello, but 4 now Igot's to go, so bye From me Ohdenizen...Kiss:);):-PFlowerH ug
First Time Cock
My first time sucking a cock I about 10 years old. I was going home from school I met this guy he was about 50. He talk me in to sucking his cock. I did it and every drop of his cum and love it. I still love suck cock.
Wife Watching Me Get Sucked Off
This really did happen. I was cruising through local area members when a certain ad caught my eye. A guy placed an ad for a single Bi man to join himself and his fiance in a 3-way. When I was talking with him he also mentioned that he usually hooks-up with a black friend of his so his old lady watches her old man sucking his best friend's black cock till he explodes in a massive cumflying show. Maybe if we get lucky we can find a BBC to tag team on together. We both agreed. Just a thought. Hmu, let's talk and see what happens. Thank you, Dean
Bisexual Men Giving Oral
I love to suck on all cock. I don't care how or how small. I have like have them in my mouth. Going deep in my throat having it cum your mouth. I was about 10 when I found out that I like sucking. I was coming home from school and met a guy about and we talk for a time he took he's cock out and show it to me ask if I would put it in my mouth for hem. I did and he started to push in deeper and deeper until he had it all in my throat I know that I like it!!! So I seen for long time. So if any one wants get suck in mid Missouri
Sucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas
Got my first rest stop trucker last week!!!!
In central Indiana on my way to Chicago, pulled over to rest, had been a long afternoon. I was stretching my legs walking around the big rigs when he stepped out and asked how i was doing... Big bear of a guy making small talk I asked about the trucks, what it was like out on the road long hours etc, then I asked what the sleeping compartment was like.... he asked me if I'd like to see it. No pretense or hesitation he came on very strong.... soon I was sucking a really nice big cock. We traded oral back and forth for a bit and he started eating my ass after which he said he wanted to fuck me... :) He did. God that was fun.
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
I go to the adult book store in canton oh go into a booth there's no glory holes there but the booth don't have doors so you walk by and peep in on somebody I go to a booth turn gay porn turn the sound up so the guys can your watching gay movies and slowly they will peep in with there cocks hanging out if I like what I see I will invite them in and suck there cocks and if I really like what I see I will talk them into going with me to my place where we can get naked and can suck there balls and nipples and if they like they can fuck me and I'm going there today to meet a man of sixty go to his place and fuck and suck each other :-;);)HugKiss

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