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Looking for Someone to Fuck My Wife in San Angelo Tx

I Dom I 5'10" have a 8 1/2" cock med build my wife is 5'2" med build and she is shy and submission after I get her nude one on one tie and binldfolded She will due anything we want. My wife like her pussy fuck ass fuck and she suck dick good She like being spank she like toys use on her. Me I would to had a another man to help Fuck her and have four some. Love too gang bang my wife with men and Women. Like to have a woman fuck my wife with a stapon while I fuck the Other woman. Make my wife eat pussy while me and another man fill her Pussy and ass with cock at the same time.
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Wife is a BBW with a big strapon. She wants to watch me take a real cock in the mouth and ass. Wife also wants to fuck other men in the ass while I watch and masturbate. Wife wants to see me covered in cum and she wants to eat cum as it drips from my ass. See would also like to watch other strapon couples and watch another woman fuck me with a strapon while i suck her husband off. Wife's number one desire is to fuck me with a strapon in that ass while taking a real dick in the ass.
I never think to myself "boy I'd really like to fuck that guy in the ass or man I'd really like to suck that guys cock. when I think about my wife having sex with other men my perspective completely changes.if my wife are having sex with a group of other men I would happily deepthroat every one of them, tell them they can fuck me in my ass, fuck them in their ass, drink the load from my wifes ass hole, etc...that one thing or detail i put above all is having as many men as I can possibly work into the session. so far unfortunately the number has only gotten as high as 3. I plan to take this number much higher using whatever means necessary.
Professional married couple . Interested in having wife's pussy eaten and let me suck your dick after you fuck my wife then fuck me in the ass .
Looking to just share stories. Mainly wanting to talk to a guy about having a threesome with my wife. Of course I get off thinking about a huge cock trying to fit on my wife. But, I open. Wife is heavy. Has big tits 38dd and her nipples are vwry light pink. Gives the best blowjobs I've ever had and if you eat her out right, she squirts. I curious about helping her suck a cock, licking her pussy juice off a dick and if ypu get me horny enough I may want to eat you cum out of her pussy. Would love to see a black cock I side her. Would even want someone to dominate my wife, tell me how good she feels and fucks and have my wife tell me that she has never been fucked so good and tells me to watch u fuck her. Would also like people to watch me fuck my wife.
Bi male seeking female who likes playing with a man's ass in any way. and let me at least eat her pussy and ass....I love to fuck too but will accept anything in playing; Prefer central Mississippi....I can host since wife is gone. Wife wont fuck so I am looking
I would love to suck your dick and you can be the first to explode in my mouth. I want you to fuck my wife and then fuck me. I play both top and bottom. I am so hard, time to wake up my wife for some play.
A wife for me. I have always has a passion for other men fucking my wife. I wanted it so bad that I tried everything I could to make it happen but the wife just was not up to the sexual pleasure. I divorced her and am looking for a sexual match for life.
I cant understand why any woman would not love her man to bring other guys home to fuck her, Or to encourge her to go out and get laid once in a while by herself just to keep the excitement going. I would love to be able to share my wife with others at bars and dances or just to go out and find nice guys to fuck her. I am Bi and would love to share cock with her as well. I would love to come home and find her in bed with a couple guys. I would join right in. Or to hear how she was shopping and ended up in the back room of the store letting the workers fuck her one after another.
I would love that woman forever.
i would love to please a couple . pic of yuou wife is nice . attitude is most important im looking for a nasty cum eating guy that loves to see his wife frucked with a thick cock . will fuck my mouth while i ram her holes who role plays and coaches . i was a nasty fuck all goes , interested?
We are a bi couple but wife's out o town so I wanna let some dude fuck me while his wife watches I will be the bitch of the night when wife returns home ill introduce her too.
i like to watch my wife fuck a man while i fuck his what a turn on to watch and hear her cumming.i now want to watch her get fucked with a man that is bisexual and will suck me while fucking her.



We are looking for bi or bi curious female to be our live in lover you should like toys sexy outfits and porn plus love sex yiu will not have to worry about rent she'll be taken care of yiu will also need to relocate to San Angelo texas looks race and age not important just be over 18
Fucking Wife While Husband Watches
This happened last weekend I met a sexy cuck couple. The husband met me for drinks at a local bar talked to me about how long/thick my cock was and asked me if I was into breeding his wife while he watched. I told him I'd love to fuck his wife and we went over to there place and all I can say is wow this women could fuck. We fucked in every position and then some damm I cant wait to fuck her more.
Bi-Curious Women For Couples
We are looking fir bi curious or bi females to be our live in lover you should like playing with toys sexy outfits porn plus love sex you will not have to worry about paying rent you will be taken care of you wil have to relocate to San Angelo texas looks race and age not important just be over 18
Pregnant Sex
i remember when wife pregant 6mnths and wanted a big fat black cock to fuck and suck and cum in her pussy and mouth. it was a promise i made to have it happen, and she got it a nice trucker we met on yahoo im and personals and he was 68 yrs old and hung 10x6 she realy enjoyed him and being pregant and years after that m, we became good frineds. i love ot eat and fuck pregant women alos with ok from wife and hubby or bf, me and wife had great times and met nice horny people. wife since passed loking for a ltr for partner for life
Men Fucking Men With Women Participating
My first experience, besides our toy and fantasy talk was when my wife and I was having a threesome with another black guy, his dick was thick and long and I remember watching him fuck her and wondering how it would feel deep inside me. Then when I was on top of my wife fucking her when he mounted me. She was coaxing me to take it, whispering in my ear baby let him fuck your ass. I was EXTREMELY turned on by this experience. I just wish it could have lasted longer. I don't think he was really into it. Looking back it was obvious that I wanted him to fuck me in the ass, I was clearly offering it to him in the positions I assumed while he was behind me.
Fucking Guy While He Fucks Wife
I totally love having a male friend fuck me in the ass while I'm fucking my wife and enjoy how sexually intense it can get. I also enjoy it when my wife allows a male friend to fuck her and he requests that I fuck his ass at the same time...Wink

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