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Mfm Sexual Relationships

I am now a very uninhibited person, but discreet about my friends I meet. Kids grown, divorced, and now it is my turn to indulge in healthy, fun relationships. I like complex relationships. I am turned on by intelligence as well as sexual people.
I'm a 48 year old married mother of 2. My husband is wonderful. He knows I'm bi-sexual & since I turned 40, I have been having female relationships & or sexual female partners. I pretty much keep my relationships hid from certain family members, mainly my parents. My husband approves. He knows it makes me happy & satisfied. I have blue eyes, blond hair, 5'3" & weigh 150 pounds. I'm funny, cute & love riding motorcycles.
I am an intelligent, creative, and very sexual woman. I am polyamorous and pagan. I have a big heart and like to have loving lasting relationships with all my lovers. Right now there is only one. I dye my hair dark purple, have bright blue eyes and a belly ring. I am kinky but also love passionate vanilla relationships.
Hot, buff, hung and VERY sexual, love threesomes with m/f -m/m-f/f couples who have established relationships and are looking for exciting "strange." The nastier the better, into everything so don't hold back. Discrete relationships are a must. Looking for those looking to explore their innermost fantasies and outermost limits.
I'm an outgoing and funny guy who's a little shy at the beginning... Very committed to what I do... I believe in trying anything and afterwards make comments... Getting sexual with another guy shouldn't be an issue since everyone is allowed to manage their lives the way they want and it helps to know about everything... I have strong morals with relationships... Unsafe sex is NOT GOOD... Also group type of things... An open communication is essential so to enjoy the max out of the relationships...
When I first joined this website, I considered myself to be bi-sexual, my relationships were with men and I had a few sexual experiences with women. Since then, I have had a relationship with a woman (it has since ended) which leads me to believe that I am not sure that I want to be with a man again sexually. So, am I bi-sexual or a lesbian? These are the questions I am trying to answer!
We have met many people here and a good number of them have not only made the *lasting friend* list but have become a part of our FAMILY. There is nothing sexual in these relationships nor would it ever go there. We also came for the sex........ but stayed for the friends. You CAN be friends without the sex here. And shouldn't be condemned for that. We all have our wants/likes/dislikes and those should be respected. Some are only here for the sex and thats great if thats what they want. But those that are here for just the friends should also be respected. I know in our case, our lives are fuller because of the NON sexual relationships we have found here. Hugs & Kiss
Many people are 100% gay or lesbian, and are drawn sexually and emotionally only to partners of the same sex. Others are completely heterosexual, bonding in sexual and intimate relationships only with people of another sex. But what about everybody else? A significant percentage of people do not fit neatly into either of these categories, because they experience sexual and emotional attractions and feelings for people of different genders at some point during their lives. For lack of a better term, they are called bisexuals, although many people prefer to call themselves "pansexual," "non-preferential," "sexually fluid," "ambisexual," or "omni-sexual."
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Bisexuality is the potential to feel sexually attracted to and to engage in sensual or sexual relationships with people of either sex. A bisexual person may not be equally attracted to both sexes, and a degree of attraction may vary over time. Self-perception is the key to a bisexual identity. Many people engage in a sexual activity with people of both sexes, yet do not identify as being bisexual. Likewise, other people engage in sexual relations only with people of one sex, or do not engage in sexual activity at all, yet consider themselves bisexual. There is no behavioral “test” to determine whether or not one is bisexual.
I am married to a wonderful bisexual woman for the past 25 years. I also am bisexual and amazingly we never new this about each other but in retrospect I should have picked up on it. At any rate we are in tune with this now but I am curious about the differences between relationships in men and women outside the marriage. To me a sexual fling, or fuck buddy etc. is purely for the pleasure of physical sex. I consider romantic or loving type friendships to be another dimension entirely. My wife has multiple platonic relationship of a deep and lioving nature that I would classify as affairs due to the intensity but because they are platonic I am not certain how to categorize them. I find them painful to address as I am the type of person that maintains that emotional committment must be total. Of course she disagrees with me and consider that a person can love many different prople but at different levels. This is hard for me and perhaps it is a fundamental difference between men and women and how we view relationships. Or perhaps I am too stringent in my interpretation. She suggests I develop "friends" as she has done (I tend to be a loner and she has been my soulmate and only true friend) so this will be difficult for me. I am setting up for sexual gratification with other bisexual men and possibly women although she feels threatened by that unless she is involved. She does not want sex as frequently as I as she appears to have entered the age where vaginal dryness is causing her a great deal of pain and I take up to an hour to reach orgasm. So we are dealing with that using oral and or manual methods but it is a separate issue. Any insights on how people consider and/or separate sexual relationships from romantic relationships is appreciated.
I am solely attracted to women, but fantasies of sex with men and couples. I think about oral and even anal sex with men on a frequent bases. I married and enjoy sex with my wife. She doesn't know about my membership to BP, but I have been a member here much longer than we have been married. I am straight in relationships, but bisexual in my sexual desires. Some people have a strong sexual side and are uninhabited in sexual desires. Doesn't make them gay to want sex
I agree with both Nessa and Vince. This is an interesting subject to me. Since I am a confirmed single man and engage in sexual activity not really seeking a 'relationship.' some people say that I am a player. At a young age I rejected the 'normal' serial monogamy scenario and pursued sexual satisfaction in various ways including group sex and homosexual activities as well. I 'came of age' in the mid 60s during the era of hippies and 'free love' so many people were experimenting with various sexual lifestyles and I became involved in a lot of those activities. In the course of this I had many relationships of various kinds.. sexual and otherwise, some still on-going, some not, but I have never sought exclusivity nor have I ever promised it. To many, this defines a "player." But not all of us are 'wired' the same way and some of us, myself included are capable of deep feelings without the necessity of (in the words of serial monagamy) "forsaking all others" But I have never deceived anyone or represented myself falsely just to 'get laid.' I have been rejected many. many times with little if any effect on my psyche and being completely forthcoming and honest in my relationships has prevented much of the drama and trauma that many people experience. To be frank, I feel that while sex for sex itself is fine. but it isn't worth the time and mental anguish that so many get trapped in. Although I have read some about polyamory, I don't profess to know all about the subject, but I feel that it is very similar to the way I have always been. So i will continue to go blithely on my life's path the way I have always done, and if that makes me a player, oh well...let the games begin Wink I have no problem with engaging in "recreational sex" but I also have no problem in having close relationships without any sexual involvement. So feel free to gimme a holler and we'll see where it leads... be it a roll in the hay or a nice game of Dominoes :-D Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it LaughingFlower
We believe that just as in marriage age only plays a part in sexual relationships if people do not share the same interests.


Women Who Like Bi Men
Some how for a great many, the meaning of "Bi"-sexual gets lost in translation. "For me", as a "Bi"-sexual man, I find myself attracted to the idea of having sex with particular women AND particular men. Men that are ONLY attracted to other men (and this is NOT meant derogatorily) are "Gay" and "prefer" sex with other men "ONLY".
I guess it is not perceived the same by ALL women that there is this significant distinction between the two. It seems to permeate from the frequent use of the term "bisexual" used in the female self identity when you read their profile and they are ONLY seeking a FEMALE partner. This is a "Lesbian"? Correct? That is not to say that a women using this identity would not engage in sex with a man but that she "prefers" or is seeking ONLY a female partner.
One troubling thing to me is the frequent "stigmatism" given to "Bi"sexual men, is that we are somehow less "masculine, less assertive towards women or unable to perform sexually in a masculine role with women. Not so, at least not in my perspective. I love eating pussy, fucking pussy, fucking titties, getting head and hand jobs, shoving my raging hard cock deep in her ass or spraying my cum all over anywhere she wanted or pumping it inside whatever orifice she desires as well. The same is true where a "particular" guy I find attractive! And even desire that another "particular" guy, use me like a fuck toy shoving his raging hard cock up my ass or blasting his hot load of cum down my throat or deep inside my ass.
Is this making sense or am I just not getting the "unwritten understanding", that though women that are "Bi"-sexual can be either Lesbian (seeking women only) or bisexual (sexing either or both genders) but, where men are concerned "Bi"-sexual means "gay" or seeking men only because if you're a "Bi"-sexual man, you for some reason do not "function" as a man with a women any more but "must" prefer sex with other men?
Just had to throw this out there because as a "Bi" guy, I love the fun of enjoying the maximum facility to as many partners as I'm attracted to whether they are men or women and most fun of all when "BOTH" are available simultaneously. I have been in relationships with women that comprehend this and it's "a beautiful thing", and here at a place I've grown to love and enjoy the like mindedness of fellow sexually active and appreciative people, I hoped this might enlighten some to even more joy and fun that is available when the proper comprehension of terminology is recognized. Geez, I sound too "wordy" in all of this, I just hope my point gets across. I feel better though ;) Love everbodies! Hug
Mine2c2 I agree with your statement totally and have to carefully cause there can be some that don't respect others relationships.
Interracial M4M
I'd like to exchange emails and pics w/ people interested in interacial relationships. thanks. KissHugLaughing:)
Sex Toys Used On Men
Hey I'm a bisexual boy. I've been in relationships with a girl that fucked me with toys that we got when she made me her. My love to all the femdom trainers
Adult Games
Plain old Strip Poker with a twist: After each clothing item is lost, you have to bet a, touchy, feelly, kissing, something with the winner of that hand and these bets have to get more sexual as clothing comes off. We played it one step further when naked and losing you had to obey the winner's commands
They kept getting more and more sexual. The goal of the game is to see how sexual everyone can get without cumming and with three couples playing it
is really hot.
I agree fliriting can be a good ice breaker. I Love flirting with woman and men and couples. Love flirting online in chat rooms or IM's. Gets both parties in the mood and to get to know eachother better. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota married bi-sexual female looking for BI=SEXUAL FEMALE/BI CURIOUS FEMALE FOR FRIENDS //WITH SEXUAL BENEFITS... THANKS

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Thank you so much for being so attentive to your members. I never invested for a lifetime membership before. I have a warm fuzzy feeling about your site. You are really doing a tremendous service to people like myself who feel like a lost kitten. I don't like raw sex but I do enjoy multiple relationships within a group. How is that for an explanation. I guess what I am trying to say is I believe in polyamory. I did not know this until after I married for the second time. My husband is straight but I really believe he is curious about other men. I do not have the patience to convert him into his real nature. I have lost a lot of time not addressing my bisexual nature. Thanks for listening. And thanks again for this wonderful playground.