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My Sister and Aunt Dressed Me in Panty Hose

Feminine Sissy panty boy and I love to wear my panty thongs bra and stockings.
60 yr old panty lover. good shape, 5'7, 170, 5.5" cut. would love a panty playmate to share my obsession with.
I am younger looking as a woman, 5 9 135. Auburn hair green eyes. Toned athletic figure. Sexy legs, round soft ass. Love to suck cock, love men to fuck my girl pussy for their pleasure. I all be your hot mommy or aunt. All races, couples too.
Chubby panty boy looking to show off for you on cam
bisexual have a panty wearing fetish very oral
Like panty wearing watching sissy hypno porn getting together play and see what happens. 420 and skate friendly very new to this but excited.
Gl married ddf 6' 195,fit,educated , closet panty wearing lingerie, very masculine acting normal life.
Very oral guy love to eat pussy, clean up a messy pussy, finger and fuck a nice pussy, and can suck a nice cock. Great French kisser and into wearing women's panties and hose !!!
Horny bi guy looking for guy or guys to have NSA fun with, I would also like to be dressed in naughty lingerie by someone.
Open minded, down to earth, regular rock and roll, blue collar type. Clean, disease free, discreet, respectful, honest and fun. Hedonistic, Taoist, pansexual. My soul sister feels that I'm a lesbian trapped in a gay mans body.
BI Curious male interested in discreet play with male or couples. Very new to play with same sex but have very strong desire to find local discreet playmates for NSA fun. I also enjoy wearing woman's panties and hose. Not into full dress or anal. Very oral
Very horny dressed so sexy and slutty. Please cum after you fuck my bald ass
Going crazy when dressed up. Love being around people that say i am sexy . like sex all the time anyway ,
TV/CD Love toys, being watched, exhibitionism, want to be dressed up outside and played with by one or more horny people xxx
Im 6ft 230pds, handsome, neatly groomed and dressed type of guy, smell good clean guy, im laid back and mostly work, im outspoken but easy going.....
I'm a very sexy man who loves to dress in very girly clothes and lingerie. I do this in the privacy of my home. I am recently divorced after 19 years of marriage and would like to indulge on my bisexual curiosity for the first time with another man or a couple wanting to play. I am very submissive and would love to be dominated while dressed up. I have never had any same sex experience. My ex wife and me role played a lot and she used a strap on cock on me and I really loved it.
I am intelligent, articulate, creative (in many ways), highly moral mature man. I do not believe monogamy and LTRs need go hand in hand - only honesty applies. For me, I could only truly love a woman - sex with men is purely recreational (but what a way to spend a day! Odd... but in the last year or so I have really gotten into crossdressing in a major way. Dabbled there before, but somehow, it just caught on recently. I don't want to be a woman, but I love being a man dressed as a woman. ("Hi there! Thank you for flying Dave Airways. Is there anything I can do to make your flight a little more, say... faggier? No problem!").
I like to wear panty hose but a lot of men get a little to much in a hurry and tear them don't they know what the cost
This Was Something Which My Mother,Aunts,Sister,And Grand Mothers And Several Other Bisexual And Lesbian Friends Had d Doing Inclueding My Sisters Mother-In-Law And The Mother Of My Very,Very Super Lady And All Four Of Our Daughters, Nor Did They Limit Them selive to only Lesbian Licking,Though It Was And Very Truely Thire Very Favorit kind of cunt licking, I Must Addmite That My Mother's,Aunt's My Sisters And My Mother-In-Law's Were The Very Best s That I And/Or My Dad and Uncles Had Ever Tasted Mom And Aunt Molly As well as our Other Aunts And My Sister Had also Had very,very many,many Lesbian Women And Girl,Girl Girlfriends As well very many Bisexual Ones, Who very seemingly could just about never get enough of eating out and licking each and every single part of thire very beautiful cunts, which I Had Very,very Many,Many Times over gotten to watch very up close,It was The most very Beautiful Thing In The Entire World To Watch, Most Especially When They Very Frist Time That They Introduced Vergin Girls and Women To Licking And Got them very totally hooked on it forever, my Sister could never ever gert enough of our moms or Aunt Molly's CUNTS in perticular,nor dose she ever even now get enough of my other very special Ladies cunt,By The Way They Actually Preffer The Word CUNT, Very Much Over The Word ,Just As Our Mom And Aunts Did. And Yes We Did very offten get to eat out and lick thire cunts after several other bisexual and even some gay men and boy nudists had fucked, and it really did taste very super delishous trueth is anybody who hsd,had the chance to taste thire cunts was very automatically hooked on licking cunt forever after. Most Unfortunetly Mom Died At The Age of 78, And our Aunt Molly at 83, Mom in 1994, And Aunt Molly in 1995,Though Both Mom And Aunt Molly Were Both Praticing Bisexual Nudists Both Mom And Aunt Molly Were Very Much More Lesbians Who Had Been Very comfortable with both Bisexuality And Lesbianism, And Though They never really had to go at all out of thire way to do it, They were able to help very,very large,large numbers of most especially Nudist Women And Girls To Realize And very fully and openly Accept not only Bisexuality, BUT, Rather Very complet all out Lesbianism, With just as few as 12 cunt licking sesions, very many of these women and girls in most cases licked thire cunts back
the very frist time, but some need up to 14 cunt lickings of thire own cunts before they were ready to lick cunt,BUT, again once they did, they just could not wait to go and lick up even more cunt and get thires licked by frist timers who they then knew would also be forever hooked on cunt licking.
Nice panty pics. I too absolutly love to waer them along with stockings or hose.
Hello there ! I like panty hose, especially lace & fish net. I am more into G-string thongs, pretty womens panties.
I started with just panties.Just love the way the silk feels up against my hard cock,Then progressed to stockings and panty hose,garters.Working my way up.
I've always been partial towards men in panty hose.. So from this snail.. u get a "I Like".
I love to also wear garter and panty hose and to play with u and swallow all u jucies
I Dressing in Tight Panties and Thigh Hi's. Been dressing in Lingerie for over 20 years.
Garter Belts Girdles, panty hose anything I can wear under my clothes at work...
ooh yes. it sounds like we could have lots of fun. I would love to bring my panty collection (well over 300 pair) to dress in. I am very bi when in my panties. I especially enjoy giving oral to another panty lover.
NIce!!! All u gurs look ravising.

ted w mom's stuff as a kid then sister. Have dressed w wife once and she took me out, very hot. She has to be really in the mood for me to dress for her now.

Dress for encounters and turn into a sub when all dolled up. The higher the heels the better.
I was caught by my cousin when we were 8 ot 9, i was sniffing hers, then i went to the dirty laundry in their basement and her mom caught me siffing my cousins while wearing hers. Fro that time on i was in a amazing sexual relationship with both of them, my aunt taught me how to eat pussy, and made me and my cousin preform acts on each other as well as her. I would take turns switching between my aunts and cousins panties and bras when we had sex. My aunt was my first anal
Hi, I was caught jerking off outside by my soon to ex wifes sister, Her sister watched for a moment, then said she had to something for my wife, I said ok. Well she called my wife at work, & told her. When my wife got home she had her sister with her, She was mad. I was commanded to strip naked, then I was tied up, bent over the table, & paddled, caned, & whipped until my ass was cherry red.
I have been wearing panties and pantyhose for many years. I work from home and each day I get dressed. Let it me in lingerie or completly cross dressed. I also drive my car with the t-tops off while cross dressed and I have more female looking than guys. And yes on occassion enjoy giving a bj.
I enjoy dressing at home. Never been out dressed but would if could pass for a female. I know I can't so I know my limitations. But I wear panties 24/7 and I love it. I have been wearing panties since I was young and my sister used to dress me up as her big doll. I have now been wearing the fulltime for probably 25 years. It does cause problems form time to time when a new friend doesn't like it. That is when you find new friends.
I was real young and my cousin and I would go to a schoolt yard accross from were we live. We would drop our pants and play with each other. One time he had on his sisters panties and that turned me on. He went and got me a pair and there we were in panties and playing. We thought it was a secluded area we look up the step and there was two older kids watching and they asked ifwe would suck their dicks. We both said no, got dressed and up the staire we went. They said they would be back tomorrow same time. It turned me on getting caught and in panties. The next day I took my sister undies, bra and pantyhose and wentback. To the bottom of the stai well I went and cjanged into my sister undies, bra, and pantyhose. The two guys showed up came down and took off their clothes. Being older they were pretty big. They sensed I was nervous and one got in front and one behind me and hug making sure their dick were rubbing me. I went down on my knees and had both cocks in my face and after a minute or two I started to kiss the heads and before long ended up giving my first bj to these two guys. Today much older, still cross dress and still give bj's.
Smart Sister
One evening during a poker game, a man was bragging to his friends about how his sister disguised herself as a man and was able to join the army. "But, wait a minute," said one listener. "Your sister will have to dress with the boys and shower with them, too. Won't she?" "Sure," replied the man. "Well, won't they find out?" asked another poker player. The first man shrugged his shoulders and replied, "Sure. But who is gonna tell?"
Well for me,IT Actually Really Did t Right At Brith,And Became Something That Was Very,very Definitely Going To Be With And A Very Significant Part Of My Life, Right From The Day That I Had Turned 18 Months Old, After all I Was Indeed Born Into An Bisexual Nudist Family, And From The Very Frist Time, That I Had Seen Our Entire Family Totally Nude I Had,Had A Very Strong Desire To Actually Have With Both s And s,
Even Though I Could Not Talk Until I Was Six Months And 48 Days Old,By The Time That
I Was 18 Months Old, I Could Actually Walk And Also Talk In Full sentences And Very Clearly Express What It Was That I Wanted And/Or Did Not Want, And Yes I Really Did Very
Fully Understand Just Exactly What I Was getting My Self Into,When I Had Asked My Dad If
I Could At The Very Least Play With His And His Balls,Hold,Touch,And Feel It, If Not Really Get to Lick,,And Suck On it,He Asked If I Was Very Shure That This Was What I Really Wanted To Do, And I Told Him that Yes, I Really did, and knew and understood just exactly what I Was going to be doing and not only with him alone, but also
with his very special boyfriend, and one of my uncles that day,he was my Mothers Eldest
Brother, And After Having Finished With The Men For A Little bit,I Then Decided That I Also Wanted to Try with Women ting With My Mother And Aunt, In This Case My Dads Younger Sister Who Was Also Having Lesbian With My Aunt Which Had Continued Right Up Until My Mother Had Died At 78 Due to ill health, My Younger Sister Who Is Likewise Two Years Younger Then Me, Also Likewise Was Very Fully And Completely Ready For Her Introduction And Initiation Into Our Bisexual Nudist Family World On The Very Day That She Too, Had Turned 18 Months Old,And Very,Very Much Wanted To Have Lesbian With Our Mother Frist And Then With Our Aunt,As well As Then Having with Our Dad,His Very Special Boyfriend,{ A Gay Man Actually Married To A Very Stunningly Beautiful Lesbian Women},And Our Uncle,Once Again They Had Come To Realize That These Really Were Our Very Own Well Thought out Wants,Wishes,
Most Very Importantly Our Own Ideas,And They NOT!!!,Only Very,Very Wisely Totally And Completely AND Very Openly Also Fully Accepted Our Bisexuality,Which Actually Had Very,Very Many,Many,Many Times Over Gotten Us Out Of Troublesome Situations When
Certain Idiots Were Trying Very Hard To Make Us Think That Our Natural Higher Power Given Nudist Bisexuality Was A Very Bad Thing,Well We Knew very much different and never again paid those people any attention, But Rather just carried on as usual,But we did have some not quit yet nudist friends who we had felt that we had,had to come out to,
we also even then knew and realized that we could very easeally have lost these little friends, If Thire Parents had,had any form or type of problem with it, And With even just the fact that our have always been and continued to be nudists, Well as our very good luck had,had it very,very many,many of Them X-12k Had been Looking for A Way to get back to something very many of thire Families had actually been forced to leave behind because of some one else's very bad stupidity,They only very strange part of it, Was for Them To then come out to our Family And Tell us just how very relived That They Now Felt About Thire Own And Thire Families Bisexuality,Like I Have said our Family Have been Bisexual Nudists For Nine Generations, So Actually Having A seemingly very Young
Child Of 18 Months Old Is Nowhere Near as far fetched as it might seem to so people, Besides If It Is done with actual genuine And Kindness It is Actually the Very Healthest Way that any Child And/Or Group of Childern Can Ever Be Raised.Like I Have Said for both my younger sister and my self this was how our parents had Raised Us, Rather then Draging Us,Up the way that some of our little Textiled/Fully Clothed Friends were, Very many of them were indeed very well aware of our bisexuality all through grade school,high school and even collage and yes university,And some of them even said that it would be much better if they had never been born, because they had found out that thire
parents were going to certain bisexual,lesbian, and gay family nudist clubs and leaving them out of it,in an number of cases some of them had tried very hard to tell thire parents
that they to were lesbian,gay,bisexual, and very totally shure of it, However, The Only Time Anyone Ever saw These Parents shedding any real or what looked to be like real tears were when several of these very wonderful kids had ended thire lives by commiting
suicide rather then feeling that they were the very biggest most disgusting problem thire Parents had because of thire trying to be open and hounest as they could with Parents Who were very much less then hounest with them,So there is yet another reason to be so
very proud of our Parents Who Very Lovingly And Patiently Accepted And Very much helped us to Experience,Explore, And Enjoy And Discover the very true depths of not only
our own and certain other peoples actual sexual orientations, So Yes I And My Sister Are
Very Truly Very Lucky And Over Super Blessed Very,Very Many Times Over To Have Been Born Into A Multie Generational Bisexual Nudist Family


Panty Boys
I've always wanted to have sex with my sister, but I don't think she feels the same way.
Males In Panties
Wearing panties is becoming more the norm for me. I love the way they feel. I feel excited when I wear them. I'm branching out and wearinf garters, hose, camisoles, and dresses.
Cum In Me
Mmmm I luv when my big luver cum in me 3 or 4 times fill my pussy wit all his cum mmm feels soooo good ) then go home nd hv my panty boy husband gets to clean it all up !! Sooo hot
Cum On Tits
Mmmm I luv when my lover cums all over my tits )
Then hv my my panty boy husband lick um clean then suck my lovers big cock hard again for me to fuck!!! Mmmmm soooo hot
Dressing Up
Crossdresser Male To Female
I just love being dressed, whether it be a blouse and skirt, dress or just lounging in lingerie. I feel relaxed and total feminine. Almost to the point that I wonder why I wasn't born female!
Full Day Sex Session
I don't know about fucking 24 hours straight, but, fuck a while, lounge around nude a while, maybe tease a little, fuck a little more... Mainly a situation where the primary purpose was pleasure with the other person or people, and no need whatsoever to get dressed at any point during the proceedings...
I've been hooked on dressing in girly things since I was young. I'd wear my mom's things. I'd snoop when visiting relatives. I just love being in satin panties, bra, stockings, heels and a dress. I should have been a girl. Being dressed for a horny guy is the best. His hands on me talking dirty and telling me what to do to him. Mmmm
Outdoor Sex
I've always wanted to have sex outside, up the canyon. I fantasize about my date taking me up the canyon, making me take off all my cloths, him staying fully dressed, then taking his cock out and making me suck him until he's ready to fuck me good and hard.
Sex With Male Cousins
I'm 6 weeks older than my cousin. We grew up living around the block from each other. We were as close as brothers as you can be without being brothers. And we both started having the same sexual urges that you have when you're growing up. We just acted on those urges as they came to us. We had been taking baths together for years and we did kiss when we would play spin the bottle with his older sister and her girl friends. Once we saw a porn or two we would play dress up and dyke out with each other just frenching and dry humping each other. Being fans of pro wrestling we started doing more by the loser getting jerked off as humiliation. After jerking off in front of each other and jerking each other off we turned it into the winner getting the reward. Combining the dress up dyke out and the wresting rewards we moved onto playing boyfriend/girlfriend as we saw it in the pornos. After that it was pretty much no holds barred. We did everything. He was my first cock sucking, ass rimming, anal fucking and all those other things in return. We would wear each others underwear because we started to wear bikinis, thongs and g strings. I used to go over his house just to blow him. We did all of it from the time we were eight to the time we were twenty. I miss those times and I am thankful that we had those times. I wish we still got together.

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Well thank for your site.  I have tried other sites and they are useless pretty much as there are way too many people looking for instant whatever.  I would never feel comfortable talking to people with a photo of my self dressed as a woman right next to my name.