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Naughty Bisex

Was an adventurous bisex guy when I was younger, now, after many years the interest is up again, looking to meet man or couple for fun times.
Hello live, Very friendly, fun and loving individual. Easy going personality that has a very naughty side! Very attracted to feminity and the beautiful grace of a woman. Her touch, her smell, her beauty and inner bad girl! I love to explore, very open minded, frisky and the furthest thing from vanilla! Love to bring my naughty girl side to a creative couple.
I am of a predominantly submissive nature and am seeking a woman or women or couple to use me for their pleasure. I am partial to activities such as femdom, exhibitionism, body worship, humiliation, feminization, degradation, bisex, among many other "fetishes".
Always naughty.
Very naughty and dirty
Fun, a little naughty, adventurous
Stay at home naughty mommy
Tall attractive very sexual looking for a naughty mom
Naughty little girl with a thing for dirty mums
I'm daddy and mummy little girl love to play and have fun like to be punished when I'm naughty come say hi xx
Curious, sweet, and a little naughty. I like to play and celebrate the joys of pleasure.
Curious sissyboy who likes wearing ladies bra and panties and wants to act out my naughty fantasies
kind, honest, capable, at times extreme, naughty, playful, intelligent, fit.
Im really here to scope out furries or groups of furries. But im white 200lb 6,1'' willing to trade naughty pics.
I'm really horny and kind of want to have a shemale come play with me. Snapchat your naughty pics. My snapchat is theteetster.
BBW with "such a pretty face" down to earth, strong morals, old school but soooo naughty!
Hello! This is the female writing and I'm hoping to find someone who will match us. I really enjoy being submissive in the bedroom and I'm hoping there's a girl out there that will help this kinky desire. I am VERY turned onto girls being with my husband. They are beautiful and seeing them with my husband makes them even more hot! I love naughty! I want to see my husband be naughty with other females so much. Here's the thing, I enjoy being submissive to him. There is no greater joy then having him be with other girls while I'm submissive to him. I want to do it all... I want him to be with a girl sexually without me and then tell me all the details later. I want to listen to you two be sexual or watch as I drip wetness! Show me how good it is.... tie me up to the bed or a chair, fuck each other in front of me. Make me watch him enjoy you and you enjoying him. Tease me, with how you can satisfy each other. Are you better then me? Show me! I want to see his hands all over your sexy body and you all over his. I want him to tell me how much he enjoys you and wants to be with you again. I would even enjoy him picturing you, when he's having sex with me. (That will mean you did good right and are super sexy). I want you to be naked in front of me while my husband enjoys your body and is hard for you, longing to me inside you. You both can tease me and tell me how turned on you are. I enjoy the dirty talk. I will be naked if you want and you'll see my nipples hard, and my wetness dripping. I'll do my best to be a good submissive while you two have your fun together.
Im Stevie, an i truly enjoy bein sissy, luv playin naughty in panties an slippery baby oil.luv dressing fem an playing on cam
Lookin for a naughty hung perv who's really into naughty lil fem submissive sissies. So if your lookin to have a naughty time i could always use another good friend- playmate luv to model new sissy lingerie on cam or pics and share with others
Bob naughty naughty naughty...a man after my own heart...LOL You go boiiiii never change...

Hugs and Kisses..and Love it Love it Love've got the right 'tude fer sure dude!


PS I am ready for that second cum I mean cup! heheehe
roflmao!! Wow! Naughty, naughty Humpty Dumpty. I think it's time too make an omelet! lol ;)
anyone looking for some bisex fun with a 18/m message me.
i jus wished i could find a naughty boyfriend or playmate in my area... :(
hope the pics not too much ?? luv to cam an pic trade an bein a naughty lil slippery gay sissy

Kasey I like the way you think! LOL Actually I did not think of it that way but that is exactly the way I take my coffee! Hummm there was a sexual link after all my my my...LOL For some reason it is very hard to keep me away from those naughty thoughts and finding something naughty in almost anyone who has ever had just about any kind of contact with me can attest to...I am just a nughty girl!
want to try bisex with a crodresser 3some local
Here's a series of piXXXs of a Bisex Threesome.

I know none of these people personally but really wish I did!

Looking for a BiSex couple in the Jacksonville, Fl., area willing to take me aside and teach me how to play. Am in need of some experience.
i wanna have bisex on the computer hit me back im in a horny mood!!!!!!!!Kiss
Alone and love to please. Role play, fantasies and any scenario your naughty little mind can dream up! Don't discriminate with age , race or status as I love all people.. Just be clean and know that I only play safe! NOW!! Let's get together and get naughty!
Thank you Ali darlin! I am so glad you liked it and the effect was intentional..hehehe Jump on that man girl! hehehe

My brain is full of all sorts of naughty stuff so ya never know what I might come up with next...

BTW have you been a naughty girl? hehehe Wink

Hugs and Kisses,


PS very nice tushie...rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Happy Birfday Willy I miss seeing your shining face around these parts the song was naughty girls need love too ... b ut what the heck so do naughty boys and you are among em you always have much Love and booty here when ya get back ... enjoy ever minute of yer birthday Here's to a day full of protien drinks and whatever else you might desire ....... now alll I wanna know is how do i get in on the deal hehehe

Hug Kiss :-P:-P:-P and OogieWaving at the poerv dog too
wanting bisex fem who is lonely and wanting to spice up her life and may want consider long-term relationship with me.
if u r interested please im us . xoxo
I think the thing here is that you were not only honest with your wife but yourself.. This is the best part. Basically, what u have left over is; A relationship is a two way street as we know. She is right in her feelings but that still does not dismiss the facts concerning the lifestyle you are intrested in. Your bisexual feelings probably did come from your past ultimately, Not sure from a past ordeal.. However, science studies suggest that this lifstyle maybe an inherent trait of some individuals. Nevertheless, You are gonna have to make some decisions in your happiness and your sexual Pleasures and preferances especially if she does not want to participate. There is nothing wrong with you for expressing the lifestyle that u know and like. If you know in your heart that u are bisex and that is want you want then follow your Heart.... Otherwise u will be living a lie and hiding your whats in your heart. OR you can live free in the truth and be happy knowing u followed your heart...By the way you have one other option and that is; Don't do either. The biggest reason i replyed to your ad is because i was there. Just not quite married, I had a live in girlfriend for 5 years. Might as well been marreid. She saw some stuff on the computer and at first i denied it vehelmetly i said no way that is not me I'm not bisex or whatever i said. Then it dawned on me, i just lied!!... Well i decided that i can never be happy in my life if i don't face the truth, so i took an approoach similar to yours just tell her !!! Wrong thing to do!!! She reacted the same way as your wife did; Nothing to do with it; go get some counseling and somethings wrong with you. What i told her next was i also had a similar experience when i was alot younger thinking this would help matters. Well it was some what relieving in my defense and things settled down. But that was not the end of it Oh No, it got to the family, Now i had been living a straight life up till now, not Bisex, so now at this point i was like wow now i have to face the truth so i did and now, everyone does not accept me in this lifestyle but atleast i faced the truth and i live happy in my lifestlye. I am a bisexual and that is what makes me happy and satisfied. Now the question is do i still have my Girlfriend.... yes i do. I cannot tell you what to do in your situation, Everyone is different only you know what is best for you....but i can offer this, Everyone will not accept you in this lifestyle Period .... Thats the cold hard facts... But there those who will... you will have to decide what is best for you otherwise heads will keep bumping and one day it will come to you again and Then again... She will be watching and now there is an issue with trust... Make some decsions and be happy....This is just an opinion...Hug toall
The first post tells the main thing we are looking for. Check out our profile for more! We are very interested in meeting others for fun times! Bisex is the main thing we are looking for!!

We had a thresome once and we loved it. My husband experienced bisex before, it gets me so horny to watch him fuck a guy. He hasn't been a bottom but he's open minded. Me in the other hand, I never been with a woman. I love the way my pussy tastes, and I want to have my pussy eaten over and over. I will need some coaching but I want to experience it.


Bisexual Orgy
Would love to take part in a bisex orgy. Having a few cocks to suck and pussies to eat. Oh, and all the cum to swallow. I`m in S. Fl. if anyone wants to organize one.

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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!