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Nude Clubs Jacksonville Fl

i play with guys occasionally at male clubs in las vegas and women at swingers clubs want to experience it with both on a regular basis i am outspoken i speak my mind on all subjects i am a handyman(jack of all trades) i have no problem with the bisexual lifestyle you get to experience the best of both worlds i am also a nudist new member of the las vegas bares i like being nude hardly wear clothes in my house go to nude beaches and resorts like transexxuals also
I am a trangender man that loves sex or just being nude around other nude people. I am very friendly. Love to swim nude and attend nude parties. I love to work in the nude when posiable. I also enjoy nude beaches and nudest places. I am always nude inside of my house.
We are a very open-minded interracial, couple Asian BI-female and Black male. We like Strip clubs, X-rated movies, foreplay, soft sex same room sex, watching being watched taking pictures, toys, girl play, working out and nude beaches, nude outings and anything that deals with being naked. Open to just about anything. Interested? Hope to hear from you soon. Until then take care
i like to see women nude & also like to show myself nudeif i got the opportunity i would spent as much time nude outdoors on a beach nude with lots of nude women hugging me!
Iam eazy going open minded bi male 56 and I love being nude as much as I can and Iam bit of a exhibitionst I love to run around the house nude in front of open doors and blinds and being out on the lanai nude I love being in nature nude much more I just love laying out nude at the beach with a hard on and just love it when some offers to oil me up too
I'm a bi-guy married,shes too shy,I want to meet people like me in Jacksonville Fl. and the north Fl. area.I love to nude sun bath and get sexy with men and women who share me life style!I have many gay friends and would like to meet bi-couples in and around north Florida.I'm a happy pearson,layed back and most thing don't bother me,very open minded about sexual things.
Professional, Clean, Laid-back, Drama Free, Athletic, BI-oral guy here in DFW area Texas... Normal interests include exercise, sports, movies, motorcycle, and travel... Sexual interests include Swingers clubs, Gentlemens clubs, Nude beaches/resorts, and 69... Don't do drugs, and disease free (tested) seeking same!
I love going to the nude beach and to the local clubs like beginnings. I am looking forward to meeting new friends right here.
biker couple into partying going too swing clubs nude beaches meeting others 4 real time
We are an open couple, really not into full swapping, would really like to find a female to join us but understand it is a very difficult situation to find. We have no problem with another couple as long as the male is completely straight. Depending on the situation and the couple soft swap is not out of the question. We enjoy going to couples clubs, gentlemen's clubs and really enjoy the nude beach. We drink socially and neither one of us smokes.
Fun loving, open minded couple. We enjoy nude vacations, nude camping and swingers clubs. We are both short and in OK shape for our age. Sorry to be blunt but we are not not into big, beautiful men or women. Husband really wants wife to experience and enjoy a MFM threesome. Wife thinks it would be cool for husband to have some fun too and participate in a bi experience, and he is willing to be an active participant and see what he likes and doesn't like after a trail period. Wife does not want to go down on a gal herself but will passively accept oral sex from a female if the mood is right,
Hi, I'm very openminded, fun, and easy going. I have a very athletic body...I play sports, but I don't act like a jock. I love nude beaches...nude resorts...anything nude. I'm looking for friends in the lifestyle.
50's attractive professional couple with a family, must be discrete. Like to watch and be watched, nude beach playing, clubs & groups
we are a fun couple (w/ kids) we like nude beaches, some swing clubs, boating camping. we are pretty open just like to talk and get to know everyone and see what were looking for...remember...its your body, its ok to say no
5'11" 174# like to be outdoors, am a nudist at heart, love being nude most of the day. Wish I could be out doors and nude, but no places here, love to sun bath in the nude, but not many places for that around here. Enjoy people that are into the same life style. Love to travel, CA is great as more places to be outdoor and in the nude. Looking for that in Mont. but hard to come by.
I would say i am an easy going guy, i like to go to the nude beach every weekend i enjoy being in public nude and socializing.when people are nude together everyone is a much nicer person there are no attitudes when your naked.i would like to watch join or be watched im new at this and im looking to explore my sexual fantasies
We want to meet a couple with open minds, who want to camp, ride motorcycles, possibly travel to swinger/nude outings and clubs, and just have a fun, fulfilling time.
So far the only place I have found on the net is Thad's and that is mainly for swing couples and singles. Males are required to be nude and women nude or dressed in lingerie wear. not sure if J/O will be tolerated unless there is a/are consenting female(s) in the middle...I was hoping to find more sex clubs/masturbation clubs...
I will be in Vegas the week of May 2nd... Can anyone tell me if there are any Bi/gay clubs(night and sex clubs) in Vegas area? or any all nude clubs? thanks.... hope some of you will be there in vegas the same week I am.....
I love being nude and I would love to have a nude job,poising nude,nude house cleaning,nude pool guy or nude handyman or putting on a nude show:-D
Pensacola has some gay clubs/bars. No nude beaches though. Tallahassee is inland, not sure about the gay scene there. Hope you have fun.
i don't think the message came across how i wanted it to. i want a private dancer with benefits. i've been to totally nude clubs before and i've had lap dances. they were great, but now i'm ready for more.
She wants a large cock,8"+ from a very young w/m 21 to 30 yrs of age,well built
Bi or straight. must be some what submissive,as she can be very demanding
she will reply only to those with a full nude body photo for proof of cock size face car be obscure
in florida and close to us orange park,st augustine,jacksonville,daytona .
I want to give her the cock she wants
When we were down in the Philadelphia area a couple of months ago, we went to several on-premise clubs, the one we liked best was The Farm near York, Pa. But if you are looking off-premise clubs, especially NASCA sponsored clubs then I have no idea....

David & Marie
i have always wished to attend a nude beach as well. love being nude and seen nude.
hey there, we're looking for slender bi lovers in the Tempe/Phoenix area. We're also looking for some nudist friends and even a nude family or two

Can anyone recommend a good nude swingers club in the area? Any good nude resorts?
As a bisexual swinger it is dificult to find bisexual-friendly swing clubs. There are many posts in the "swing club" forum from people looking and there are some replies about clubs in various areas. It is very time consuming digging through page after page of posts to find information that may not exist.

Can you add a section to list swing clubs sorted by areas? And maybe even allow members to write reviews of the various clubs from a bisexual perspective?
Hello, we're a bi married couple looking for other nudists for fun at home, nude beaches, and nude resorts. We're interested in males, females, singles, couples, and families. We dont have many friends yet and we love being nude so this seems like a good way to spend time and make friends. Anyone interested?
does anyone know if there are any sex clubs or swinger clubs in so calif iam a 43 yr old male looking for a wild time
Husband and I are new to joining and are wondering if there are clubs in Detroit or Chicago that we could go to see whose out there. If not clubs where else could we go to meet people in social settings? Thanks! (we'll beposting real pictures soon) Flower
I had to perform twice with Nude Female and Nude Male performers here In Washington DC People wanted to come on stage with us! And at a Art Galley 5 in Richmound VA Male and Females perform with G strings and totally Nude! It is a Great idea Female and Male strippers in under one roof! Take care JoJo
We've known nude families and clothed families and the nude families have it hands down as far as being well adjusted with a healthy respect for their own bodies. I was raised clothed and I was very insecure as a kid. Our bodies are beautiful and being nude just shows us it's true. And for those that said no? We think theyre thinking with their genitals. Nothing wrong with that in the right circumstances but this isnt a sexual question
Does Wal-Mart develop nude pics? I know Osco used to but they have stopped doing it. I really would like some nude photos on the site along with some clothed ones....
BImasc in west burbs looking to get nude and hang out with others this week during the day - lets get nude and warm things up:-D


Nude Beaches
we love our nude beaches, nude resorts, family friendly nude resorts, and nude swingers clubs. Any one in southern California looking to get together with a bi couple?
Same Room Swap
I started off taking my wife (then my girlfriend) to a nude beach. She loved being naked and was very turned on by it. We then progressed to swing clubs where we watched and were watched. Then we tried soft swap and loved it. Finally we went full swap. Have you tried a nude beach?
Forced To Suck In Public
Jacksonville FL pink satin, sissy sub bi TV who loves to suck off guys, eat their cum and be fucked in any public or semi-public place.
Got arrested back in the fall of 1999 for cruising a park on the westside of Jacksonville and could not talk or suck my way out of it.
Being Naked
I talk to you nude now.I'm sry about being so Tom!I'm just wishing that eve never ate that apple.There is nothing better in this life than to be nude.Nude beaches,nudists camps,lets all get nude + be happy about that.Makes me want streak.I'll do that
Being Naked
I talk to you nude now.I'm sry about being so Tom!I'm just wishing that eve never ate that apple.There is nothing better in this life than to be nude.Nude beaches,nudists camps,lets all get nude + be happy about that.Makes me want streak.I'll do that
I`m a male nudist and go to local nude beach as often as possible. Looking for other males and females who enjoy being nude and would like to socalize in the nude. I `m in London Ontario and I can host a nude social if we have enough mixed group.
I just love it running around nude.Love leaving blinds and doors all wide open and being out on the patio nude taking nude drives and finding places to get out nude I love being seen nude and have the right people catching me naked Just love putting on free nudie shows
Bisexual Nudist
I love nude beaches and having places can be nude in general. it is fun to be able to hang out aroun others that are nude as well. it is fun when it leads to sex, but does not always have to. sometimes it is nice to be able to just enjoy being around other nude people. love st martin and can't wait to go back and enjoy again. great place to enjoy nude and bi lifestyle.
Bisexual Swing Clubs
To those asking about bisexual clubs in North/South Carolina...none of the clubs are truly bi clubs...however there are a couple of smaller groups that have hotel get-togethers etc.

We've even considered the idea of starting something up...if there was enough interest. Anyways, I don't know if links can be posted here but those interested in knowing about the existing groups can email us for more info.
I love being nude. I really don't like clothing. Unfortunately, I have a roommate, so I can't walk around nude. San Diego has one nude beach but it's a steep climb down and I'm disabled, so I can't make it.
Nude Photos
I emjoy being nude and poseing nude would love to do a outdoors nude photo shoot
Ball Stretching
i love being stretched. especially if I have to walk naked in public, (nude beaches, swing clubs, strip parties, ) My dog collar, nipple clamps, ball stretcher and prince's wand are a must to travel. If you never had the airport personnel check them out in the airport you haven't lived.
Bisexual Swing Clubs
hi all, we are wondering if there are any bi clubs in the Toronto area, bi-swing or just bi clubs in general???
I love to be nude too. I go to a local club often (Goodland in NJ) and to Gunnison whenever I can get there. Also take vacations when I can where they allow nude sunbathing. It's relaxing and liberating. My wife, who is not into it, encourages me because she sees how it relaxes me. I wish there were people nearby that would host nude get togethers!
where are they in jacksonville fl?
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
any gloryholes available in Jacksonville, NC
Gloryholes Florida
Im looking for a glory hole here in Jacksonville fla do anybody no where one is

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