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Passable Crossdresser Gallery

Passable crossdresser love nylons Lingeri
mature crossdresser, not passable in public facial but shaved smooth all the time, love my feminine inner self, evolving but mostly gay sexually submissive and bottom with oral versatile but not a deal breaker with men,
I am a sexy smooth submissive passable crossdresser that enjoys feeling like a woman I have a fantasy that Iam forced into complete femiization and transformed into s sexy slut and turned over to a dominant black master to be trained as his sissy bitch boy that loves to suck and worship big black cock I love bbc
crossdresser that enjoys top men and top women. I can perform oral and I like anal as well from both males and females. I am happy to be anally penetrated by a good man or a woman with a strapon, or even with another crossdresser that is a top.
I play no games here. I am serious, honest and hope that you are as well? I go to the gym 5 times a week and enjoy it very much. I work very hard there and my friends there tell me it shows. I am an Erotic Fine Art Photographer and I love my work. You can see it at: More About Todd .: Todd .'s images invite the viewer to enter a real/surreal world where nothing is forbidden, boundaries do not exist and everything is possible. Stepping into this dimension, you see that his photographs are sophisticated, elegant, erotic. In a strangely Zen way, you become one with them. You discover. You feel. You are. his photography has made a major contribution toward bringing the arts of tattooing and body modification from the counterculture into the mainstream, His work guides public perception toward a more open acceptance of physical alterations as a sophisticated artistic and personal choice. His beautiful photographic imaging of what once were taboo subjects creates a space of accessible appreciation for the observer and enables a more positive view of body art. Todd approaches his subject in much the same way that a fashion photographer sees his subject. An elegant lightness and fond intimacy permeate his work. He continues to explore sensuality and sexuality beyond the mores of mainstream society, working to bring enlightenment to forbidden subjects. He is guided by an artistic fascination with alternative lifestyles and the men and women who use their bodies as human canvasses. . interprets and commits the visual, emotional, and spiritual manifestations of these lifestyles to an exact, personal moment in time -- enabling observers, admirers and participants to become part of his studies. His accomplishments speak volumes about his uncanny talent for capturing a subject's rare and fleeting moment in the eye of the lens. T's. envisions an image and makes it real by creating a moment -- supported by an internal vision, a meticulous eye for detail, and a deep understanding of the complex technical skills necessary to make a truly extraordinary photograph. Todd . has an extensive list of exhibits and publications of his work. They include: Fine Art Galleries and Exhibitions ErotiKreativ (Vienna, Austria) Chrome & "R" (Hollywood, CA) The National Leather Association (Los Angeles, CA) Stormy Leather , (San Francisco, CA) ARTopia m(Albuquerque, NM) Highways Gallery (Santa Monica, CA) X-IBIT Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) International Fetish Photo Exhibition, 1995-1996 (produced by Secret Magazine, Brussels, Belgium) HBO's "Real Sex #10" Publications Body Art Body Play Marquis Playboy Publications Penthouse Piercing Fans International Quarterly Secret Skin Two Taste of Latex Tattoo/Piercing And numerous other international publications in Japan, Australia, Germany, France, England, and other countries Previous representation and licensees Soho Gallery (San Francisco, CA) (greeting cards, posters and calendars ) Ata-boy (Los Angeles, CA) (novelty magnets) Tamara Bane Gallery (Los Angeles,CA).
very passable submissive trans gendered
51 year old submissive non passable cd dd free
Horny non passable cd who loves to be watched. nothing turns me on more!!
I am joyful i enjoy crossdressing and being passable as possible other than some 5 o cloxk shadow once in a while. HMU.
Non passable, married, in the closet, cross dresser that can't get my sissy fantasies to go away. Fantasize about bondage, spanking and more....
crossdressing domme slave slut boy, domme mtf trans girl both passable!
Hey guys! I'm not very good at this sorta thing. I am 5'5" without my hooker heels (giggle). Skinny ass and legs. Lil on the heavy side. Not bad. I am nearly passable. From a short distance I look, sound, act very feminine. Up close I don't have the confidence to try to pull it off.
Total submissive twink bottom wanting to deep throat a hard cock and let it fuck my ass hard. I like to dress up and I'm the process of becoming passable. Will grant any request. All ages welcome.
I am a crossdresser looking for new experiences.
we are couple looking to have a little fun with a crossdresser
24 Bi crossdresser looking for friends
im a passable bi crossdresser slut. i really need to suck some shaved cock to completion. i take it in the ass too, if your 7` or less. i prefer slim and smooth. contact me here you`ll be glad you did.
debbie AKA dave
Novice 58 y/o bi M2F crossdresser seeks mentor to help me become an attractive, desirable, sexy, and passable CD. Would also enjoy erotic play with mentor. Open to singles, couples, and groups, but especially interested in meeting a M/F couple where man is a TS/TV/CD. Will play with others both as a man as well as when en femme. Live in North San Luis Obispo County.

Hi, im a 19 yr old crossdresser in suffolk county. Im looking for other cds, girls and maybe guys to get together with to hookup. Im into anything really. Im passable, i go out a lot and i hook up often. I dont have female pics , cuz the only time i dress fully is when i go out or when i meet people, and i never have time to take good pics . i have my male pics in my profile and if you want more just ask. If your interested, email me at ... i prefer a pic guy or girl pic. any age.. write me!

iam a passable crossdresser and dress fully and perform allmy womanly duties.i love cum and all things wonderful as a woman.would like tomeet for sex and if we click well thena long term sexual relationship,including going out on dates limits on race just be hung and want to satisfy a woman fully in all aspects of sex and love.
wanted women who likes to dominate men crossdresser and fuck the crossdresser with a strap on
I like a crossdresser, I went out with a crossdresser, and I didn't know at the time, so when started to play and I was surprise
i feel like throwing s and from the peanut gallery
I love to hear stories about men and their crossdresser experiences.
One of my favorites happened about 20 years ago when I was still passable.
My girlfriend and I along with on of our male friends took a one-week vacation to Vegas and I dressed as a female for the entire time. I got dressed at home before we left and only took along female clothing. We hit the casinos, saw shows, went to dinner all while I was dressed. We would also go to the clubs and dance and have fun. On several occasions during this trip, I was hit on by guys who did not realize that I was actually a male and this really turned on my girlfriend. Some times, my girlfriend would reach under my skirt and fondle my cock just to watch me try to leave the place with an obvious hard-on and trying to hide it. In truth, I actually liked being "discovered" but could not afford the harrasement or possible violence that could come with it.

If you people are interested, I will tell some of my other "adventures" while dressed.
Hi I'm Cindy a crossdresser,,I read the posts here,,,and guys don't give up, there are alot of xdressers around..I for one...I'm into Black men but I will make love to a white guy,,but I prefure a Black stud..I'm a white crossdresser 5'5 Tall ,got a soft white ass for my man..Look at my profile and maybe we can hook up at a motel..Hope to hear from you all Black studs..
Not passable but I have fun once in awhile too
I want a passable transsexual to do as they please to me or me to you.
If passable i could do some sissy taping lol
Looking for a passable t-gurl in the Houston area. Let's do this!!
looking for fun with passable CD TV and or TG in pa thanks hope to hear back from you soon.
Must be completely passable as a woman and have a BIG cock!
open house for all men that like to top a sexy passable cd, buchanan,mi
Id love to dress for you, as long as you don't mind someone that isn't passable.


Erotic Photography
Anyone have any good erotic photos they'd like to post in the Photo Gallery?

Females Who Use Strap-ons on Males
It's not yet go the strap, but she uses it manually. Check out our new bedroom buddy. It feels so good!! And she thinks so, too. LOL

Dr. Hal

PS - The photo is in the gallery
Big Balls
I put a photo of mine in the gallery. Not sure how they compare (I've only ever held 6 sets of other guys balls in my own hands) but I'm told they are on the large side. What do you think?
Interracial Crossdressers
I am looking for a crossdresser for a ongoing relationship
Crossdresser Male To Female
Hi guys girls sexy crossdresser here
Cock Sucking With A Transgender
I once picked up a transexual,but didn`t know it at the time. She was so passable, but when I found out she had a cock it didn`t matter. I love both cock and pussy. She was such a knock out for a black gurl. We got to her place and she took off her top to expose the most sensual tits. She notice me looking at her crotch and told me she was a he or use to be. She then took off her shorts and there was the best looking black cock I ever saw. I gave her a good blow job until she let loose in my mouth, It was like being in heaven. I swallowed every drop of her juice. She then returned the favor. I didn1t last long because when I saw those lips wrap arouond my cock I was still reeling from me giving the same treatment to her. That was such a good time. you transexuals.
Being a full time Astronomer, I am very happy to see this listed as an interest. Seeing this on this site nicely wraps up my two favorite obsessions in life. I've just added a photo to the gallery to show one of my absolute favorite places to take a telescope. In case you're wondering, that is at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica, and my wife and I are there twice a year with one of our scopes. If you know of or are hosting a Party in your area, let me know. I do travel all over the country...and ALL of my telescopes are a lot bigger than the one in the photo...but that is the only one I can carry on a plane. If you have any questions, please write to me.

If I was in a room with these's 4 People, that I oh Denizen has just add to this journal's Photo Gallery. If you did not see them yet Go and check them out O.K.? and if you where in a room like that 2, what will you Have done? (Me) I will Have got Naked Reel QUICK, & I Hope that every one 2 got Naked & Then " & "s 2 you All who love 2 Suck on All kind of & "s Very Hot W et Naked Body"s - Hey I bet That you"s all are Naked Now? (Right) Well hey take a photo or 2 and seen then in o.k.? and let us all see the Fun that you so Much do In-joying Doing where & when you Can, & if you will like to just write about it, do it and send it in cool? Hey take Care and all-way's Try 2 Keep it Very wet, bye -- (Oh Denizen)


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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!