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Small Waist

Sexy proffesional fit bi curious. Nice smile, independent. Smooth skinned thick in the right places, small waist big ass and bigger heart.
We both work She is Small 5ft even 99 lbs Small breasts and a very sexy ass. a hocky mon Face with a develish smile. I am 6 ft 1 inch tall about 180 lbs with a average body and a 71/4 inch cock
Bi not out. 5'9175 34 waist olive complexion open to all
6 ft 2 blonde blue submissive bottom boy. 32 waist lean athletic build
5'5 long blond hair tatted 140 pounds pretty smile big but tiny waist.
5'7" 160 33 waist silver daddy grower cock, more of a top. Usually attracted to black or Latino but open to others as well
Musician seeking discreet exploration and friendships. I’m 6’2”, 155, 33” waist, WM, and very Liberal. Laid back and good looking. Say hello!
5 6 hazel eyes big booty long legs little waist hair past my butt tattoos piercing
Part time cd. Never been with a man, but will definitely play with a fellow cd. Widely open minded. Dress waist down for pics, bodystocking normally. I don't desire to be a woman.
i am 5,6 150 lbs have waist length dark hair great legs bubble butt and baby smooth body i am passable and versatile
Slim smooth white slut with sexy tight ass and slim waist
Small but willing
Small 27 yr old bisexual Male
5’1 thick ass but small boobs
Hi I'm your laid back country boy 5ft 11 born hair and eyes 34 waist plump juicy butt and love sucking big dicks being cockslapped forced to swallow being called nasty names and more.
Small frame wet horny pussy looking for some fun
I never been with a woman but I been watching a lot of porn women tribbing an eating each other out. I want to experience it but I am so shy an scared. I want to to be very very private. Our little nasty secrete. That we take to our graves. I am a size 16 with a small waist an nice booty. I wear a 40 h in bra size. :-P:-P
I've only been actively acceptive in being bi two years. I've been w three guys,all cute,clean,but small below the waist. I want a sexy black guy that will let me suck his huge dick,then try fucking it,and right when my tight ass makes him explode,let him shoot cum all over my face,and suck it dry! Can anybody help me enjoy my desires???
me i really dont like thongs to me they are uncomfortable but i wear someting thats is close it circles the waist holds the cock and nuts in a pouch but the ass is free or the other kind has two straps that go around the legs than up to the waist has a pouch but the ass checks are out in the open
Sweet Tasty Choice.

I've really become fixated or obsessed with Small Cock like Ladyboy or TSGirl Tranny & esp Asian guys w Small Tiny Cock or Small Latin Cock or Small Black Cock, But I Really haven't seen too many Small Black Cock, actually a very rare Cock In The Bush! : )
Giggle* this is my first time, im looking for someone close to me (or through online) to train me into a sissy. I love being all frilly and girly and submissive to men, but i need training, i look totally like a guy, i dont know how to do anything, and i need someone to make me do things, please, if interested let me know, i am 19, 5'11 150lbs, small waist, nice booty, thighs a little big :) but skinny all elsewhere, message me if interested Kiss Kiss- sissy chloe
This seems the perfect place to ask this question.
I have no problem getting or maintaining an erection, however, when I use a toy for a prostrate massage, I might as well be standing waist deep in ice water :(
Everything gets all small, you guys know what I'm talking about. Kinda hard to come to a happy ending when things get like that. Is this normal?
When I watch porn, all the guys have huge erections.......WTF?
Something my body will get used to and I'll be fully functional? If not kinda ruins a couple fantasies of mine, won't be much good as the middle of a train.....
Looking forward to responses
Honestly, I prefer what you would call average or even small. I like them to be about 5-6 inch though no bigger. I'll be ok with small if he knows how to use it. ;) At 7 inch I count it as big and anything over 9 it is "Holy Crap! You want to put that where?" But that's why small girls like me do oral. :)
I have a 38" waist and buy either size 8 or XL in women's size. I've tried several brands and they don't all fit the same. Sometimes it's a matter of trial and error. High cut briefs fit good in this size but string bikini or regular bikini are a little tight. The best fit comes in the Rio cut or what some call string bikini only with the heavier waist band. I started with panties and now am trying tights and panyhoes and no, I don't think of myself as a CD. I enjoy the feel and the forbidden sexy thought of wearing them. In addition there are guys that will help you cum while wearing them because they enjoy that aspect.
I agree you have to start small and work up, try a small butt plug, then move up, and lots of lube or you ass will hurt during and sting after. if you condition your ass properly it will be great the first time.
It's not the size that matters it's how you use it and I like them small easier to suck on and vet the balls right in the mouth also and I enjoy looking at all sizes and its like women to that have small clits as they have large ones too but we are all here not to judge anybody it's for all our pleasure to please everyone here on the BP site. :) Hugs and Kisses. So anybody interested in this look me up.
So you see, size really isn't everything. Too big or thick and it hurts my ass. And I have a small mouth so even an average size cock feels big in it. I was given the name Mrfitsright for a reason. I'm neither too big nor too small. Nobody's seems to complain about it.
welll i think size can be somwhat important because small is small and short is short , i am hoping i will grow some day but until then i reckinn i will have to live with it ,
Looking for small group of bi-tops for small bi gangbang group. The guys go at it then we get to her. Other bi couples or girls welcome. Hotel play.
I am kinda small, and enjoy small as well -
Start small, fingers small toys etc. Most strap-ons are quite large for the virgin or long neglected anus. This will also let you decide how much you like the feeling before you go for "gold".

Relax use a good lube and have fun ;)
I have tried anal a few times. Just not for me. Doesn't do anything for me at all. I find a penis is too large (even if it is small, lol, my ex was plenty small, lol) for it. But a finger is just fine. Though it feels good only to a point, I never been able to cum that way. I would imagine for those women who do like it could only cum from deep penetration which isn't possible with a finger, lol.
Just thought I would see if you would like a friend for mm play...I am professional, 210 lbs, 41-42 inch waist, and 5'10'.


Small Boobs
mmmmm i luv small boobs :) with big hard nipples i luv my girls 34-Bs !! if you want your small tits loved :) hit me up ??? im in the SGV !!! :-P
Small Boobs
Has anyone but me seem to realize that small breasted women have the most fantastic asses!!? I t seems like God made up for 1 thing to have the other! And since I love small titties and great tight asses, I want to thank him! And as far as the most sensitive nipples go, I have the opinion on that. I have seen big titted ladies almost able to poke my eyes out as well as the smaller. I think its the level of excitement and attractiveness that makes the difference! And continues into the experience of bringing them nips up. For example my dick can become a cock with the right coaxing. The one thing I know is the more excited she is, the more erect her nipples get!|8B
Bubble Butts
I've got a small bubble butt... love to see others also!

Small Penis
I don't have that proble, but I do have a small cock that needs to get off, by a man or woman!!!
Small Natural Breasts
MMMM i luv small tits !!! if your out there in the SGV hit me up ??? MMMMM
Small Cocks
Any small cock in mid Missouri. I would like to suck.
Small Cocks
Either way I would love to get together with another small cocked man for some really enjoyable times!!!
Small Natural Breasts
Small Cocks
Small cocks are great for sucking,down the hatch and swaloowit all deep.But the regular dicks cum harder+ thats what I like
All Male Anal
Hmm,now updated.Have had a man drain his vien in my ass.Small and didn't feel it,he sighed + was happy.So call me a slut,would love to feel my ass filled with a nice cock now.probably would take a BBW with a strap on
There is a place just north east of Baltimore and in Laurel. This are very unpredictable. Its not like the movies. Positive experiences is limited by how many holes are there and who is on the other side. Sometimes the cock is so small and the guy so fat he can't get cock into the hole.
WE are a couple that are incharge of a small group of swingers. We play & party all over Alabama. From Mobile to Huntsville, Auburn to Selma. We alos play in GA. & TN. We love to meet new fun people
Large, small, tall, short, black, white, yellow, orange, purple...

A sexy woman's a sexy woman...
Sea-Dollar Sized Nipples
Now are we talking nipples or areolas? My wifes got both...but I once was going out with a girl who nipples were fairly small...about the size of a pencil eraser...but her areolas were least 4 1/2 inches across....
7 Inch Or Longer
A 6 inch dick is just a little on the small side. I'd like to see if a 7 inch dick will reach the top of my throat. Feel it grow and stretch in my mouth. Taste his Cum as it goes down my throat. Feel it stretching my white ass. Lindawantabe
2 Cocks In 1 Ass
Yes - Please I Want Two Cock's In My Ass As I am Sucking On One - Any 3 Guy's in Philly PA Interested in Putting a Small Party Together - Do Let Me Know When and Where and You Can Fuck Me With Two Cock's In My Very Sweet And Tight Ass - as I am Sucking and Getting My Face Fucked - Please I Want Your CUM-ME COCK's To Cum 4 Me - Again and Again Weekly In C. C. Philly PA, Interested - Check out My Profile and Say Hello Back Some Time, My Name is Dennis ...
Bisexual Men Giving Oral
I love to suck on all cock. I don't care how or how small. I have like have them in my mouth. Going deep in my throat having it cum your mouth. I was about 10 when I found out that I like sucking. I was coming home from school and met a guy about and we talk for a time he took he's cock out and show it to me ask if I would put it in my mouth for hem. I did and he started to push in deeper and deeper until he had it all in my throat I know that I like it!!! So I seen for long time. So if any one wants get suck in mid Missouri

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