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Transgender Hot Springs Ar

I'm a MtF transgender. Would to meet another MtF transgender or a guy to fuck me hard
Transgender couple interested in couple, transgender, female, male for friends and fun. Profile pending.
We are a cuckold couple from Coral springs Florida
I am a boy who like to sex with transgender.
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Looking for transgender mtf pre op
im transgender looking for fun
26 year old transgender
44 year old transgender
21 year old man looking for a transgender ftm or mtf to have some fun with
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OK Cali. people...lets got on this voting...we are falling short!!

Tammy and I have moved to Desert Hot Springs just 2 seconds from Palm Springs...any of you snow and cold weather folks wanna come this way to get warmed up...its always warm here!!
This is the place where all the snowbirds flock to.
Got lots of resorts including nude resorts, Bi,gay,lesbian natural hot springs, Casinos, mountain tram from desert floor to top of San Jacinto peak.
Delilah, There a club in AC call Studio 6 alot of transgender people hang out there it's was great when i went there and in Philly alot of transgender place Sisiter is a Lez bar but if you act right they welcome us
Lisa ;);)
I understand krr6581. I think the springs in Colorado would be awesome, I think it is called sulfur springs. Anyways, Florida sounds fun. It may be hard for me to get there, but depends when it is and everything. I know I can't make it for the rest of the year because my pdo's are taken up...Never been to Florida, so would be an experience.
LOTS and LOTS of nudist resorts in the Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs areas.
I'm in desert hot springs near palm springs ... very versatile .. can and love to deep throat ... can and love to fuck and be fucked ... into abandoning myself to the passion of wild sex ... men .. women ... couples threesomes ... groups .. i'm there and i'm a contribution me ... be very descreet ...
Transgender Party being held in Pocono Mountains more information contact me Via e-mail
HI everyone The transgender Party was Sept. 17 and I had 23 lovely girls there and our Rachel Won the pole contest. Hope I will see some of you at my next party. It's in the planning stages right now And I would like Thank the Webbies for let me post it on this site
This is a house party and there are TONS of Hotels around Palm Springs.

The Party venue is just 5 minutes from the Palm Springs International Airport.
Mark you calendars - Depending on responses, I'd like to host a small gathering of the sexes (females/males) at my new apartment in Colorado Springs as a way of meeting others of like mind. I'm thinking Saturday afternoon/evening on July 21st. Could enjoy the pool and other amenities of the complex while getting to know everyone. Straight or Bi are welcome, preference given to females and couples as I'm looking for a date myself.
My apt. complex is located off of the Garden of the Gods exit. It would be a BYOB and perhaps a favorite toy or two.....Anyone interested in welcoming me to the springs? Gene
I live in El Centro, which is 1.5 hours south of Palm Springs and 2 hours east of San Diego. Is Marina del Ray in San Diego? I work during the week and only have a few hours to my self in the evenings. However, weekends I try to do some fun stuff. WHen you two go to Palm Springs will you come through El Centro? I am not all that sure of the freeway system here. I have pictures in my profile; don't know if you can see them. I see you have pics in your profile however I can't view them because I am not a paying member. Looking forward to hearing from you. brice
Hi Delilah it was nice to see you onl;ine this morning. I am sorry you didn`t get your 50% off. I must tell you when you cum in the room everything just lights up. I really enjoy talking to you and reading your messages in the forum. As far as the topic of transgender i think its a wonderful life to have and to me a person is a person no mater what they are bi,gay ,transgender etc. I look for whats inside a person to detertmine what i think about them. As for you i am sure you know by now that i think you are a terrrific beautiful person who i like very much and hope i can meet you someday. Well getting long winded again so Delilah be well and god bless
Hug & Kiss

That Sexyguy4u Flowers Flowers Blowjob Mmmmmmm
I don't think that everyone is bsexual. Certainly more people are than would admit it to others, or even themselves, but that's not everyone. I believe that most people are heterosexual, some are homosexual, and some are bisexual. I do think that bisexuals are the least understood group, though. Straight people and gay people are equally guilty of this misunderstanding. That's the main reason I've never cared for the term LGBT. As a bisexual, I really don't feel any sense of community with gays, lesbians, or transgender people. In fact, I'm not sure what being transgendered has to do with sexual preference at all. To me, that's more about gender identity than sexual preference, and it makes me uncomfortable to think that I would be grouped with transgender people at all. I don't have any gender identity issues. I'm just physically attracted to both women and men, and that doesn't seem unusual to me at all.
Delilah, Bravo! Maybe, just maybe, society will start to be educated about transsexual people like us. Your statement "Transexual/Transgender has nothing to do with sexual preference. " could not be more accurately said!!!! I don't know why so many people are so closed minded about transsexual/transgender people and not even willing to listen. What a shame! Life is too short!

I am a Female to Male TS (pre-op) and have been taking male hormones for over 30 yrs. Like you, I believe that being the best of both worlds is a gift!! It's a shame more people don't see and appreciate all that we have to offer!!

Well, I don't want to get on my soap box...LOL.....but I did want to thank you for joining the site and putting your thoughts in writing here on the BP Forum. I would love the opportunity to talk with you sometime. I joined here for the same reasons you did - this is a very friendly place to be.....unlike some others.

Hugs and Kisses
I'm transgender- will become female one day but for now I live as male. I'm a YOUNG 29- year-old, 138 pounds, 5'8", mostly vegetarian. I'm quiet, nice, and kinda girly at times. I know I like guys! and would like my first experience with a guy to be special. It doesn't necessarily have to be real serious, but I'm looking for some wholesome dating. In the past I've only had lesbian relationships.

I like having fun outdoors- nature/ hiking/biking. I'm a bit of a bookworm, and I like classical as well as pop/ alternative music. I'm looking for a nice guy to have fun with and maybe late one night...Kiss...

Oh and remember, nice guys only!!!lol
and women feel free to contact me too- I'm more sexually liberal when it comes to women so any ladies out there want to experience a transgender well I will knock your socks off. lol you would never know it cause I'm kinda shy...
Greater New Orleans M 2 F Transgender Seeking To Meet Men for Friends & Fun!

Hello to all good men. I am a Male 2 Female Transgender in the Greater New Orleans Area and I seek to meet men “Prefer Black Men but Open to Other Nice Men” In the greater New Orleans Area! I am ( NOT ) looking to be paid for my time! I have a great job and do well financially! This is for friends and fun for you and me!

I am NOT interested in meeting other Transgender, Transsexuals, and Transvestites, Cross Dressers or men looking to be feminized or women! I like and seek strait men or at least strait acting! I am a female all in all and live, work and make love as a female! So I am on the bottom!

If you would not be seen with me in public, then do not reply to me! I seek friends and fun not one night stands but then not LTR Relationships at this time. Long Term Friends with extra fun! I do work long hours at time and I have a child that I have raised and lived with me so I would need some notice to get together!

I have lived as a female only for many years I work, live, sleep and act like a female only. So if this sound like what you may seek looks me up!

If you like Pina Coladas Getting caught in the rain, if you are not into health food and the taste of champagne, LOL!

Talk to you soon

Looking for gay transgender anything really
I like transgender
Im in hot springs ark.


All Male Threesomes
Want to find gay or bi couple for three way fucking and sucking in Palm Springs, Calif.
Gloryholes Colorado
Any good gloryhole spots in CO? Any places that couples, females, and/or sexy transgender folks tend to go?
Cock Sucking With A Transgender
How Fucking ( MUCH I Want 4 A ) Transgender To Be VERY Interested In Getting To Know Me and All Of Her Very Rock Hard Lady Boy"s To, If You"s Are In Philly PA ? Do Sweet Yes, Look Me Up On Line and Do Say Hello Any Time and Let"s Do Get One Another VERY Wet Soon ...(^_^(?... Kiss Now You Will Say Hug Now ? ? ? Flower

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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!