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True Story Bi

fit white single , laid back, blue jeans and t-shirt optional. great communicator, someone you could sit on the patio with, sip a beer and chat, watch the water. I have a story for everything, and take a long time telling it...but it's worth it. I have been around the block and around the world, it's a beautiful place. I think that I am attracted to fellow searchers. HOW'S THAT?:)
A true BBW
I am looking to help anyone in need, as in wanting or having sex I would like to help you out in anyway and make all your fantasies come true.
Two fun loving ppl that enjoy making our fantasies fun true
I am a young man, looking to try new experiences with select couples. On here to make all my fantasies come true.
i want to make my party fantasy cum true and fuck a older white hunks huge thick cock all night long...
easy going senior , masculine in appearance with secret desires , smooth all over swimmer body , passionate and youthful , enjoys wearing lingerie , not a true fem , but would like to play that role.
White Sissy submissive that is single since 5 year-end I dress since close to 15 years , I am in process to transition and my biggest wish would be to find a women that like person like me for a true friendship and if all the planet are align why not more
Hi ! I am married and have been always straight . I have fantasizes often being with a woman like minded like me. I am an honest kind person , passionate fun and love to try new things I wish my fantasy to come true and meet someone wanting to connect with me . I hope I get lucky meeting someone !
Recently got out of a 8 year relationship with a woman. Now that I am older I feel like my sexuality is changing. I recently realized I am a true beta male. I am hoping to meet other guys like me so I can learn more about myself.
I am full figure. I am a very good-hearted sweet person. I'm looking for someone that knows how to treat other people in someone that is a true person period I love to laugh I love to enjoy life life is short let's enjoy it.
Shy and quiet. Fem gay bottom. At home I dress female because I feel and am more comfortable as female, it is the true me. I am 5'7", 127 average small body.. Looking for someone an Alpha or Dominant man who knows what he wants and uses me to satisfy those wants. I love men and want to please them. I desire to satisfy a man and will do anything asked to satisfy them. I have no problems with age, color, weight, height, married, single, etc.... I would like a man who will treat and fuck me like a woman, bitch, or whore.
Beautiful woman love lesbianism the only true love require daily orgasms she must be of the same nature nice 34B X26X36 real nice legs very nice face and ass shaved for your pleasure as well as my extremely powerful pussy which loves female tongues hates the thought of any male member males are used by me but never allowed to toach as I use them for my needs sometimes allow them to masturbate as a reward but must consume there filth entirely any questions just let me know i am very open Thanks honey, Kathy
Attractive Dom/sub couple. Experienced but will never stop learning. From kitten: I am owned for life by Tiger. He is the blood that pumps through my veins. I am strong without him but unable to channel my strength without his wisdom. We have been together for over 5 years- For me, it is not always the actions but the words spoke, the demands made, the tone given. His mind, his intelligence, and his audacity is all that is needed. When Sir gives me that look or an imperious yet organized task my fears diminish. The feeling of euphoria when he is close, touching me with his strong demanding hands. There are times when i deliberately use dexterous banter to innocently provoke Tiger. Of course, i know the appropriate times, but if i am ever wrong, he is swift and precise with his words or actions. He is always a step ahead and understands the importance of mutual respect. The strength of the mind and true confidence in the dominance given can make the world of difference.
I'm 6',250 lbs., long gray hair, growing my breasts and shrinking my dick. I love the taste of Cum and want to taste Black Seed. I'm a virgin to BBC. I love the feel of a man's dick deep in my mouth and sissy ass as he fills them with cum. I want to be as feminine as possible. 99% of my wardrobe is women's clothes. I dress in women's clothes all the time. I am a true sissy. I'm afraid of being abused, yet I love to be dominated. Have someone telling me what to do. I must tell you that I'm total bottom. My little dick has shrunk to the point that it doesn't get hard enough to penetrate. If you want someone to use as a cum dump, a sex toy, a slave to your dick, a party favor for your next party. Then I'd be perfect for you. If you want someone for a room-mate who cooks and cleans and share, while keeping your dick very happy then I'm your gal. I'll always go out of my way to make sure your friends will want to come back soon. I'd like to be dominated by a mild mannered Blackman who will teach me all about BBC. I will relocate. Lindawantabe
43 year old RI guy seeks open minded couples and women for adult fun I’ve been involved with the same couple for threesome fun for about five years now. We meet up every few weeks & have become great friends outside the bedroom as well as in. Throughout the year they host parties at their home where family members, in-laws and co-workers attend. They invite some of their lifestyle friends as well and we know to behave ourselves and be discreet. A few of their friends and family have asked me how I know them…this couple and I have an agreed upon story that we all stick to and no one has any idea about the fun we have when they’re not around. After meeting with them for a few years, I became curious to try oral bi but was apprehensive at first about approaching them. I was certainly worried they’d be turned off by it. I also didn’t want to ruin a great friendship. Well, I posted an ad under a different screen name on a site we both belong to. And sure enough, after it had been online a few days I received an e-mail from them. ‘Bob is that you?’ J I told them it was then anxiously awaited their reply. They answered back pretty quick and were more than cool about it. Hubby replied, ‘hey, if you want to come over and suck my dick that’s cool!’ His mrs thought it sounded kinda hot as well! We met up the following weekend and I remember the drive down to see them feling almost like meeting a new couple for the first time, even though I’d known them a few years. We had a few drinks, watched some tv then began playing in the living room. I sort of sat and watched them for a bit then the Mrs asked me if I’d like to join in with her. Hubby was sitting on the couch and she was kneeling on the floor sucking him. I knelt beside her and remember feeling my heart pounding! I moved in and just went for it. She and I sucked him for a while then took the fun into the bedroom. We played as we usually did, moving around, switching positions. Only now I did find it much hotter. Especially when I laid on my back while the Mrs rode me. Hubby would get up close to me and I’d take him in my mouth while fucking his wife. She absolutely loves it and he doesn’t mind in the least. Now I love playing orally bi with couples. I think it’s a great way to begin the fun having the wife show me how her hubby likes being sucked. I then join in with her and things progress nicely from there.
~~~Hi I'm Billi " I am 45yrs old, I'm disabled "FEM / [[ MALE..Not by choice.]] ... I have Cerbal Palsy & Seizures ,now bedbound for 30+years in bedbound 95% of the time.. I TYPE WITH 1 HAND SO I TYPE BEST I CAN LIL SLOW ... "DON'T FEEL SORRY" bout my disabilities I live life on here in the computer world yes i am lookin' fer the RL love if there is any. Any question just MSG me....NOT into head games so no head games ... "thank you" ] you can be whatever u plz to be... I have no problem with who or what you want to be ...I Respect ALL that respect me and my friends.... I am looking for true love and friends , if there is any?... I Do play but not here just to play , so that said , if u are just here to play and nothing else please don't bother , I'll chat , have general good time , but FUN PLAY TIME is limited to who I choose , ok Have Fun... , Billi ~~~ ....My ideal match be like..., what I see on the inside the person , not the looks of a physical build is avg. I'm disabled I have Cereal Palsy and seizures , it sucks , but if I can meet my love I will treat them like pose to be treated. I'm into auto racing , I race sim racing myself , I race mainly oval. I'm a homebody I don't get out much, I don't drive cuz my Cerbal Palsy. I'm looking for a love that will love me as I am , and get out more , because I want to please my love as well..Get me out
Wholey shit What a great story care to make that story come true sadly my other half aint that hung but hung enough :)

Hey Gern, just discovered this story the other day. It's really hot. I'd love to work at that resort. It would be a dream cum true for me cuz I totally understand the insatiable needs your characters have. Is there any more of this story? I'd love to read more....

oh my god if thats a true story i feel really sorry for the dog.
mickay67, great story.... I love the part where the other guys were shooting their loads on you 3 as you played. You should have asked him to pull out of his wife and feed you his pussy soaked cock, then shove it back into her. When he came why didn't you eat it out of her... OMG... i know things happen, there isn't the presents of mind to do everything. It was a great story... I would love to find a true bi club in NJ.
Nice story

would love for it to cum true.......
Nice story. Sounded true.
Great story Nessa, sounds like it could be very true !!!
Oh such a true story. Glad I limit my inyake of this drug lol

WOW a great story, even better if it is all true. How nice to see you and your partner share more than just business. Ray
The first time i sucked a cock and had my cocked sucked true story i was 14yo he was 50yo
Wonderful story...would love to read a thousand more like that. I too had to stop and come back to finish the story, unforunately my husband was working so I had to find an adequate toy to use. Thanks for the great story!! Flower

Hey D i c k,
That is soooo freaking true...
I did laugh my hiney off...that is the story of my life...except we drove farm tractors to school if we couldn't get our cars to start!
Thanks hun..made my day!
Hug Kiss
SO very true finding others in this lifestlye is a hard process, but I've always been one to believe that the tougher the task the greater the rewards. Also hand in hand with that is if a person can count on one hand their "true friends" they should consider themselves blessed. This is by my difintion of true friends there are friends and then there are true friends... trying to find a true friend in a site like this would be very difficult but possible too. Just have to be stubborn enough to take the time to find them rolling with the BS fakes rather them being steamroled over and discouraged.
Sweety ..
It was all true!
This is about me and my guys(love you both!) rolled up into one man and one night for storyline sake instead of writing about numerous sessions separately.
And just you wait!
I have at least one HOT story in my fevered brain right now..that I HAVE to get written!:-P

Hugs and Kisses
Dear bisexymama82, I'm so glad to hear from you, and that you are enjoying the story, and seeing "the story under the story". What's been your favorite scene/activity?

WOW, what a fantastic story! Sounds like you had the trip of a life time and I am so hoping to experience the same. Your story certainly got me excited...
All I can do is wait till my time is up and I will surly fly to the moon or at least my cum shot should reach...
Thanks for sharing your story and I will do the same for you,
That is some story!

It reminded me of when my ex-hubby played a sissy prison bitch in the film "The System Within" He flew up to New York first for auditions and then later flew back to film his was based on a true story where the protagonist was a pro football player who also owned a club, had introduced a guy from Miami to a guy from New York and unbeknownst to him they set up a drug deal in his club. He went to prison and his life was nearly ruined. The guy who was behind the movie later went on to be a model and entrepreneur. "The System Within" was shot both here in North Carolina and in and around the New York City area.

Hugs and Kisses,



Men That Want To Be Fucked In The Ass
one more thing here,I think that folks that neverexplore their ass is crazy.Alot of people do + like it.I have a short story about this.My ex always said that her ass was for exit only.never would let me touch her there for 20 yrs.But being the insistant devil that I am,got to play with it a bit ,a lil licking,a lil penetration.She started to allow me to cum in her ass.She all of a sudden started to like it,almost as much as pussy to dick sex.Now I'm blessed with a lady that is old enuff to say yes to anal's the best treat that I have had in many years of trying.Now i want to experience it also,anyone close by that wants my virgin ass?
Hung Men
Eat Pussy With Cock In It
Would be best live porn show ever with the face right in the action where the yummy smell of pussy and dick and taste. Watching a cock slip in and out of her pussy. Then get to eat the creampie. This would be a 28-year-old fantasy come true.
Teens (18,19)
Kiss Hello To All You Very Hot and Very True Bisexual Female"s Hug My Name Is Dennis B Payne aKa Oh Denizen ...(^_^(?... Here Are 14 Photo"s That I Have Found Just 4 U Female"s 2 Get 2 Enjoy and I Hope U"s Do ? Now If This Boy ---> ( ME ) Can Find a Very Sweet and Wet Lady, Just Like Any Of the Female"s That I Just Posted Up 4 U"s ---> To Put A Strap-On, On 4 Me ? That Will Just Make My Day Flower ---> Interested Lady"s ---> Let Me Know ?
Sucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas
I always fantasize about hitch hiking and a trucker would stop and pick me up and I would jump in and he chatter on for awhile then start yawning and say he's going in the sleeper cab and catch some zzz! for awhile and if wanted to join him I could so he went in took all his clothes off and was talking to me threw the curtain and I look he had a big hard cock and me if I wanted some I didn't say a word I went back there and suck it suck it and suck till he cum in my mouth and he went to sleep and when he woke up he took my pants off and fuck me and came in my ass hope it will cum true someday'
Bisexual Bottoms
Sweet FUCKING - Yes, And I am a Very Happy Bisexual Bare Backing Bottom Boy ---> 4 Both of the SEX"s and I Will Top 4 You Female"s Who are VERY Straight ---> But I am Very Much a 100 % Bisexual Male Bottom --->And Sweet Yes, I Do LOVE For My VERY Hot and True Bisexual Female"s Who Do Get Off as Much Fucking Me With A VERY Thick and Big Strap-On - as I Do Get When I am FUCKING Them With My VERY Rock Hard COCK ---> So If You Are Interested ? Kiss ---> Do Say Hug
M-M-F Threesome
Which story should I tell? I'm going to tell the one that I still think about to this day. This happened in 2006, so it's been 11 years, but I remember it like it was yesterday. When in California I was hanging out with a woman who turned out to be a "crack Ho". And I do mean "Ho". We got ourselves a motel room that we paid week-to-week. She would sell it to pay for the room, and it was also next to our connection. It just happens that on a Friday night there was a book selling club from Georgia that checked in with at least 40 guys trying to sell books. Being from Georgia, 30 of the 40 guys were black men. She approached one of them and said, if your interested in purchasing some "crack" I'm your go to girl. It didn't take long before the door was getting knocked on. Within an hour she had probably sold over $2000.00. Apparently, she made some promises she had to cover also that I didn't know about until it happened right before my eyes. Out of nowhere she just unzipped his pants and out popped the biggest, thickest, black dick I have ever seen, even in porn. On top of that, comes another knock on the door. I answered the door and another guy was looking to buy some, not knowing what he interrupted. She sold him what he wanted, and I saw the look in her eye, she was set on fucking them both. Next thing I know, she had them both naked and giving a double blow job! That was hot to watch. Servicing 2 BBC at once was so hot to watch. Especially when they shot their loads. Next day I got my chance to do what I wanted. She had an appointment for a few hours, so I was alone. Minutes later was a knock on the door, it was the same guy looking to buy more. I said she was gone but I could get some for him. I returned with his $80.00 worth and smoked with me as a thank you. Finally, he asked me if I was o.k. with them fucking my old lady? She was a "FWB" type relashionship. I told him I got into watching them especially when she was sucking both deep throating. A few more hits and I got the balls to ask him if I could suck him off, and of course, I met him any chance I could before the road show packed it in. She never did know about the fact that him and i hooked-up. Would love to do that one again. My only Blackman to date but I would do anything to meet up with another black guy. Someday!!!

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Maybe I'll be able to write another compliment. Within 24 hours I had found and made a date for a meeting with an almost perfect play partner. Will know in 24 more hours if I can write a success story. I do find the site easy to navigate. One of the better sites I have ever used (including business sites). Jay