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True Story Bi

Hi, I am a 60 year old female and I was molested as a child might be too much info but it's true it's long story and every since than I have loved being with women but always chose men my children have children I am alone now an d I wonder I should I pursue a friendship
Layed back guy with gentle nature who loves to laugh and enjoy the company of others. Like to listen to others tell their story. I am sensual and caring. I am more than curious about exploring the world of sexuality.
"HI!" To everyone.... Love all you guys ( and ladies!XOXO) BUT, PLEASE.. if you're more than 50 miles from 14534, PLEASE do not contact, email, wink, invite, any of that stuff. I'm just not headed anywhere - outside of 50 miles. :-) Ok, check list, if you're thinking about contacting me, take this simple and eaily completed exam.. (no quiz later) 1. If you're over weight, think a walk to the mail box is exercise, .. 2. If you're hairy, (pretty sure you all really know who you are, no offense) I'm smooth and take a lot of time and effort in that regard, 3. If you're a rampant poster of adds in your local CL and post the same ads over and over, for years and years... 4. if, later down the road, path, trail, you aren't willing to provide photos in exchange for mine.... 5. If you can't readily use "their, there and their, your and you're" correctly in a sentence.... 6. If you have demanding times and places that are absolutely beyond realistic, ... Like if you email me from the bowling alley that's 35 miles from me, at 11:30 PM because your girl wants to give me oral in the parking lot (true story) and you get mad because I'm in bed, sound asleep.... 7 and this one is the most important.... ONLY write to me with 100 words OR MORE, to kick off a conversation. PLEASE DON'T CONTACT ME.. That last one is the most important and will tell if you are serious and pay attention to details.. There's nothing harsh or insensitive about what I'm asking, I just want to sort out those I'm not possibly going to be interested in. ALL OTHERS, (rare as you may be) please feel free to break the ice.. So, if you follow all those rules, what do you get. A tall, lean, handsome, comfortable to be with, funny, confident, interesting, casual, educated and professional. Smooth, runners body, cut and squeekie clean, guy to be with either you or your and your female partner.. No one will read this, but (I'm sure youve read this before) "I'm only looking for 1 or 2 (couple) who make the grade..
30 year old guy, who needs to experiment and find out his true sexuality.
A true gentleman that loves beautiful ladies.
I am charismatic, strong personality, true lover of people.
Want to make our fantasy come true,with a sexy lady who wants to experience the same passion
I am a married man with childre looking for a discreet hook up. Never been with another man before and just recently for the past few months have gotten the urge to try after being complimented by 2 different guys in a span of 2 weeks on my ass. I was shocked the 1st time and almost cussed him out but thought maybe i heard him wrong. But for some weird reason it so turned me on. A week later after swimming at my sister in laws pool, her husband of all people leaned over while sitting and whispered in my ear and says he never realized how nice my ass was and i giggled like moron which in his mind gave him an access pass to grab a piece of my ass every time we were next to each other. Anyways sorry for the long story but just giving you and idea of where i want to go. Can someone please take me there
We are a fun laid bk couple. That like to have a little change. I am a short girl with black an purple hair. MY partner is an tall an Shy but a true gentleman.
I have brown hair ,green eyes .I have always had fantasies about beening with a women .I really would like to have my fantasy come true .But I have to be descents because I'm married .But have no sexual relations with him .
Recently separated. Bi curious. Like craft beer. tattoes. Live music. Graphic novels. Books. True crime. Xfiles. I'm vegan. Feminist.
Curious about finding a dominant male or dominant female who likes to use strapons to teach me what being a true submissive is like
Hey guys so my name is Sam. But I wanna become Samantha. I have never been with a man, but kinda want to find the perfect daddy and give myself virgin mouth and associated wholly to him. But I have no idea where to find one to help me become my true self
True Switch, very versitile. I can get into whatever my partner(s) like, whatever gets them hot and horny. I get pleasure by giving pleasure. Me? I'm into being a sub, role play, cuckholding, BBC, 3-somes, fourgies, orgies.
Im a closeted crossdresser that is very very bi-curious. 30 yrs old been dressing for about 5 years now. Absolutely love it!! I wish i had been born a woman. Enjoy all things girly clothes lingerie, makeup, shopping. I even fantasize about being a woman and pleasing men. Hopefully one day i can make my dreams come true
Shy and quiet. Fem gay bottom. At home I dress female because I feel and am more comfortable as female, it is the true me. I am 5'7", 127 average small body.. Looking for someone an Alpha or Dominant man who knows what he wants and uses me to satisfy those wants. I love men and want to please them. I desire to satisfy a man and will do anything asked to satisfy them. I have no problems with age, color, weight, height, married, single, etc.... I would like a man who will treat and fuck me like a woman, bitch, or whore.
I'm a free-spirited, independent thinker, open-minded, ready to try new things, outdoorsy - like fresh air and sunshine! I'm card-carrying, lifelong NUDIST. Prefer to do everything I can with my clothes off - but haven't yet figured out where to carry that darn card! I'm a Pisces, so I've got that 'dreamer' and 'internalization' thing goin' on - But I'm a guy, so I've been known to frustrate Female with that 'problem-solving' deal when they just want to talk (but I'm getting better with that :) ). Love Female - would like to find just one permanent Female companion, with a Bohemian bent, and a strong, healthy Sexual component to the relationship, in addition to emotional closeness and intimacy of thought and intellect that joins two people together. Have had fun with Male in between Female relationships - I like the 'get-down-to-it', satisfy-the-urges Sex I've had. If you're a Couple with a straight Male where the Female wants an extra Dick to fill in or add on for Sex, I have no problem leaving my bi side at the door. Enjoy providing :-P Sex to both sides to start with. Tell me what you need, you'll get it! Enjoy people relatively close to my age because we'll probably have more similar life experiences, knowledge, and interests. Not much of a talker at first, but I don't mind telling my story once someone else breaks the ice. Not into partying 'til the wee hours, heavy drinking or drugs. Prefer to get my highs from being naked in nature. Let's take a naked walk into the woods and have Sex in the moonlight!
Wholey shit What a great story care to make that story come true sadly my other half aint that hung but hung enough

Hey Gern, just discovered this story the other day. It's really hot. I'd love to work at that resort. It would be a dream cum true for me cuz I totally understand the insatiable needs your characters have. Is there any more of this story? I'd love to read more....

I so love your story itz a dream cum true and I want a slice of that action.Its true what they say about you: You can make me cum looking at your ass and your cock, you can make me cum with your mind.

Please tell us more!!! I would love you forever if you were my Dom - Rhonna

I would totallyluv being your property !!
oh my god if thats a true story i feel really sorry for the dog.
mickay67, great story.... I love the part where the other guys were shooting their loads on you 3 as you played. You should have asked him to pull out of his wife and feed you his pussy soaked cock, then shove it back into her. When he came why didn't you eat it out of her... OMG... i know things happen, there isn't the presents of mind to do everything. It was a great story... I would love to find a true bi club in NJ.
Nice story

would love for it to cum true.......
Nice story. Sounded true.
Great story Nessa, sounds like it could be very true !!!
Oh such a true story. Glad I limit my inyake of this drug lol

WOW a great story, even better if it is all true. How nice to see you and your partner share more than just business. Ray
The first time i sucked a cock and had my cocked sucked true story i was 14yo he was 50yo
Wonderful story...would love to read a thousand more like that. I too had to stop and come back to finish the story, unforunately my husband was working so I had to find an adequate toy to use. Thanks for the great story!!

Hey D i c k,
That is soooo freaking true...
I did laugh my hiney off...that is the story of my life...except we drove farm tractors to school if we couldn't get our cars to start!
Thanks hun..made my day!

SO very true finding others in this lifestlye is a hard process, but I've always been one to believe that the tougher the task the greater the rewards. Also hand in hand with that is if a person can count on one hand their "true friends" they should consider themselves blessed. This is by my difintion of true friends there are friends and then there are true friends... trying to find a true friend in a site like this would be very difficult but possible too. Just have to be stubborn enough to take the time to find them rolling with the BS fakes rather them being steamroled over and discouraged.
Sweety ..
It was all true!
This is about me and my guys(love you both!) rolled up into one man and one night for storyline sake instead of writing about numerous sessions separately.
And just you wait!
I have at least one HOT story in my fevered brain right now..that I HAVE to get written!

s and es
Dear bisexymama82, I'm so glad to hear from you, and that you are enjoying the story, and seeing "the story under the story". What's been your favorite scene/activity?

WOW, what a fantastic story! Sounds like you had the trip of a life time and I am so hoping to experience the same. Your story certainly got me excited...
All I can do is wait till my time is up and I will surly fly to the moon or at least my cum shot should reach...
Thanks for sharing your story and I will do the same for you,


M-F-M Threesome
It would be a dream come true...

Men That Want To Be Fucked In The Ass
one more thing here,I think that folks that neverexplore their ass is crazy.Alot of people do + like it.I have a short story about this.My ex always said that her ass was for exit only.never would let me touch her there for 20 yrs.But being the insistant devil that I am,got to play with it a bit ,a lil licking,a lil penetration.She started to allow me to cum in her ass.She all of a sudden started to like it,almost as much as pussy to dick sex.Now I'm blessed with a lady that is old enuff to say yes to anal's the best treat that I have had in many years of trying.Now i want to experience it also,anyone close by that wants my virgin ass?
Hung Men
Anyone wanting true stories of incest, and young girls, two different stories let me know, and be prepared to cum
Eat Pussy With Cock In It
Would be best live porn show ever with the face right in the action where the yummy smell of pussy and dick and taste. Watching a cock slip in and out of her pussy. Then get to eat the creampie. This would be a 28-year-old fantasy come true.
Girl On Girl 3somes
What a dream come true!!!! One of my fantasies is to be in jail nad take total advantage of from as many women as possible. Make me their property, whore me out to other women! Yummy!!!!! Please contact me if you would like to talk one on one or one on several women! I need to be taught how to be a good fem on fem slut girl! I am ready!!!!!!!!
Teens (18,19)
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Bisexual Bottoms
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Maybe I'll be able to write another compliment. Within 24 hours I had found and made a date for a meeting with an almost perfect play partner. Will know in 24 more hours if I can write a success story. I do find the site easy to navigate. One of the better sites I have ever used (including business sites). Jay