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Washington LGBT

im a very considerate lover i like to please the person im with. i am plus size blonde hair blue eyes 42dd chest. and am waiting to meet and play with you if u live in washington state or if u visit washington state, lets play
Kinky Bi Australian Guy moving to San Francisco for the LGBT lifestyle and looking for friends for laughs and fun !
I do not speak english very well. I'm shy I like to know more about sexuality. I like to read stories and imagine about LGBT I don't know what else to write....
I am a mature 19 year old female who lives in Washington State, looking for a fun female in the Washington/Oregon area. I have light brown hair, green eyes, I'm 5'4" and approximately 125 pounds. I am involved in a serious relationship with my boyfriend, but when it comes to females, I play alone. I'm a fun, loving, laidback, trustworthy person and am looking for fhe same characteristics in a female. Another main thing I'm looking for is someone who knows how to have fun, but realizes that there are times to be serious.
Single. Pretty. Curvy. Smart. Funny. Independent female. Seeking someone to help better educate me about the LGBT population.
I'm a 20 year old IU student home for the summer. I'm gonna be bored as hell, so I figure I may as well try to meet some others in the LGBT community while I'm here! I'm pretty open, so hit me up if you want to talk/ask anything :)
Thank you for your post Sassy. I too am disturbed by so-called Christians who advocate bigotry and hate. I was a Christian for more than ten years and I learned "Judge not lest ye be judged yourself." and "Love the sinner and hate the sin."

I'm not saying being LGBT is a sin, but a "good" Christian would know better than this church who's endorsing the bill.

And it seems lately the preachers who seem the most bigoted towards LGBT turn out to be closeted homosexuals themselves, so it is pure hypocracy. There's no other word for it.

Sorry if I got too preach.

where in eastern washington? for i am in eastern washington..would love to know more about you
Thank God for Gov. Cuomo who had the courage and strength to get passed the Same Sex Marriage Bill! A true hero for the LGBT community!
I can't afford to go to LGBT bars Y clubs because I'd have to take a taxi. There aren't any such areas near me, so is there a way to notice if a man is gay or bi, because it seems like it would be rather awkward to try and pick up a straight man.
There's a bar in Redlands-the Falconer that is supposed to be having an LGBT night. I believe the first Tuesday of the month. Look for the post on here. I'd meet up with you at Romantix, Sabina.
I am going to guess here then, Is it Large Giblet Biting Transexual? Or maybe Little Gay Butt Teasers? Its got to be involved in discrimination laws so maybe its Litagation against Gay Bartholomols for Tranquil hiring? I don't mean to make fun of anything here, just wondering what this ado about LGBT is?Hug


Any GH's in Washington state that anyone knows of.
M-F-M Threesome
Hi looking for a Bi MMf in olympia, washington state Kiss
18-21 Female
We are looking for a women to join us in Everett Washington
Bisexual Swing Clubs
any one please tell me were is lesbian or bi clubs in Virginia Washington?Flower
Nudist Resorts
Anybody vist Live Oak Ranch near Washington, Texas ?
Bisexual Nudist
I'm a Bisexual Nudist in Washington state looking for like minded people :)

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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!