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Washington LGBT

I am a Progressive Christian, politically speaking. This means I support LGBT rights, a somewhat bigger government to provide equality, a separation of church and state and related causes. In addition to that, I am a strong proponent of social democracy. Besides politics, I enjoy writing poetry.
I was fortunate enough to get married within the last few years and wife is starting to branch out sexually... especially as to her "playing" with me. She has ZERO, NONE, NIL interest in other women... but is starting to talk dirty about "using me." We have started to introduce sex toys/dildos into the bedroom... and she has started to mention strap on play... Mmmm... :) Again, just an update for anyone who might take the time to read the profile! I sometimes travel over to the Sarasota area in Florida and Washington DC area for work... so keep that in mind. Hope everyone has a GREAT Fall/Winter! Polite and courteous. Like most of you, I'm open minded and willing to consider the opinions and preferences of others. Not that I'm necessarily going to be of the same opinion or be willing/interested in making the same decision, but I'm willing to listen and discuss things. One last thing, I just realized my "pop up blocker" was on. So if anyone tried "IM" me I'm afraid I never knew it. Sorry. I'll try to remember to turn if off when I'm on BSP. But I am very much planning on meeting people through BSP! I don't mean to suggest that I need to have TONS of "getting to know each other" time, but I need to feel some type of comfort and chemistry to move onto the physical stage! OK, best of luck to everyone. Cheers!
So I am 57 I have been cross-dressing since I was 6 years old I am retired I have a lifelong pension I live in western Washington looking for older woman or older couple who is interesting in helping me transgender right now I still live as a man but I crossdress everyday I have a sexual therapist who is ready to prescribe me hormones I have driven I-5 and walked around as a female during the day hide a rush hour traffic all the time I love to please I will do whatever I have to do to be feminized I want to meet an older woman to help them and eyes me and lifelong friendship to help transgendered me to female before it is too late I will sign a power of attorney I am very beautiful passable crossdresser want to be taught how to swallow want to be taught how to be a real wife want to be with women as well lesbian bisexual please if you're interested send me text to area code have assets once I am feminized you can do what you want with me sell me start out with diapers and as a toddler suck thumb take out humiliation I will do whatever I'm asked but plugs short skirts rompers put me in front of people that know me as a female Force Andrey Force thank you my name is Anita thank you please pun I promise you'll be so glad you did permanent makeup beautiful clothes completely and utterly surrender of power bossy female will do husband in public in front of guests whatever I'm told to do
Thank you for your post Sassy. I too am disturbed by so-called Christians who advocate bigotry and hate. I was a Christian for more than ten years and I learned "Judge not lest ye be judged yourself." and "Love the sinner and hate the sin."

I'm not saying being LGBT is a sin, but a "good" Christian would know better than this church who's endorsing the bill.

And it seems lately the preachers who seem the most bigoted towards LGBT turn out to be closeted homosexuals themselves, so it is pure hypocracy. There's no other word for it.

Sorry if I got too preach.

where in eastern washington? for i am in eastern washington..would love to know more about you
Thank God for Gov. Cuomo who had the courage and strength to get passed the Same Sex Marriage Bill! A true hero for the LGBT community!
There's a bar in Redlands-the Falconer that is supposed to be having an LGBT night. I believe the first Tuesday of the month. Look for the post on here. I'd meet up with you at Romantix, Sabina.
I can't afford to go to LGBT bars Y clubs because I'd have to take a taxi. There aren't any such areas near me, so is there a way to notice if a man is gay or bi, because it seems like it would be rather awkward to try and pick up a straight man.
I am going to guess here then, Is it Large Giblet Biting Transexual? Or maybe Little Gay Butt Teasers? Its got to be involved in discrimination laws so maybe its Litagation against Gay Bartholomols for Tranquil hiring? I don't mean to make fun of anything here, just wondering what this ado about LGBT is?Hug
Does anyone in San Diego know of any LGBT friendly places to meet people in East County? I live in El Cajon, can't drive, and find it difficult to get out to Hellcrest or North Park at night.
Hey guys,
If you're near Redlands, the Royal Falconer is having an LGBT night this coming Tuesday (the 7th) and they will host one the first Tuesday of every month. Come check it out. We'll be there.
Two problems I have with the current system
Anytime oil infrastructure needs repair the price at the pump goes up, but with out government pressure the price doesn't go back down after the repairs are completed.
When mother nature damages oil infrastructure the oil companies not only raise prices at the pump but run to Washington for government subsidies. After Katrina prices skyrocketed, the oil companies got federal money to repair the damages and posted record profits.

As I see it they should have set money aside to pay for those repairs without jacking prices to over $4/gal or going to Washington.
I am from washington
Awesom piucs...too bad I'm in Washington:(
if i was in washington i would look you up. I would want all that you can offer. I would do anything with you. Kiss :P ta
I will be in and around Washington from the 6th - 12 May. Interested to go for drinks, msg me.
Are you in Scranton or Lacey Washington?/
Hey you hot bi people!!

Nathaniel here, gearing up for a fall tour and will be looking for playmates along the way. I love bi couples, groups, and MM with the right guys.

Check my tour schedule. If I'm cumming in a town near you, feel free to step up and drop me a line...let's talk. Here's my schedule as it is right now. Changes or additions may be forthcoming...stay tuned...

Hope to hear from ya!!


10 West Bend, WI
11 Minneapolis, MN
12 Marshall, MO
13 St. Louis, MO
15 Cleveland, OH
16 Detroit, MI
17 Columbus, OH
18 Chicago, IL
21 Austin, TX
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3 Avalon, CA
14 Rehoboth, DE
15 Philadelphia, PA
16 Atlantic City, NJ

November 2004
11 Jacksonville, FL
12 Atlanta, GA
13 Atlanta, GA
14 Charlotte, NC
15 Raleigh/Durham, NC
16 Washington, DC
17 Washington, DC
18 New York, NY
19 Huntington, Long Island, NY
20 New haven, CT
21 Jim Thorpe, PA
If you ever make it to the Baltimore/Washington area let me know.
Hey hun, I'm in downtown Manhattan , Washington Square park. Let me know if you want to get together.


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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site.  What a great concept!  Hope to chat sometime!