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hot Homo Sex

We have only been together since March, 2005 and have only been in the lifestyle since mid-2005. We are very much in love and expect to be together for the rest of our lives. Although I (Dean) had been hetero all my life, I had many homo fantasies, and I had several experiences with other men before we met. We have had several terrific 3somes with other men who are also bi, but we have not yet met the right woman that Lorene feels comfortable enough with to give it a try. We are still looking for that right woman or couple. Some of the time we play separately, and we both love to fuck bareback.
This is a great topic.
Of course the 2 examples you listed are good, but they don't apply to Bi-sexuality per se, since it is easy to
persue those behaviors hetrosexually. The drive behind bi-sexuality has to do with emotion, not just sex. My wife likes to say that a woman has sex from the heart to the crotch, whereas a man has sex from the crotch to the heart. ;) Simple yet effective.
In order to be same-sexual (Homo/Bi) for men, there is an underlying need for an emotional release.
Our society is just starting to recognise this need and the behaviors it brings about. The acceptance
by society is increasing (same-sex marrraige, etc) and so the number of same-sexual (Bi/Homo)
partnerships appears to increase as well. The key word is 'appears', none can say the numbers have changed at all.
This is just an overview, there are many reasons why, on an individual basis, men opt for bi-sexuality.
I think we will be having a lot of discussion on this topic, if people really want to get that deep into it here
that is :).
thats what im talking about.
cant wait for suday and i think homo romo is in for the beating of his life if he plays this sunday. our D is going to run all over him
Sex is for pleasure. I too have had the loss of homo sex after masturbating. But I needed to feel a dildo up in me while I pleasured myself and came to realize that pleasuring cock is as pleasurable as do it to a pussy. As long as both get off do it again,:-P
Why stick yourself in a 'sexuality box'. Don't be hetero, homo or bi - sexual. Just be sexual. Kiss and enjoy whomever you are with
Well, I like to suck a big cock(or small one), and I like to suck a clit, and fuck a pussy too. So if that makes me a bisexual or a homo, or a sometimes Queer, so be it. And I also am a SWM
I'm confused...I thought you were seeking an opposite sex BJ because your profile says [Straight, Seeking Women], but you mentioned in the other thread that you would be alright with a guy sucking your dick. Does this put you in the Straight, but Homo-Flexible category? Thanks for clarifying... ~Chris
It's a matter of "translation" -- how men & women translate the raw experience into something that each can understand. Women tend to interpret situations emotionally (today a girl at work told me "the copy machine HATES me!"), men tend to go for the mechanical, which is why guys are often so insensitive. Two different languages for the same action, I guess.

The vulnerability-after-the-orgasm trick works with both sexes, BTW. (I've exploited it mostly in hetero play) but that's another story...

There's virtually no Bisexual "sex," really. The sex act (fucking, fellatio, cunilingus, etc) is either Hetero or homo, depending on the players. So "bisexual", "hetero" and so forth, really refer to a person's overall average or self image. Nearly everybody engages in same-sex play when they're young, and there are plenty of hard-core gays who're married with kids. So the distinctions refer to what prefer, not what you do. Of course, what you prefer seems to be genetically programmed...

I understand that people on hormone therapy, and transgender people, often find that their worldview changes with the body chemistry, but I'm not the guy to talk about that.

f you were watching me while I was sucking on another man's penis, you'd see that I was totally absorbed in it & enjoying the sensation, the control & the expectation of his ejaculation. I'd be pretty darned homosexual at that moment, at least 90%. A little while later, when he & I have switched places, if you were speaking to me, I could tell you that I was about 70% homo, enjoying the pleasure & the thrill of my penis dissapearing into his throat, but a bit uncomfortable. As I apprach orgasm, It drops to maybe 50% as I start to feel a bit of humiliation about what I'm doing. With the first spasm of my orgasm, there's a moment of denial & helplessness (10% homo), but that slingshots me into the full pleasure & energy of the sex act & my sole interest at that moment is to inseminate the mouth, ass, cunt, cock, hand, ches or tits of the person who's pleasuring me. At that moment I'm 99.44% whatever they want me to be. It also accounts for the vulnerability after the orgasm. (and it accounts for why sex with someone you don't get along with is so interesting!)

My perspective is that your sexuality has to do with who you're comfortable being intimate with (a sexual-emotional bond). I don't relate to men that way, but perhaps more sex & a bit of deliberate training might change me?
I'm cumshy when a man is working my penis, unless a woman is present.
My hertero side fighting with my homo side, I guess.
I had an agressively bi girlfriend once who admitted that she loved women but couldn't orgasm with 'em, so she always took the part of the aggressor.

Any other cumshy types out there?
Not very experienced but I, as a bottom find that in this b,i or other gay site, all the tops are ready to suck and if he fucks, to get fuck too. As a teenager ( I did it from 12 till 17, after that, straight for many many years) yes, some straight boys were pure top, needless to say how enjoyable were, but they were not looking for bi (homo they called me) like me, just a freee good fuck
My wife and I have been married over 30 years (high-school sweethearts). Early in our marriage we started sharing fantasies together. We finally got "brave" enough to give a hint or two that we found homo/bi sex a bit exciting. After a bit of this, we finally opened up to each other and learned that both of us had previous same sex experiences. I can only encourage anyone in a relationship to be honest about who you really are. It is so much fun to share this part of our lives together.
Ok, what do you call it when a guys sucks dick while screwing a woman? Division line at the middle of his body? Top is homo and bottom hetero? lolol

One preference is to consider sexual orientation vs sexual behavior. My view is that folks who like both sexes from a sexual activity perspective are bi - exclusive same sex activity is gay or les.

Also keep in mind that many who classify bi folks as gay or les are somewhat homophobic. and thier ability to understand or accept bisexuality is limited by their minds.
Sorry it is taking me so long to get to your very well posed question..

Bob if anything it makes me feel you are very secure in your manhood in just asking that question and being able to explore your sexuality. A person's sexual preference does not make them more or less of a man or is a part of who they are..just as being male and female (and in some cases nature needs a push in another direction for some folks..)

its like the game where you trust someone to catch you as you fall. Rest assured Bob, we've got you!

Just as many guys find the idea of two women intimate with each other very erotic, a whole lotta women find two men getting hot and bothered with each other equally erotic...and might even encourage you to show off a bit for them...ain't that right Bobbert? LOL

The most erotic thing about a person to me is their attitude cause when it comes right down to it, friendship and love are the biggest aphrodisiacs of all...therefore oh baby oh baby oh baby Bobbert you are the whole bag of chips, an enchilada with a whole lotta salsa on the side...

"I love man sex" just a short quote from a recent very homo-erotic story I submitted here is an example of my opinion...makes me wet as all get out and my liver quiver baby...

Anyway Tigs has got to go and get dolled up for a big day ahead..

Love ya lots Bobbert,


PS you sure know how to put a huge smile on a person's face Bobbert!


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