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A Link to say goodbye
I have enjoyed my winnings here from the Easter Egg Hunt; Thanks Admin!

I have noticed through my reading and viewing posts here for the last few weeks that some of the folks I would like to see more of or contact are no longer member's here. With that being said and my own pending end draws near, I would like to say good bye for now and would encourage others who are leaving or ending their memberships to BP comment here as a wave to the rest of us who cannot see or hear from you any longer. Your posts were great, there were some awesome Forum threads that got started years ago, with those members no longer around; so, post your good-bye's here before you leave, like I am.

This is one of the few sites I have been on where I can truly share my sexual feelings, I am in the closet, plan to die there I suppose. I love pretty much all the cock and some of the pussy pictures, I also enjoyed reading the Forums and commenting on how other people had their first sexual experience, whom I found a lot were like me at about the same age. Some of the topics (taboo) like "Red-Wings" were a bit tough for me to get into, but that is just me and my preferences.

All-n-all though the Admin have set up a very good online place to be. Each member pretty much has their own site within a site. Each page can have our likes and dislikes, photo's, etc. I as a member can read it all without being charged more than the membership. So again, good site. C-ya all later at some point.
4 Hours Ago
Looking to meet guys for fun in TN.
Looking for guys in TN. that love to get sucked!
7 Hours Ago
Girl looking for 2 bi guys to full fill fantasy.
Attractive DDD great ass looking for 2 bi guys to play with me and each other.
13 Hours Ago
Women who like t-girls
Any women who fantasize about or like have sex with t-girls?
14 Hours Ago
Looking to Suck and Get Fucked
Near Dulles Airport and want someone to cum over and do me.
19 Hours Ago
In need of a face or two i can squirt on!
Looking for a male or female in the Indy area I can hook up with to squirt on... Couples are note then welcome. Can and will send pics of me..
22 Hours Ago
Bi bbw iso two bi men for threesome
I would love to find two bi men for a threesome. Would love to watch them suck each other and let me help. I am in northern Indiana. Is there any interest?
23 Hours Ago
looking for some phone fun!!
Hi all I am looking for females or malesthe that want to have some phone fun (phone sex, sexting, a good chat, etc.). I work alot and don't get out much so I am looking for some one who would like to chat and play on the phone. If your interested shoot me a message and let's see where things go.
23 Hours Ago
Getting stuffed! Who loves it ?!?
I absolutely love getting stuffed and filled. Either in my pussy or ass. How many ppl enjoy having this done or who loves pleasuring someone in this way? I have taken a fist before and it was so fucking hot!
1 Day Ago
BDSM Dinner party in Naples FL
Our next BDSM dinner party is June 23 at our home. Fiend and Lady Hawk will be flying in from New York for the night to attend. If anyone wishes to attend you should get to me early. Cut off for this party is June 5th. Vetting is required. We gather for cocktails at 7 the girls wear lingerie. Guys can wear special under wear or just dress pants. This is not a jeans and T shirt event. For any girls who need it we maintain a lingerie closet, please arrive a half hour or so early if you are using the closet. At 7:30 we shall sit for dinner. During dinner we will have a discussion of a topic on the life style. All attendees will have the right to suggest topics in advance. At 8:30 the play party shall begin. The rules are simple; 1) all must behave as ladies and gentlemen. If you don't understand decorum, etiquette and manners please do not attend. 2) No loud talk, boisterousness, or making fun of anyone. 3) No smoking in my home and if you smoke outside please limit it severely, if you smoke you stink and it offends. 4) No means no. 5) Couples and single ladies are welcome and the event is free just bring what you drink. We will be serving a four course dinner. RSVP here with name and so we can call and verify. You will be contacted with further information by one of us. I have extra beds for those who want to stay overnight on a first come first serve basis. Party is held in a gated community. There is no charge but bring what you drink. Participants are not required to participate in BDSM No problem, first let me say I think you will like the crowd. It is well mixed doctors, nurses, business men, school teachers, even the largest independent orange grower in south Florida. This is neither a truck driver crowd or motorcycle group. I started these parties so I did not have to mix with the low life crowds and I have run these parties for some 20 years now. I don't ask anyone to contribute as I don't want that, "well I am paying for this" so it is my party, my rules, it is that simple. (people who do drugs, smoke or are 420 friendly move on)
1 Day Ago
Looking for someone in Virginia that loves to suck dick Between 18 and 25 Male or Female
Looking for any white men or women 18 to 25 that lover to suck dick, in Virginia text me
1 Day Ago
All male party day
I'd like to set up a weekday meet for guys at a local resort this summer, hopefully in June. I will pay for the rental of a cabin at The Woods Campground. Let me know if you might be interested. I'll be the bottom for anyone who wants to top me, you can hook up with any of the other attendees, as might be agreeable. Let me know how many of you are interested.
1 Day Ago
looking for dick i can suck in hburg va i like both pussy and dick i am really just looking for someone 18-40 that wants to cum a few times week
i live in Harrisonburg va and am looking for men 18-40 who want to cum in my mouth a few times a week i am clean and can suck like a vac
2 Days Ago
Torrance Ca
Any one in Torrance California looking to play ?
2 Days Ago
Anybody in the Brimfield area????
2 Days Ago
Looking for anyone in fairfax county for possible oral buddies
Hey I'm looking for people near me to cum with guys and girls (girls are preferred but I like all). Let me know when and where for a good time.

I have 8 inches so be up for the challenge.
2 Days Ago
New Here
gave my first blow job tonight. i want to do it again.

as long as i can suck the cum out of you, you can do anything you want to me.

if you can host a NSA meet, let me know.
2 Days Ago
Gay/Bi Dreams
Lately I have been having Gay dreams, my first one I opened my eyes to see a hairy butt coming down on my face. The second one this morning was a bit funny, where I was working in the Whitehouse as a sound tech when one of the engineers asked me to give him a blow job. As I has undressing I was asked "what are you doing?" "Changing my job description I replied." And then it fizzled out with me blowing other guys. Has anyone here had an actual dream (not fantasy) of being in a Gay or Bi situation and will you share your stories here? Thanks!
2 Days Ago
just joined BP today
and thought this might be a good place to jumpstart my mmf experiences. I'm open to suggestions, offers, etc. Is BP a real opportunity to meet and connect or is it an exercise in futility and hot air. Thanks for responding.
2 Days Ago
bi couple buffalo ny
anyone from Buffalo area whose bi male is a btm n were both bi curious
2 Days Ago
sub bi male for female,couple or male
seeking,#1, a slut female to be my gf for serving as sex slaves together. #2, a couple to play with. #3, a male master to serve
2 Days Ago
Anyone ever been with a squirter?
I was 17, my girlfriend at the time had told me that I was too big for her. She told me her ex had a dick the size of a pinky finger. So long story short I wanted to do everything I could especially at that age we took turns I go down on her then she finishes me off with her mouth and hands. There was this time where I just got a little more aggressive while eating her out and she told me she was going to cum, what happened next was the most amazing thing I've experienced for the first time. She sprayed juices all over my face and soaked the bed while she shook. From that moment I was absolutely hooked, I had to make it happen again. It happened when she finally was able to get through the discomfort of me inserting myself... it honestly was like breaking her Hyman a second time, regardless getting pounder hard or soft made her just make a beautiful mess. We had to be careful to clean up cause there were times it'd be in the family room after her parents went to bed. The one time that it was incredibly powerful and unforgettable is when we drove from my mother's place to the corner store in rural ontario to pick up milk at the corner store 5kms away. We stopped on the side of the road on the way back. It was completely dark aside from the moonlight and I still remember the frogs croaking, I got out of the drivers seat and went around the front of the car. She rolled down the window, and asked me what I was doing. I I put my right hand on her face and rubbed her earlobe with my thumb. It was hot and so humid, I went to grab her breastfeeding but she grabbed my arm and my Palm hit her bare thigh. It took seconds for her to hike up her skirt and pull her panties down. She positioned her hand on top of mine and pushed my middle finger with hers inside her. That lasted all off a minute or so till she pushed open the door and I saw the sweat on her forhead. I can't tell you how fast I went down on her I all I could hear was her saying go harder and her flip flops pushing around pebbles on the dirt road under my knees. She had a tell tail sign she was going to burst, her vigina got so tight that it was hard to keep the two fingers in her. And when it finally went off she pushed me completely out and from the ferocity of the fingerings and not wanting to stop I went right up her anus by accident and she didn't have a care in the world it just kept coming, gushes hitting the sun visors that you fold down when the sun is glaring, eventually her legs locked closed and I kneeled in amazement. I wonder if anyone else has experienced a squirter before? It's a beautiful thing. 😀
2 Days Ago
Clean sane fixed gentleman looking for one good friend
2 Days Ago
Looking for cock to suck.
Looking for guys to give awesome deepthroat head to .
2 Days Ago
Looking for friends Fort Myers, Cape Coral
I'm looking for real time get togethers with other clean people - I can host on occasion.
2 Days Ago
Bi curious fun
Looking for a bi or bi curious man in the southern wisconsin area willing to meet up and let me try a few new things
3 Days Ago
So horny and wet and hard
We love to play. Can’t tell me there is not one who doesn’t love to play. If you’re a female lookin for a couple to we could be the ones for you ! Me the female has nice 36d tits nice ass and big clit. I am bisexual , Clean shaven and discreet. Male 210 lbs of muscle. Nice cock that knows how to please he takes care of the right things at the right time. He is straight. Looking forward to licking and fucking you. I’ll lick em hubby will stick em. Lol. No pillow princess please. I’m not one way and loves a woman the loves to eat pussy
3 Days Ago
If got to be at work at 9 so we got about 4 hours hit me up for some good sex
3 Days Ago
male in wichita,kansas
I am looking for a 3 some with MMF/MMM black or white:-P
4 Days Ago
Reno Nevada
Looking for people in Reno to have sexual fun with. Women, men, couples, threesomes, foursomes. Whatever I can find. Straight, bi, gay come as you are.
4 Days Ago
Muscular vs average
We both work out and we are both muscular. My question is to you guys , in women what do you prefer ? Me the female isn’t over muscular but I’m more muscular than most women. No I don’t have a six pack lol. Have nice legs and arms and a nice ass. Hubby is muscular as well , nice shoulders and arms and nice legs. Cute ass!! He has a 6 pack even at 51. Just got to me.
4 Days Ago
Bi-Curious looking for friends near Grants Pass Oregon
Older retired Bi-Curious looking for like minded friends for fun and friendship.....
4 Days Ago
Looking to have my ass filled with a hard cock
Who wants to fill my tight ass
4 Days Ago
B Bottom Looking for Top Near Dulles
Bi guy here wants a top to pound me good near Dulles. I can host and am drug and disease free. Expect same:)
4 Days Ago
bi male cd to bind,use and abuse
i,m a sub slave faggot for cock,cum,pussy,bondage,whips,torture by dom males,females or couples
4 Days Ago
Glory holes in Altoona pa
4 Days Ago
do tops like bottoms that dont just lay theyre
Was wondering im a bottom that likes to move my hips in rythm with a top so i get all of him and use my anal muscels to massage his cock while its sliding in and out whats youre thoughts
4 Days Ago
New And ready
It's simple. I have been hiding for a long time. Still not ready to come out, so to speak. I am looking for a man that is just wanting to have fun, oral sex fun. I am dying to suck some guys dick until it cums down my throat. I'm scared but I know I want to suck cock.
5 Days Ago
Sexi bi femme ready for another femme in richmond va
Where are thr sexii chiks at in richmond,va. Im ready for sum play so come lick suck and finger me.
5 Days Ago
he watches me
horny couple looking for man to service her while he watches
5 Days Ago
Senior in Pomona Park
Older man looking for hook ups...
5 Days Ago
Looking for new friends in Florida
Been a member here for a few years, just moved recently from New Jersey to Florida. We are looking for to make new friends around here. Take a look at our profiles, if you would be willing to meet up, send us an email.
5 Days Ago
Needing a bi female
We are a athletic couple wanting to get a female to join us. We have stamina to go for hours. Toys , dirty talk , light spanking if you like, dressing up. , tying up we love it all. The kinkier the better. It’s been a minute since we’ve had a lady and we are wanting to play ! I’ve got a big clit and tits and he had a big cock that loves to please
5 Days Ago
Straight couple looking for unicorn
Looking for a female to make our fantasies cum true
5 Days Ago
Looking for an oral donor
I'm looking for a nice clean cock to suck to completion
5 Days Ago
First time you gave head--did it come naturally? (no pun intended)
I was just posting to another question about blowjobs. I mentioned that the first time I had cock in my mouth I had no intention of giving head, but it just suddenly was the most natural & exciting thing to do. (although that was also true for the first cunt i sucked, too)

Men and Women: What was your first experience at sucking off a cock--was it natural or difficult to do? Did you like it? Did your partner come?

(I'm also interested in discussing cunnilinus, but I'll save that for a separate post, unless someone else wants to start it).
5 Days Ago
I need some
Looking for a cock or two to drain.
5 Days Ago
looking for bi-curious/bi guys...
I am looking for a bi guy for either myself, or myself and a fuck buddy of mine. She has expressed that she would love to take on two guys, so I thought I'd check here. She is in her 30s, I am 22. She is willing to try some DP, or for us to take turns.

I am interested in stroking, make out, and oral. No anal.

Let me know if you're interested and we can chat...
5 Days Ago
Adult stores
5 Days Ago
Ok I'm kinda bummed here! I've been looking for someone male or female to chat text maybe call with! I'm beyond ready and eager and longing for cock to stroke suck and fuck for first time! I'm very naughty and into everything you are and would do to me! So please someone anyone get ahold of me!
5 Days Ago
Cuming in Grand Junction, CO
I would like to meet up with people who are like minded as I am, if you have read any of my post's or replies you'd know what I am like. I did meet a local guy to me here on this site, howbeit we haven't actually met in the flesh. I am very busy and for me to get away is proving to be very hard at best. I do though long for a fwb or a bi couple or a couple of guys who don't mind a chub. if anyone wants to chat, find an open door to play, or whatever may cum. I do love 69 positions and more, let me know. I do play safe, am not pushy or rude in any way. Thanks all, love the site.
5 Days Ago
Cruising or dogging
Trying to find or start a cruising or digging page in York,Pa.
5 Days Ago
Sucking a cock
I would like to suck a cock in knoxville in the morning ...i host
6 Days Ago
Looking to play
In tampa and looking to play. If interested let me know
6 Days Ago
AZ tomorrow!
Visiting Tucson for a few days! Anyone know fun places to play?
6 Days Ago
Wife watching
My wife wants to watch as a hot dude blows and swallows my load. We are here on vacation in North Miami beach area for a week. Could be hot with right guy.
6 Days Ago
Anal sex
Does anyone in Ct at all like anal I love anal but don't know anyone else who loves anal
6 Days Ago
wife watches while i suck cock
this Friday, May 18, I can suck cock from 9am to 2pm wgike my wife watches, It has been her fantasy to see this and I promised I would do it.
We can travel to Brea, Anaheim, DIamond Bar - all I ask is that your balls and cock be clean shaven
6 Days Ago
looking to play
looking for bisexual couple or bisexual man to play with in the afternoon for some "afternoon delight" after 230 pm in grand rapids, walker, comstock park, rockford or surrounding area I want to suck a cock and/or cock in a pussy at same time
7 Days Ago
Grand Rapids Bi Man Seeking Other Men or Couples for Special Time Together
I am a sub bi man eager to please other men or women. Read my profile and mail me if you have any questions. I would love to meet anyone in the Greater Grand Rapids Area for friendship or more; I have lots to give! I am skilled at pleasing a woman with my talented tongue, and I'm eager to use the same techniques on a dominant man. My hottest fantasy is to give up my ass to a lustful man, perhaps while satisfying another man or woman at the same time. Please give me a try!
7 Days Ago
How many would be interested in coming to the Palm Springs California area for a Bi Swingers party??
We have done MANY very successful Bi Swing parties in the past and are looking to put another one together in the not to distant future.
Just kind of trying to get a consensus on interest from BP members.
We have been Hosting and Co-Hosting Swing parties ALMOST every Saturday night for going on 6 years now with a pretty good success rate. We have found that Bi parties are a little harder to put together as allot of Bi people tend to be a bit finicky.
Please do throw out your 2 or 3 cents and express your level of interest
Tammy & Jeff
OogieExcited OogieExcited OogieExcited OogieExcited OogieExcited
7 Days Ago
Road trip
I am going north on the 21st and stoping in Mt Shasta for the night,anyone there be interested in a one night stand?prefer older man or woman i am 73 but eager to play.
7 Days Ago

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