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  3. Is there a bi guy out there that wants a threesome that does not include sex with the female?

Serious question folks! Would really like to get everyone's feedback. Because we can't seem to find one that wants to lol. We discussed this aspect of having a threesome. And neither one of us is comfortable with me having sex with another guy. We want to engage in man2man oral, with a possibility of more. With me fully clothed, but directing the action, possibly helping my husband suck the cock..just wondering if any other couple has run into this problem? Is it possible that there a bi guys out there who would be interested, without the sex with me? Should I word it different? Have spelled it out quite clearly on profile. Hmmmmm. Well let's see what you folks can come up with lol.

I wish you were in Michigan.

Hi. Having read your profile I can say two things. 1) Damn, I wish I lived in Florida! and 2) No, you spelled out what you want pretty plainly and clearly. Keep trying, I'm sure there's someone out there (like me) who would willingly participate in the scenario as you have it laid out.

i am a sub and want to have the woman dierect the sex show.and me being the bi slave to suck his cock and him suck my cock u tell us what u want us to preform..on each u swalow cock and cumm from our cocks ..
I too wish you were in Michigan as I would have no problem sucking cock in front of your woman.

Hi there, take a look at my profile page and see what we have posted. It may give you an idea of just what to say as we have been members of BP for several years now and I have had a handful of sexual encounters where Sue remained clothed and just watched and took pictures of me having fun with other guys....

I'd love to help you, if I ever visit your area!

If you ever find yourself in NC I would love to help
damn! wish you would have posted this last week. i was in your area and would have gladly sucked your husband's cock while you watched and/or took pictures. having a woman watching has never bothered me and never will. i have found that in most cases the woman sooner or later wants some of the action. that's their nature. it might only be touchy/feely, but action never the less. read my profile and if i can be of assistance to you, let me know.
Not that unusual a request, I would like oral with you also but would be ok with the terms you have asked for - would be happy to help when I'm visiting Florida

Glad to hear that mergatroid. I was wondering if those women would get hot enough to join in.

We are too far away but I can;t seem to find this either. I just want to hook up with a couple and play with the guy.
love to be with you ron ocala

It seems sort of obvious that if all the people involved aren't participating, that it isn't a threesome. It's one person watching the other two go at it.

Why not be honest and call it what it is?

yes if u were only in tn

Uh ..o.k. Enlighten me. What is the correct term? As for not being honest? I think that's being harsh. We are new to this, so maybe we didn't know there is a correct term?

i enjoy sucking cocks, so i would have no problems with sucking him or him sucking me at your command or control

I would if the person lived close by.

Ask yourself this: If you were invited to participate in a threesome, and after you showed up, you were told that you had to sit in the corner and could only watch, would you consider yourself as having participated in a threesome?
I agree it's bad wording, but if you read the profile I think it's clear what they're looking for. And yes, as you can see there are many guys, such as myself who would love this kind of playing. My ex used to do the same type of thing to me; making me service other guys at her direction. Wish I could find another woman like that!

problably not lancer but if i was invited i would expect to know what was gonna happen before showing up lol

I would say you're looking for a MM encounter with the wife watching, Bicouple4you1966. I see nothing dishonest with your posting, Dishonesty would be to advertise for a MMF and then when you get there the F only watches. You'll learn the best descriptions. I personally would hope your wife would get hot enough to join...........LOL.

I am in Jax and willing to play like you ask if you can come to Jax

I am in Jax and willing to play like you ask if you can come to Jax

You would think so, Pporkchop... They contacted me (on another site), I read their profile carefully, and it described all three people participating simultaneously. I was told before I even met them that she was driving this, that it was her thing to have two men at the same time, all were to participate, blah, blah, blah... I met them, we all hung out, she was very "friendly" let's say, but once we all ended up at home, I was told I was going to sit in the corner and only be permitted to watch them. What I was told up front did not match the reality with which I was confronted when it came to be game time. That's what I call dishonest.

My comment to the OP was only that they shouldn't say "threesome" when it clearly isn't a threesome. The title of the thread is misleading. Intentional dishonesty, probably not. Is it accurate? Most certainly not. Is it an innocent misstatement? Most likely.

One can certainly imagine that those who might be into that would jump at the chance, but those who might not be could be mislead. We only have words to communicate here.
im in the area.

Glad you explained it lancer525.
One should post for exactly what they want.
No sense in playing any games.
We have enough of those every place else.

Thank you all for your input. From now on I will make sure to say we are looking for a MM w/ female watching. I would like to say though, when we email or chat with a prospective gentleman they are told very clearly, and honestly what we are looking for, what role they will play, and so on. I do this to avoid the exact situation you were put into Lancer. I screen very carefully, because we are still very new at this. The last thing we want to do is mislead anyone. I think the part that makes me so nervous in all this is the fact that guys say they understand when I tell them exactly what we want, then a few emails later they are showing their true colors and suggest things for me to do to them. It's very hard and discouraging to keep running into this. It's really taken all the excitement out of it for me, dealing with all the fakers and liars. The endless emails. To get excited that we may have found the one, only to discover after setting everything up, that he wants more than what was so endlessly discussed. I'm to the point now that I just want to forget the whole thing

Well lets all look up self centered and self serving to the extreme in the dictionary and
regroup, then discuss this topic again. I read the title and was pretty much done with it. Then I just came across it again and figured , WTF take a look. Well my opinion remains the same. Not worthy of anyone's time and can the OP say Honesty? Integrity? Just wondering.

As a couple - we had that problem all the time. Stopped talking to fake-bi single guys... )

As many said already - I am fine with your scenario... If you're in NY/NJ area - look me up! )

Seems like a reasonable (not to mention fun) request

Well sweet I think you should look again, because in no way were we being dishonest, self-serving? Really how? Spelled it out quite plainly. Plenty of people on here having the same fantasy as we are. And integrity? Is that like you talking all nice and sweet to us in the chat room and then writing crap like this about us? We thought this was a site where everyone RESPECTED everyone else's differences and preferences, desires, and wants. We are here to learn more about ourselves and our sexuality. New people maKe mistakes in writing their profiles and trying to explain their desires. We really appreciate your kindness and understanding. We would of thought after being a member on here for so long you wouldn't react so harshly to new members.

I would be very interested in helping!

I'm ready give me a call
im in the area would love that

Thought about this, a mmf three-some means all three people participate in some matter even if it is only watch. Would be happy to participate where it is just the guy and me with the woman watching. Besides it is the perfect way to prove I am bi. (if my mouth around his cock was not enough proof)
You worded it fine. We had the same situation where my wife would watch fully clothed and make us guys suck each others cocks and fuck each other for her. We never had any problems because we told the guys up front that she wanted to watch. The only time it went further was when we met a guy who was hot and turned her on. After directing the action she asked me if it would be ok for her to join in and I said absolutely. He her ate her and fucked her and she came on his cock while he was in her because she was so turned on. Just let the guys know its what she wants and not what they want.

Wouldn't have a problem with you watching, thats a turn on for some of us.

I would, most definitely if I was close enough. And if all 3 are involved, its still a threesome. Just not what many would consider a conventional one.

I've been with many couples and many times the wife or girl friend just wanted to watch while her man and I fuck/suck our brains off!
If y'all ever make it to Texas I'm very interested!

I'm still around....and only interested in your husband. to
you to watch me suck him.

nothing more fun than to have the wife watch while her husband and I suck eachothers cocks and swallow cum. One neat thing is to let us boys deliver our deposited sperm into the wifes open cunt or mouth. The wife watching gives me an extra "tingle" that makes my cock even harder..

I was in a situation like the one you are looking for about 7the months ago. It actually all started because I was out and chatting at the bar with the female. Not knowing she was there with her husband. Well any way when all came out and they invited me back to there place I thought sweet but when we got there and they laid out the rules that she would just watch and direct me and him I thought well that kinda sucks but once things got going and she started to get excited and telling us where to touch and lick it was soooooooooo hot. Eventually she was naked and rubbing her self while we finished each other off then she came over and me and her shared his cock. It was awesome!!! And anyone that wants to join a couple and isn't willing to follow there rules isn't any fun. Because its all about what each person is comfortable with and if not everyone is comfortable no one will have a good time.

BiloxiM4Fun can have sex ANY WAY YOU want it.

I would LOVE to have a woman like you watch me have sex with a man and I would gladly play with him in any manner he and you desired with you watching, directing, taking pictures...doing anything you want to do while fully clothed.

Do NOT feel "guilty" asking for YOU WANT!!

That's what this is all about.

Seek and find your match.
I would like a chance to fulfill your fantasy.......I sent you a note....let me know what I can do to help

My wife is the same way, she would enjoy watching/ directing but doesnt care to be touched by other guys. At least not right away. If I found a regular buddy then she would be comfortable to join in and get in the mix!!

I will be happy to suck you and not touch the wife.

Do you ever get over to the Palm Beach area? I'd be most willing to do this.
Im interested. I live in south florida and am willing to drive.
hey doll.... if your still looking, were close and I would enjoy being submissive for your pleasure.. only Oral

Miami Area and very interested

I'd be happy to help, but I'm in Tampa Bay. I have no problem being watched.
oral would be hot with you watching

I would be very interested! I live in Florida and can send you some pics of me if you send me a message

I'm in bradenton I'm really interested would my wife be able to watch
I’m in Melbourne and would like to try this.

Perfect! Providing oral service to him for her entertainment is wonderful for me. I'm even happy to be teased and denied, sent away throbbing and leaking after providing oral pleasure as wanted.

could be a great time especially if i put him in my sling

That sounds interesting and I live in the neighbor hood!

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I Love to eat ass, male or female... I always include this when giving head to anyone :-P ;) Laughing
North Carolina
i am a bi curious female south of love to have a threesome with another female and my fiance! also, looking for the right guy to do a threesome with as well, (would love to try dp, lots or oral, and have my fantastic tits sucked by both men...!!!!!) let me know if your interested!Kiss
Couple Looking For Bisexual Woman
my husband and i are a young couple looking for a bi female to have a threesome with . ive been with women before but never had a threesome. if your interested please contact us :)
2 Girls 1 Guy
My (straight) boyfriend of a year has been away for almost a month and he'll be home Monday June 27. I really wanna find a sexy bi female for a threesome and surprise him. He's never had a threesome and it's been too long since I've been with a woman! Our profile gets more into detail about what we're looking for so if you're interested hit me up! Will be a lot of fun, guaranteed!
Bi-Curious Women For Couples
My (straight) boyfriend of a year has been away for almost a month and he'll be home Monday June 27. I really wanna find a sexy bi female for a threesome and surprise him. He's never had a threesome and it's been too long since I've been with a woman! Our profile gets more into detail about what we're looking for so if you're interested hit me up! Will be a lot of fun, guaranteed!
Bisexual Women For Couples
My (straight) boyfriend of a year has been away for almost a month and he'll be home Monday June 27. I really wanna find a sexy bi female for a threesome and surprise him. He's never had a threesome and it's been too long since I've been with a woman! Our profile gets more into detail about what we're looking for so if you're interested hit me up! Will be a lot of fun, guaranteed!

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