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How many of you have had experiences with family members?
If so, please share your experience.
First m/m sex in my life. big brother introduced me into it

Some might call it against the law and as far as society is concerned it is. But if you are 5 o 6 what do you know about the law? If you are raised in a family who indulges in the practice on a daily basis then you only know what you learn from seeing others doing it. And if it looks like fun chances are you will try it yourself. It looked like fun to me so I tried it, sure enough it was fun. By the time I left home to make my life on my own, I had sucked almost every dick or fucked every pussy in my family. I HAVE DONE INCEST, I HAVE ENJOYED IT, AND I HAVE NO REGRETS.
I remember the first time my dad touched my vagina. He was giving me a bath and his fingers slipped in between my lips. Sometimes I dream about fucking him and wake up real wet.
This has been something of a situation where seemingly very good intentions of people who have had a very saver
This most unfortunately this has been a problem where those certain people who are very much afferade of even thire own shadows who proclame and profess to know what is best for everyone else because it gives them a very fales sence of power over those who they should
should let live thier own lives and thire families without interfearing in those matters which really are not and never once have been any concern of thires; Of the one aspect of this is that these are the very same people who think that killing and wars are an excellent thing,
But People who are actually very much totally in love with thire own family are considered to be crimenls by the very people who go very far out of thire way to bring our entire World to an end by wagging Wars everywhere that they can think of.
This has been something of a situation where seemingly very good intentions of people have
very saver and more then unmanageable problem with thinking that it is thire So Called GOD Given duty to control what just about every one else in the entire World dose, Which in actual fact it really dose not , Rather It is very mereally a plot by some people with even lower then low selif esteam to help certain people who hold positions of power which they never really should; Since Thire only real purpouse to be there is To over Time userep the people of very much of our free World of It's Rights, In Actual Reality And Facts These People Who Profess to be enacting Laws To Protecht The Inocent And Those Suppousedly At Risk Due To What Ever These Selif Appointed Man Made GOD'S That They Think They Are. As some of you know by now our family were and indeed still are very fully Nudists, Let Alone The Bisexuality Portion of our families having always been nudists, And yes we did indeed have an awfull lot of sex together as a family with absalouteally no ill effects caused either by or from it,AND Most Very Deffinetly Neither I, Or My Younger Sister Were Ever Forced And/Or Coercied Into Having With Our Parents And/Or Anyone Else,The Choucies Which We Had Made were Indeed Our Very Own Chouices And Niether Of Us Has ever Once Questioned And/Or Second Gussed Our Personall Desisions to have had sex with our Parents and very many other close Family Realitives Who were more then just our roll models for our then just budding Bisexuality Which both our Mother And Father Had very willingly and openly accepted in both of us, Some of our Families Non Nudist Friends Had actually had no idea that I even had A Sister Two Years Younger,This had also applied to Our Father And |His Younger Sister,Who Had,had A Younger Brother, Who For The Very Longest Time Had Distanced And Esteranged Him selif from our family, Now As for The Fact That very,very many places have indeed inacted Laws To Crimenalize Something Which A Former Periminister Of Canada Had So Very Ellicquently Expressed: And Let Me Quate Here;{"The Nation Has No BusIness In The Nations Bedrooms"}And By Reasonable Extension NO Place In The NUDIST Resorts,Camps,Clubs, And/Or The Verious Full Time Nudist Communities. Now as for my selif and my sister there really was'nt any interested family member who we did not have sex with on a very very routine and continuous bases, and being bisexuals it was wounderfull not to have to pick and chouse between males or females, but rather being able to have and enjoy sex with both sexes at the very same time, And not having ever once been told to not talk about it with other people Because they would not understand,
though we had indeed had some friends who's families lived in Textiled/Fully clothed communities, As we our selives did on occasions where we had,had no real choice because of Mom And Dad's Business Oblagations; BUT On Two of the Residental Streets We Had Lived, We Had Found That One Family From England Origenally, And Another Family Origenally Were Both Resort And At Home Bisexual Nudists Which Ment That we could all be very Comfertable And At Very Total Ease. I Had been sucking My Dad's and also his balls up untill I Was Almost eighteen years old,I also Did my uncles untill I was 28 years old, and his part of the family inclueding my aunt up untill 13 weeks before she died at the age of 106, I Had also been having an awfull lot of sex With our mother, my other aunt dad's sister,and yes even with my sister and some other very special people in our fmilies lives,inclueding the young lady who both my sister and, I were actually dateing as well as my sisters husband, Our girlfriend's family had also been very fully praciting Bisexual Nudists Who had actually lived with us in one of our homes, And Our Mother And Our Aunt "Dad's Sister" Were always makeing a very strong point of having as very much lesbian sex with her as they could get her to take part in with them along with her own mother and sisters as well as sister's-in-law and very many of her other
female realitives,nor Was Iever really left completly out of that either. So yes there really very,very many,many,many plus Bisexual Nudist Families Who Have Lived And Enjoyed This Very Wounderously Beautiful Style And Very Super Healthy Way Of Life.NOR Would We any one of us ever change how we grew up And All of The That Had Came From
Our entire Family Having Shared So Very Much AND Our Bisexuality That we Had also gotten to share With so Very Many Other Lesbian,Gay"Homosexual Men and boys As well as very,very,very,very Many,Many,Many Other Entire Bisexual Nudist Families. SO For me personally this is and has absalouteally been something which I Have always been more then willing to share, Since makeing love to someone special who just might not be in your life for as long as you would wish or want, besides if and when you are having sex with a family member it only ever brings families very much closer, So Therefore IT Really Should Be Being Very Fully And Totally Decrimenalized. Besides Who
Is Really More Then Qulified To Teach Thire Own Childern About And uality Then Thire Very Own Parents; That Is Something For Which NOT Only Am I Very Grartefull BUT So Are My Sister,Brother"s-In-Law, And The Very Special Lady In Both My Sister's And My Own Life. Anybody who would dare to be so stupid as to think that they can have
a one size fits all salouttion To How They Think The People of This World Should Be liveing Thire Lives Is Very Totally and Completly Utterly Wrong; That is NOT To Say That Anyone Should Ever Be Raped By Anyone Else Either; How Ever Just Take A Very Carefull Look At Other Couneries All Around The World Where NOT Only Do They Allow So Called Houner Killings They even actually encourage this kind of very sick thing, BUT Some of these Counteries Are Actually Labaled As Being Democracies; So Who Are Really the very sick Puppies Here, SO Now you have at least one answer from someone Who Really Did Grow up in An Actual Bisexual Nudist Family, Then Again I Am Not Going
Tell Anyone To Do Anything to cause them to go out and harm any inocent person and/or group of people! Both Heaven And Hell Know That we have got enough sicker then sick lunitics out there doing more then enough unessasary damage to our entire planet.
I Do Very Much Hope that this can help to educate very many people who would otherwise really not have any real understanding of something so very beautiful which was
never really intended to be calassed as being a crime,However, A Very Large Group Of people got Together And Formed Not just One Or Two Orginized Religions,BUT They Came up with several; Which In Actual Reality Are Not True Religions In The Purest Sence of What The Word Descriptions Really, Rather They Are just False Fronts For some
Certain very anchent and very well orginized Crimenal Enterprises Who Have very Long,Long Ago Out lived Thier Usefullness And/Or any percieved usefullness which they might have ever had.

Me and my dad been having sex I started it when I watched my PARENTS HAVE sex I'm enjoying every minute of it I'm 27 married to have an explosion in the bedroom when my dad cumm in me.

I was touched by 17 yr old female cousin when I was 5, I fucked her till I was 16. My older half brother shared room with me during my teens, he would sneak over to my bed and I pretend to be asleep as he stroked me, he was 14" and me 7", we would 69, and I fucked him. He then told me he fucked the same cousin I did, so next time she stayed with my grandmother we double teamed her.

No "hands-on" experiences, but growing up my bedroom was next to my sister's. I could hear her masturbating through the walls, & this always got me horny as a teenager. She used to run around the house in her panties too, & she would often come to my room after she masturbated & I could see the dampness on her panties. Still gets me hard thinking about it.

Incest is a touchy topic as people have different experiences with it. Some see it as molestation, so see it as pleasure.

I never had any form of actual sex, but I have fantasized about fucking family members most of my life. When I was a kid my brother gave me porn mags and told me about masturbation. My sister used to masturbate in her room and I'd peek in on her and watch. My dick would get so hard I'd go to my room, strip naked, and leave the door open so my sister could see. Nothing ever happened. She would yell, "gross!" and shut my door.

I walked in on a female cousin of mine while she was changing clothes. Got to see her tits and they were fantastic! She was embarrassed and I asked her if she'd feel better if she saw me naked. She said yes, and I dropped my pants and gave her a look at my dick and balls.

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I think its natural to be running around naked and even masturbating in front other and all family members
Blessed Be! We love being members of the BP family where everyone is so open to religions beyond the main stream...Hug
Gay Incest
Ive had sex with my olde brother. he was the first guy i let fuck my ass. but i have been ith other female family members and love talking about it
Some of my best memories from my youth and childhood involve family members. Anyone want to share stories?
I have experience with both female and male family members. Would like to share experiences with others that enjoyed or are enjoying now such pleasures.
Blessed Be!... We love being members of the BP family where everyone is so open to religions beyond the main stream and we are not looked down as I am a Pagan and Sue is a Wiccan... Merry Meet! Hug

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