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i want to suck a well hung top that will also fuck my hole long hard and deep.i am a bottom only i will suck you at your place only either naked or in a woman's see through naughty nightie with nothing under it. i live in the warren-youngstown ohio area.

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Mushroom Hunting
well i love all kinds of mushrooms.. the ones you cut up and cook with, and the others that are better just sucked on. The ones that you suck on can be found in the dark too... usually in pants... I like those because after you suck on them longer enough you receive this wonderful liquid that comes spurting out. the ones you suck cannot be harvested from there place of origin. You simply find them, uncover it and suck it while its still attached to it growing place... the best part is, you can keep it and suck on it over and over, and this type of mushroom has these 2 delicious balls attached to the bottom of the stem... you can suck those too. happy hunting.
Men Eating Cum
I have always wanted to suck another mans dick. I even told my wife to surprise me when I came home to have a guy waiting in the house with her. She would introduce me and tell me to get on my knees and get ready to suck some dick. She would pull his dick out and put in my mouth. I would suck it until he would cum in my mouth. We would then go to the bedroom and have 3 some and suck more cock and eat more cum. She hasn't taken me up on my offer as of yet but she does want to see me suck another guy off with and have him fuck me in the ass. maybe one of these days.
Women Teaching Men How To Suck Cock
That would be incredibly hot... first she can watch me suck it and stroke it & lick it, see how long it takes me to get it hard, & to get it to squirt cum, watch how I suck its squirting head & wipe it on my face & then suck it some more... then we can do it together so I can see how she sucks cum in her mouth, share a cumload kiss wth her, & then she can watch me suck dick again, yaknow, to see if I learned anything or improve on my first-suck-to-cum-eating time... Sounds like a every sense of the word!
Cock Sucking Guys
I use to be totally straight but tried cocksucking and I love it.
Nothing better that a big,long dick with a fat head on it to suck.
I am a cocksucker now and glad to be. I don't even have to get mine sucked, just let me suck until a get a mouthful of hot cum. I especially like uncut black dick could suck it all day and eat many loads.
If you're in NC let me suck your big dick.
Cum Swallowing
Gawd yes love to get together with horny couples to fuck suck 69 either and eat there cum, I love it. I love to do the wife while I suck his cock off n go down with her on top in 69 have her get fucked while I suck my come out of her and he cums in her pussy then I suck and eat his cum out the switch positions then its his to. If this sounds like fun Email me and lets meet.Hug:-D:|
Gay Incest
I had a cousin that I used to suck his cock quite often. He sucked mine a few times. I liked to pull his cock out of his pants on a whim and surprise him. I'ld start to suck his cock and he would settle down and relax and enjoy it. I would suck him dry and then we would go on doing whatever we were doing like nothing ever happened. Did this at family gatherings, vacations, where ever we were. He had a great cock to suck and cum to eat!

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