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Looking for a mistress to encourage me to be her cock slave.....

?l lb nn train you . my princess first go to nearby store buy buy m(k666RED SATIN PANTIES. And bra. Go to put them on taks selfie send me

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Sissy Slut Training
Always fantasize about a female mistress dominating me and turning me over to her dominate shemale friends to dominate and humiliate me into becoming a freaky sex slut to please my mistress guest at all parties.
Females Who Use Strap-ons on Males
I was only a teen when I had a woman use and abuse my ass with her dildo's. It wasn't till I was in my mid twenty's that I was throughly used by my mistress and her strap on. (bowing) Thank you mistress for fucking my ass! I love bi couples who's wife loves to fuck her mans ass and my ass as we males fuck each other.
Dominant Women
i love femdom and i am looking for mistress
and i do any thing any thing my mistress want me to do.Kiss
All Male Anal
I'm here in Pheonix wanting and waiting for some/ group of gentlemen who would like a young white guy to use all day/night for every carnal pleasure they can think of. I like it forceful and rough so don't hold back. Very open and willing. More the merrier as long as i'm the only bottom. Let me know. I thoroughly love anal (and DP) and love facials and swallowing.
Anal Stimulation
anal is really really fun when the guy produces som much pre cum you can drink him... I love that when my ass is getting wet and juicy with just a tease and promise of going inside.... oh yeah! then when it is time and I am so hot i could scream he pops it in with a forceful thrust getting that head passed that sphinctor and then aas it adjusts start to fuck me in and out going deeper & deeper wit each stroke.... and when that cock ejaculates [ O love that word ejaculate} it is with such a force..... OMG
10 Inches Or More
Here in Phoenix, looking to hook up with a guy(s) with a really long and thick cock, that would make me take every inch inside me, blow his load either all over my face and mouth (which i love), or/and fuck my mouth and cum down my throat. Your friends are welcome to do me also, but i want to be the only bottom, just no heavies. I'm open to much and do have gang-bang and rape fantasies, so do not hold back. I like it forceful and rough. Anyone here looking for a willing person to help with theres as well as mine? I'm 36, 140, (still ID for beer), tight ass, 7
' cut,

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