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I’m seeking a CD, TS/TG lover

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Being Shared
I have a mouth and a man pussy that you can share with whoever you choose. I'm a cock lover and a lover of hot cum. Lindawantabe
Big Breasts
I am such a big titty lover and have my own that need attention from a hot fem.. miss my girl time!!! Looking for a hot big breasted lover.. hit me up horny n lonely!!!
Bisexual Fantasy
The thought of my tongue tangling with that of a hot man, while my lover is trapped under me, smothered in my swollen sensitive pussy as i grind it harder onto his lips. My lover sucks my clit deeper while flicking it's swollen point lightly with the tip of his tongue (doesn't want to make me cum yet). And I have my lovers knees pulled up tight to my body... spreading and opening his ass for the huge cock of the owner of the tongue penetrating my mouth. I spread the lube liberally over my lovers ass, and guide that massive cock head to his puckering hole. As the cock presses into him, slowly,. my pussy is vibrating with the moans my lover emits from between my thighs, and I push his knees even higher and wrap my lube slicked hands around my lovers cock and stroke in rhythm,syncopated to hot man fucking my mouth with his tongue and to his deep penetration of my lovers ass!
All of us fucking and getting fucked until we come.
The hot man pumping his load deep in my lovers ass. My pussy clenching and drowning my lover with my cum, as my lover shoots his load all over my chest and his stomach
White Men Love Black Cock
White bbc lover here looking to service descreet hung black man in Los Angeles ! Bbc lover cum swallower here ! Hung black man only please !:)
69 With A Strap On
dd4fun3...I fucked my lover in the ass with a strap-on and it is so mind blowing! Not only do you feel in such control by having a fake cock but it gives such sexual pleasure to both! Seeing and hearing him in such pleasure while the strap-on pushed into my clit made us both cum. My lover acutally blew his load without an erection he was so turned on. I hope you get to experience it one day! Email me if you would like to discuss more!
Deep Anal Action
I fully agree with BullishlyQUIET that having a lover whom really knows how to make love to your ass is a precious commodity indeed. However, I especially love it when my male lover has not only a hard throbbing eight inch cock, but its also an inch and a half or more thick. This way his cock not only penetrates my ass deeply, but fills me up completely..:)

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