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Like to give a bj tomorrow afternoon to a nice size cock.
Would mine work?

Yes yours would be very nice.
ok like 69 4in

What about mine ?

Are you still offering? Would Monday work?
like4 to suck your dick
like to suck your dick

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i love the feeling of someones lips on my lips and around my tits KissKissKissKissKiss
Big Lips
I know some women are self-concience about large labias, but I for one am hugely attracted to long hanging lips. I love to lick them, suck them, have them drape across my face. Post lips pics - there are many who adore them.
Clit Eating
I want to roll my tongue all over a big, wet dripping clit, back and forth and up and down and suck it up into my mouth. then look up and see her playing with her nipples and licking her lips, and hear her moaning and saying - eat my clit, lick it with your pretty little lips baby
Clit Licking
I'd love to 69, pleasing, spreading fat lips with my tongue. Slowly licking that sweet clit as it grows and the pussy starts juicy. Clasp my lips on that hot wet pussy and tongue fuck it until she cums.... While she's doing the exact same thing to me. Mmmm
Women That Want To Be Eaten
Any women with nice clean,juicy pussies who need someone on the side 'cause hubby can't handle it or that have huge clits and/or pussy lips
should definately call.Especially if your clit looks like a small penis and the lips are thick and fleshy! I also love squirters and women who still have hair on their pussies...the thicker the better OR completely shaved!!!
Bisexual Men Giving Oral
If you are a couple in the Twin Cities area looking for a bi guy into giving oral, look no further. I'm very talented at orally pleasing women, and recently "discovered" a knack and enjoyment for pleasing their male partners this way also. The thrill of taking a guy's cock into your mouth, feeling the head push past your lips, letting your tongue snake around it and then going further down the shaft. Sliding it in and out, in and out, bobbing up and down, feeling him swelling as you go. Hearing the moans, and knowing that soon you will have his warm cum shooting onto your face, over your lips, into your mouth... an erotically slippery sweet and salty taste... letting it drip past your lips, onto your chin, and having his wife kiss you and begin to lick it up while he does the same to you. THAT is a rush, and I WANT IT AGAIN.

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