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If you guys can think of anybody who blocked me I don't want to say names cuz it's not my right to do that but I was having a really good conversation with somebody last few days and all the sudden they blocked me and I'm not sure why
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SOME people on here are game players, and insecure about themselves. They don't know what they want, and can't handle the posssible realities (or ramifications) of actually stepping up and facing their desires. Also, some people are just Assholes! I have been blocked by people I have Never even sent a "Niceness" to!!
I know the person that blocked me is probably watching this and I was really sincere I thought their picture was awesome I just wanted to get together I think they thought it was weird and I didn't mean to be

Again, Some (SOME) people on here are losers that don't get enough attention and seek it any way they can! Not serious about anything other than some affirmation in ANY form!!
I just want to suck some dick and have somebody suck mine and get me some attention

I think,Hope, that most on here are sincere!
His name is trip and I'm not weird I just want to get together with him but I guess that I pushed too far

Thanks for response! Yeah, again, I think some people prefer the fantasy to the reality! Others though are game players and like to collect, use, and throw people away like trash. Like some others have told me, it's Their Loss! Ignore them, they are NOT worth it! Good Luck!
David, You've brought up an important issue. With everyone having their own personal sexual experiences and the fact human sexuality is complicated, don't be surprised ff there are few problems, It's worth underscoring the importance of how we first interact with a potential (new) partner. It's nearly impossible to not appear judgmental when that's exactly what you need to do. If your first communications are handled without care, even if your judgement is hidden, you can still risks hurting or angering this new person. This is a time for patience and skill. Now If your asking to share a seat on a bus, then it's ok to just flop down, but if you're asking for intimacy, vulnerability and a sexual connection with this person. Then care and respect are in line. We all toss around this casual verbiage for "having sex" with the - suck, fuck, lick and dick me please. But we forget, this is a real human being with all the scars, fears, doubts and hurts that make them human. We've all seen/used this little symbol "NSA". no strings, no commitment, no responsibility, it's says lets have the goodies and not the feelings. Easier said than done. Singles, couples, groups, regardless you can't honestly expect there isn't someone who you haven't had a feeling for. If you except this fact and you're also able to adjust and manage that reality without someones lose of (dignity, respect, trust) then you are doing the right stuff. This Lifestyle is us modern day humans giving a very complex social arrangement a worthy try. Personally, I'm impressed that we've made it work as good as it does.

A couple times members have accidently clicked on the block button...and dont realize it...happened to me once....the other time...maybe something I said??

what ever chicken shit

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Older Woman
Billy Sue you say you like older men and women, but yet you have blocked them. What gives?
All Male Threesomes
Great pics Billy sue, u blocked me and I know why, I confused u with another friend who wants m to dominate deepest apologies..
All Male Threesomes
Great Pics BIllySue....wanted to see your page, but I am blocked for some reason. Hope you can unblock me and we can be buds....Have a good one guys, and always remember 3 is glee, and 4 makes more....but 5...oh I'm alive!!! Thinking of having a Halloween party at our new house, and getting a special treat to all who cum!

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