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I would like to get together a group of men regularly for a masterbation group in either Brunswick Savannah or Jacksonville just drinks and laughter and Jo together
Come on
I speculate the fact that you're a male using a female profile makes your request somewhat confusing to your readers . . but, par for the course on here I guess . .
I just changed it. I didn't know it was a female haha

I love to jack my cock

Im game , I love to jack off , I like to do it in plublic

Jacking off is wonderful but it can be lonely. Sharing with others would be awesome!

Let’s do it

Can we do it on Skype as well ?
Sounds like fun. Wish I were closer!

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Group Masturbation
Can I join in a group masturbation
Looking for a masturbation group to jion in Staten Island NY
Group Masturbation
What could be hotter than getting a group of people together for mutual masturbation...and then seeing where things go..
Mutual Masturbation
I am in Sacramento Ca area. I would like to meet someone or a small group to get together with for mutual masturbation men women couples all welcome though more likely to be other men. I had experienced a small group like that some years back it was k shared a nice hotel room for weekend each came and went as they pleased.
sometimes planned out something special other times just went with the flow.
Anyway I would like to even meet one person to start with
Group Masturbation
Omg - this is so hot and I would love to participate in group masturbation - M&F. Anyone in the Twin Cities interested?
Group Masturbation
I enjoy masturbation! A lot! It's fun and safe.
Only thing is that it can be lonely.
Would really love to join a group and/or have a little company!

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