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Does your mate know you're bi?

Yes she does know, but doesn't want to hear about it if I do meet someone just keep quiet and have fun

no but she will not be surprised to find out or to catch me sucking a big ole cock in our garage.

She does not know that I treat myself to cock without her being present. But she has watched me get fucked many times when we are with other people
She knows, she caught me and my cousin in the 69 position.....
I would love to be able to share with my daddy. As a woman in heat constantly I love seeing men enjoy each other. The celebration of fucking is soo real and good to y’all. Wish I could find some friends in Atlanta who would allow me to appreciate their love. Thanks for sharing. Question:do men want women to watch them love a man?

Hell yes, likermom!! I love watching my wife fuck the cum out of a guy!! The look in his eye as he is cumming, knowing he worships her above anything else in life at that moment is priceless. Then her making him suck me off as the price of admission😎😎😎

all of this is stimulating. I need some hard cock now.
She knows about my younger past experiences and once I shared them with her she really got off when I told her about how I let my friends fuck me in the ass. She wanted all the details and wanted to know if I allowed them to cum in me or did the pull out. When I told her I liked letting them cum in my ass she really wanted details and in the next few nights I told her story after story about getting fucked by my friends and how there was quite a few times I had more than one and told her details of getting gang banged and we had the best sex and in the next few days she was playing with my ass fingering me putting honey on my asshole and eating my ass out then she said she always wanted to fuck a guy in the ass and that night and the weekend together we put about everything up my ass in the house and she went nuts and could not stop playing with my asshole and she even held a plastic tube we had in the house to her clit and fucked me dog style like she had a dick and she told me she wanted a strap on while she was fucking me.
The next morning we traveled about 75 miles o shop for adult toys and now three years later we have about a dozen strap on cock of different sizes and I get fucked up the ass fairly often and our sex life is the best and getting even better.

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Watching Guys Have Anal
Am I the only one who would like to watch their significant other being fucked? Would love to participate also;)
Watching Guys Have Anal
Indeed one of best life experiences is getting fucked while your significant one encoutages you!!! Is HOT! :):):)
Suck My Husbands Cock
I love sucking cock while his significant other watches. Hopefully she will strap on a dildo and shove it up my ass. any 1 in the NEPA wilkes barre area write and lets get together. i need to drink lots of cum.
I'm a free-spirited prof. male that craves new sexual adventures with either 2 women or 1 man and 1 woman. I'm open to most situations and love to turn on each spouse or significant other while being with the other. Love watching always.
Sex In Adult Theaters
- I had been visiting the adult bookstores around Albuquerque and Santa Fe with my ex-wife, and my significant others, since I moved to the city from the reservation since 1999. I had enjoyed the booths, undress nude,to masturbate, to have sex with my wife, girlfriends and to suck cock and bottom for discrete booty calls.

-It's another story I will share soon, in I finally found the courage to undress completely naked inside a packed adult theater, and I bottomed, at the 98th Street Adult Video on Albuquerque's westside!
Women Who Like Bi Men
Some how for a great many, the meaning of "Bi"-sexual gets lost in translation. "For me", as a "Bi"-sexual man, I find myself attracted to the idea of having sex with particular women AND particular men. Men that are ONLY attracted to other men (and this is NOT meant derogatorily) are "Gay" and "prefer" sex with other men "ONLY".
I guess it is not perceived the same by ALL women that there is this significant distinction between the two. It seems to permeate from the frequent use of the term "bisexual" used in the female self identity when you read their profile and they are ONLY seeking a FEMALE partner. This is a "Lesbian"? Correct? That is not to say that a women using this identity would not engage in sex with a man but that she "prefers" or is seeking ONLY a female partner.
One troubling thing to me is the frequent "stigmatism" given to "Bi"sexual men, is that we are somehow less "masculine, less assertive towards women or unable to perform sexually in a masculine role with women. Not so, at least not in my perspective. I love eating pussy, fucking pussy, fucking titties, getting head and hand jobs, shoving my raging hard cock deep in her ass or spraying my cum all over anywhere she wanted or pumping it inside whatever orifice she desires as well. The same is true where a "particular" guy I find attractive! And even desire that another "particular" guy, use me like a fuck toy shoving his raging hard cock up my ass or blasting his hot load of cum down my throat or deep inside my ass.
Is this making sense or am I just not getting the "unwritten understanding", that though women that are "Bi"-sexual can be either Lesbian (seeking women only) or bisexual (sexing either or both genders) but, where men are concerned "Bi"-sexual means "gay" or seeking men only because if you're a "Bi"-sexual man, you for some reason do not "function" as a man with a women any more but "must" prefer sex with other men?
Just had to throw this out there because as a "Bi" guy, I love the fun of enjoying the maximum facility to as many partners as I'm attracted to whether they are men or women and most fun of all when "BOTH" are available simultaneously. I have been in relationships with women that comprehend this and it's "a beautiful thing", and here at a place I've grown to love and enjoy the like mindedness of fellow sexually active and appreciative people, I hoped this might enlighten some to even more joy and fun that is available when the proper comprehension of terminology is recognized. Geez, I sound too "wordy" in all of this, I just hope my point gets across. I feel better though ;) Love everbodies! Hug

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