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Looking for a man close in Jefferson county or close, to get together with and enjoy the feel and touch of another man, sucking, licking, rimming and possibly more, car , hotel or you host
Day time is very good for me , age and race not important , but being legal is, Bi, Gay, or- Straight if you just want to know how it feels for another man, that like to explore and another man body,
That sounds hot.

If I know ahead of time I can do a motel meet with you or a would be fun

I want to suck my first dick ,maybe more

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Bisexual Women
I love the feel and touch of another women, long wet kissing on both sets of lips is the best foreplay you can have. A women just knows where to lick and touch to make me cum again and again.:-P:-P
I am a true switch - equally comfortable Domme as I am sub.

The feel of the flogger on my body is exquisite as I give into the sensations, and trust the skill of the person handling it when I am sub. My gift of submission willingly given to the person that deserves it.

As a Domme I feel the weight of the flogger in my hand and the peace I feel as I see the sub before me waiting, anticipating to feel the touch of the flogger that I hold, to satiate their need to feel it. Their gift of submission to me I honor.

Orchid xx
Women Who Love Giving Blowjobs
I LOVE sucking my husbands cock... To take him in my mouth with only my tongue... Feel him grow harder... Feel him slide down my throat as my tongue thrusts along his shaft. Slowly sliding it back out letting my tongue dance on the tip as I taste his pre-cum. Feel his body shake. I grab his ass and pull him into me again deep and down my throat. He always yells out in pleasure. I bring him so close.... And then make him wait for it... His hands on my head only to feel me... I need no help to bring him to an incredible orgasm... His cum shooting down my throat. Mmmmm I get so wet my pussy throbs as he cums I bring my self to orgasm without a touch.....
The look, touch, taste, smell and feel of leather hightens me into orbit and beyound.:-P
Articulate People
Since communication is the key to the creation of any human bond, since communication is at the heart of getting our wishes fulfilled and understanding others' wishes, I find people that communicate effectively extremely attractive - and feel bad for those that can't formulate their thoughts in a sentence.
In bed, I like a lover that expresses herself or himself, who tells me how my touch makes them feel, what they'd like me to do, what fantasies are going through their minds.
I'm not a fan of silent sex. Laughing
Cock To Cock Rubbing
I fully agree with everyone that its a wonderful experience and very exciting to feel another guys cock and the warmth it radiates when they touch...:)

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